Engrave Turtle Sign Pointing to the Treasure Deposit Spot

All turtle Yamashita treasure signs have good interesting meaning because they are the type of markers that indicate the location where the item is buried.

In the previous posts where we already covered how to interpret turtle signs where their heads do play the most important role in identifying the direction that you need to follow.

Now in relation to these turtle signs, we have here an interesting actual photo taken by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community. According to him, he discovered this engraved marker on a site that is near a waterfall.

There are actually three markers that he found on his site but he was only able to take photos of the two engraved markers.

The above photo is the first marker that he discovered on his site. As we can see, the marker is engraved onto the surface of a large rock. Based on the features of this rock, I can say that it is an old rock which increases the odds that the engrave marker on its surface is legit.

Studying the engrave symbols on its surface, I can say that they are authentic or man-made. In short, the symbols were made by the Japanese Imperial soldiers which has something to do with their hidden Yamashita treasures on the site.

As we can see, the engraved marker on the left side of the photo is an incomplete turtle. It has its head with an eye and down to only half of its body. Behind it or at the right portion, there are also some deeply engraved symbols which also have some important meanings.

Now, let’s start with the interpretation of these treasure markers. The incomplete turtle sign is pointing into an important direction. You have to know that any animal signs with emphazed eyes are pointing to a certain important direction that you should follow. So in this case, the turtle is facing on the left side based on the angle taken in this photo.

Let’s move to the additional engraved symbol on the right portion of this rock which can further provide us more clear details about this direction being referred to by the turtle sign.

As we can see, we have here a short engraved vertical line. This can be interpreted with several varied meanings. But since it is combined along with the turtle sign, it has something to do with a certain body of nearby water. So in my opinion, this is definitely the nearby waterfall mentioned here by our fellow treasure hunter.

We also have this engraved symbol which has a meaning of, “There” or “In that Place”. So the question is, “What is in there or in that certain place?”

This can be answered by the hole below it. You have to know that when it comes to holes, they are commonly interpreted as the exact location where the Japanese Imperial soldiers had buried their treasures. Thus, in combination with the symbol that has a meaning of “There” or “In that Place”, it finally confirms that the treasure deposit is buried in that certain particular place.

Now the overall meaning of the engraved markers on the surface of this old rock is that the treasure deposit is buried or hidden near a certain body of water. The direction pointed by the turtle’s head provides a more specific location of this certain body of water which I believe is the waterfall.

Before we proceed further, let’s first have a look into another marker that has been discovered by our fellow treasure in the same location.

As we can see, the rock where the marker has been engraved is pretty old which is again, a good indication because it increases the odds of the engraved markers’ authenticity. However, this rock is so old that it has already started to degrade causing the engraved marker to be hardly visible where we can no longer read.

Anyway, I tried my best to interpret the meaning of the engraved symbols on the surface of this rock. And I got some details pertaining to a certain number of boxes hidden inside a tunnel.

Now, the third marker which is according to our fellow treasure hunter in which he failed to take a photo is an engraved foot marker. Since this engraved foot marker has relation to the other markers that we covered, particularly the rock with an engraved turtle sign, it means that you should follow the given direction until you are able to reach the other end.

Let’s have an illustration to make the meaning much more understandable. Assuming that the old rocks are situated here in the middle of the site. And nearby is the flowing body of water coming from the waterfall in which we say a place aligned to the direction indicated by the turtle marker.

The meaning of the engraved foot marker in relation to the turtle marker is that, you should follow this body of water up or down to its end.

Operating Procedures for these Markers

To give our fellow treasure hunter here an idea, let’s have some assumptions of what to do if we are going to operate his site.

What we have to do is follow the clear direction indicated by the engraved turtle sign. Since there is no specified distance, our basis here is the flowing body of water nearby.

We are going to follow this body of flowing water according to the direction given by the engraved turtle sign. And as explained awhile back, we are going to follow it to its end most portion.

Let’s just say that the end most portion is the waterfall. What we need to do next is to survey this entire portion of the waterfall and look for the final marker around. This final marker is the last surface marker which is also the most important marker because it has the clue where the item is exactly hidden.             

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