Engraved Human Face Staring to the Right as Yamashita Treasure Marker

Discovered by our fellow treasure hunter on his site is an interesting Yamashita treasure marker. It is a human face marker engraved onto the surface of a large rock.

The way it is engraved is very detailed where it has an eye with an eye-browse, nose, and a mouth.

So in this post, we are going to answer if this engraved human face treasure marker is really an authentic Yamashita treasure sign. If proven legit then we are going to interpret what it means.

Below is the actual photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

We can clearly see its detailed engravings, which is a human face.

Based on my examination on the age of this rock, I can say that it is a pretty old type of rock. This means that there is a huge possibility that the engraved marker on its surface is legit.

When it comes to the engraved human face, it is impossible for our mother nature to carve it. Thus, it is no doubt man-made. So overall, my conclusion is that this engraved human face marker is an authentic treasure sign.

We have already covered in the previous post how to interpret a human face marker. So in case if you have not read it yet, then you have to read it as well

Human face markers are actually a type of marker that provide a clue to the correct location or area on the site where the item has been hidden. We can do this by analyzing the eyes of our engraved marker and estimating where its eyes are being focused at.

Based on this photo, we can notice that its two eyes are like staring at the right side portion. This has been noticed by our fellow treasure hunter so he checked that particular portion.

According to him, this portion is a river with old bamboo trees. For those who still do not know, bamboo trees were one among the common types of trees that were used by the Japanese soldiers as markers to their hidden treasure loot. This is why many treasure hunters have already recovered treasure deposits underneath such trees.

In this photo, we can see the lower portion of our old rock marker. We can notice here that it has several engraved symbols.

The symbol here at the right most side is a heart which indicates that the hidden item is one large volume of treasure deposit.

Next to the heart is a symbol indicating a hole.

This next symbol that is similar to the letter S means tunnel.

And this leftmost symbol similar to the number zero is what denotes the hidden item.

Overall, my interpretation of these engraved symbols is that the treasure deposit is a large volume and it is hidden inside a tunnel. Since they are connected to the engraved human face marker, the direction indicated by this face marker which is at the bamboo trees is where we can uncover the opening of the tunnel entrance.

Short Summary:

Since the engraved human face marker is directly staring at the river with old bamboo trees, this is the place that we need to excavate. Due to the additional engraved symbols, we are already aware that the item we are searching for is hidden inside a tunnel. Thus, if we are going to excavate the portion of the bamboo trees then we will be expecting to uncover the entrance of the hidden tunnel. 

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