All markers left behind by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers as clues to their hidden Yamashita treasures are very important. Interpreting them correctly is vital where it has to be done with careful analysis.

This is the main reason why we have to enhance and develop our skills in decoding Yamashita treasure signs in order to avoid committing the same mistakes.

In this post, we are going to discuss a Yamashita treasure sign that has something to do about the location of the hidden item.

As we can see in this image, this sign consists of two lines. One is a horizontal line while the other is a vertical line.

By the looks of this sign, we can say that it has very close resemblance to the small letter “t” of the English Alphabet or the cross symbol.

My interpretation for the meaning of this treasure sign is, “Far to the Object”. This means that the location where the item has been buried by the Japanese soldiers is still far from this place where this particular marker is found.

Actual Treasure Sign Pertaining to the meaning of Far to the Object

We have here an actual photo of the marker that we just discussed above.

On the surface of this rock, we can see our engraved marker. If we are going to analyze it carefully, the way it was engraved is deeply done.

In case that you do not know, many of the markers made by the Japanese soldiers are actually deeply engraved. They purposely made them this way in order to ensure that their important markers will surely get preserved for such a long period of time.

Now if this is the marker that we happen to discover on our site, we already have an idea about the location of the treasure deposit that we are searching for. We know for sure that it is not hidden somewhere near this marker but at a certain long or far distance away.

Based on my own personal experiences as a treasure hunter, this kind of marker is often accompanied by other markers. It is often paired with another marker that provides specific directions such as an arrow sign or arrowhead. Thus, following this direction will lead us into a far location on the site where the item has been buried by the Japanese soldiers.

So whenever we encounter this marker, what we need to do next is to search for the additional markers near it that can give us a clue on what direction we need to follow.

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