Are there any Filipino Antiques that are really worth collecting today?

To tell you, there are many of them on the list that it will require several pages to name them all. Thus, we are only going to cover the top 5 of them on this post and here they are:

1. Old Coins

There’s still actually a huge demand for the old Philippine coins. If you do have some of them then selling them to the right person can be quite easy. You just have to be aware that there are plenty of people out there that can scam you out.

Old coins are priced depending on how old they are. The older your coins means the higher they are worth for.

Another criteria for pricing an old coin is its “preservation” which means that it shouldn’t have too much damages. Thus, you have to take good care of your old coins especially against rusts.

2. Jewelries

It’s not just Filipinos but every individuals around the world are fascinated by jewelries especially women.

Philippines actually had a long history with the Spaniards. They were the once that brought and introduced such accessories to the rich Filipinos in the past.

Spanish antique jewelries are way much more valuable than the old coins.

3. Statues Of Saints

Filipinos are quite religious people. I do remember the past incident where a certain statue of a saint got stolen from the church. Those who stole it did demand some amount of money in exchange for the return of the statue. But, I didn’t really completely followed the issue because I’m not really interested about it.

Saint Statue

Can you just imagine if you own one of these saint statues? If you know what you are going to do then you can make tons of money out of it.

4. Ceramics

Ceramics were known to be introduced by the Chinese people in the past to the Filipinos. They came in the form of kitchen wares such as Plates, Cups, Bowls, Jars and etc…

But, did you know that Filipino ancestors in the past also used ceramic materials in burying their dead?

5. Antique Furniture

Filipino antique furniture were well crafted fashionably. It consists of wonderful and manually made designs that only highly skilled Filipino craftsman can make. You cannot actually find any of these kinds of furniture today the reason why there’s a huge demand for these items.

Some of these antique furniture includes tables, chairs, closets, picture frames and so on…

I heard somebody asked, “How about the Japanese treasures buried here in the Philippines?”

These Japanese treasures were looted from different parts of the world in WW2. Thus, it originally belongs to many different countries which was not owned by either Filipinos or Japanese. Anyway, the ownership of these lost items is now being currently ruled by the universal law known as “Finder’s Keeper”.

Moreover, the items that can be claimed as Filipino antiques are those objects that were crafted or made out of the Philippine culture.

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  • I have found a symbol but I couldn’t recognized what it is. Its like a mountain. Can you help me?

    • First, where you have found it? Second, is it engraved marker? I need details to these two questions to help you out.

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