Our fellow treasure hunter in this community has discovered an interesting engraved marker on the surface of a large rock.

Based on my own analysis, the engraved marker is composed of a symbol that is similar to the letter Z and an arrowhead pointer.


The Engraved Z Symbol

Meaning of the Z Treasure Sign

The Engraved Arrowhead

The Engraved Z Symbol

Below is the actual photo of the rock’s surface that caught the attention of our fellow treasure hunter.

Engraved Z and Arrowhead Marker

The shot wasn’t really of good quality but the engraved symbols are still visible.

When it comes to engraved signs that are similar to the letter Z of the English Alphabet, it can actually be interpreted with several different meanings.

Z Treasure Sign

Thus, the Z sign is commonly accompanied by other symbols which helps in determining its appropriate exact meaning.

Meaning of the Z Treasure Sign

If it happens that we encountered an engraved Z treasure sign alone without any other symbols, this is commonly interpreted as “gold”.

Z Sign Meaning Gold

In other words, it is referring to the hidden treasure deposit which are in the form of gold.

Since we only have this clue, we need to conduct more search and exploration of our site to uncover the other treasure signs around.

The Engraved Arrowhead

As we continue, we can notice at the upper portion of the engraved Z symbol another engraved sign.

Engraved Arrowhead

It is actually an engraved arrowhead which is a pointer.

Since it is accompanied by the Z symbol, the direction indicated by this arrowhead is the location where the item is hidden or buried.

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