Engraved V Marker Yamashita Treasure Sign

We have here a photo taken by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community which consists of a rock with an engraved marker that is similar to the letter “V”.

When it comes to engraved Yamashita treasure signs that look like the letter V, they are actually interpreted as an “arrowhead” pointing to a downward direction. Thus, it is commonly interpreted as directly pointing onto the digging spot where the item is buried. Although, this requires further additional signs before we can fully confirm that the item is really buried under the particular spot.

But before deciding to dig the portion indicated by an engraved arrowhead sign, it is crucial to study and analyze the marker if it is a legit marker or not.

As we can see on this actual image of the marker below, the way how the arrowhead has been engraved onto the surface of the rock is clearly detailed. It is very clear where there is no doubt that it has been engraved by human hands.

But is this good enough to consider that this is a legit treasure sign?

We can notice that this part of the rock has been chipped. And based on its surface, it was just recently made.

In comparison to the old surface of the rock, we can notice that the old surface of the rock does have a rusty color while the freshly chipped surface seems like the surface of a concrete.

If we are going to compare the chipped surface of the rock to the engraved arrowhead, they do look the same. Thus, I realized that both of them were just recently made by someone and not by the Japanese Imperial soldiers. In short, this is not a legit treasure sign.

You have to know that not all engraved treasure signs that are man-made can be considered as a Yamashita treasure sign. It’s because some of these markers were just recently made by someone just for fun. Some also probably made them as a pastime.

So apart from studying a certain treasure marker that you discovered on your site if they are man-made or not, it is also very important if they were just recently made or made during the time when the JIA occupied the country. If it was just recently made just like the engraved marker that we have here, then it is not a legit marker where you have to move to the next one.

Fake Markers can be Avoided

Based on my own experiences as a treasure hunter, I have already encountered a lot of fake markers that were just recently made by some random people around. So during the time where I was still an amateur, I also got victimized by many of these markers.

I spent time, money, and energy on these fake markers where it ends up as a failed operation. But through these losses, I gained something good in return. A skill was developed where I am able to learn how to identify legit man-made markers engraved by the JIA from those that were just recently made by some random guys around.

I am not saying that you also have to go through all those failures that I had experienced. This can be avoided by listening to what I have been teaching on this blog right from the very beginning. So if you want to achieve success in treasure hunting, my best advice is to continue learning.

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