One of our fellow treasure hunter in this community has sent us some interesting photos to study and analyze.

He actually discovered several rocks but only three of them caught my interest to discuss in this post.


Rock with Engraved Arrow Sign

Piled Rocks

Turtle Shape Rock

Decoding the Sketch Map

Rock with Engraved Arrow Sign

As we can see in this photo, there is a large rock where on its surface is an engraved arrow sign.

Arrow sign is a very common type of treasure sign used by the Japanese Imperial Army as important “pointers”. In most cases, it is pointing to a certain location where we can find the next marker.

When it comes to my analysis of its authenticity as a treasure sign, I can say that it is man-made or a legit marker.

Piled Rocks

In this photo, we can see a lot of rocks where they are carefully piled like a wall.

Based on my analysis, I can say that they can only be done through human hands or human intervention. It’s too impossible for nature to pile these rocks in this kind of manner.

As a treasure marker, it is very common for the Japanese Imperial soldiers where they buried their treasure loot behind or underneath these piled rocks.

Turtle Shape Rock

As for this third rock, we can notice that it bears the shape of a turtle. Although, it only has its head out with no legs and tail.

When it comes to turtle markers, their heads act as the main pointer which indicates the important direction.

So when it comes to this turtle rock marker that we have here, it is pretty obvious that its head is pointing into this direction.

Thus, we should follow the indicated direction and explore this portion of the site.

Decoding the Sketch Map

We have here the full sketch map drawn by our fellow treasure hunter detailing his site and all the markers he discovered.

However, my suggestion is to focus on this portion of the site because on this portion are the legit markers which consist of the engraved arrow sign, piled rocks, and turtle shaped rock.

We can notice here that the arrow sign is directly pointing to the piled rocks. This goes the same thing to the turtle shape rock. Its head seems to be staring at the piled rocks.

Thus, my analysis of the location of the buried treasure deposit is right here on the piled rocks.

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