Engraved Circle with a Hole at its Center Yamashita Treasure Sign

Our fellow treasure hunter in this community has discovered a very interesting Yamashita treasure sign on his site which we are going to discuss in this post.

This is a marker engraved onto the surface of a large rock. It consists of a circular symbol with a hole at its center.

Below is the photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter to the actual engraved marker that he discovered.

As we can see, the rock has a large size and based on my examination, I can say that it is an old type of rock.

But what’s really interesting on this rock is the engraved marker on its surface. As we can see, it has an engraved circular symbol with a hole at its center.

The first time I saw this marker, I could immediately say that it is man-made. In short, it is a legit or authentic Yamashita treasure sign.

If you are an avid reader of this blog then you might already be familiar with the meaning of this engraved marker. So if your interpretation to this particular marker is “treasure on the spot” or “treasure deposit under” then you are most likely correct.

Aside from the engraved circle with a hole, there is another hole on the side of the large rock.

This indicates that on this side is what we are going to start digging.

As we can see in this photo, our fellow treasure hunter has already started digging right underneath this large rock. Although, it’s still shallow.

Short Summary:

The engraved circle with a hole at its center is a Yamashita treasure marker indicating that the item is buried underneath.

While the other hole on the side of the rock does indicate the portion that we are going to start digging.

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