Filipino treasures and antiques are ancient relics that belonged to the early Filipino people. Philippine archaeologists consider these items as “Philippine National Treasures” because they hold valuable pieces of information about the early culture of their ancestors.

Is the “Yamashita Treasure” considered PNT (Philippine National Treasures)?

The Yamashita Treasure actually consists of “war loots” plundered by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) mostly from different Asian countries back in WW2 (World War II). Since most of them do not originally belong in the Philippines, they are “not considered as PNT”. The same case goes to the “Spanish/Spaniards hidden treasures” in the country.

Treasures and Antiques

Top 5 Filipino Treasures and Antiques Recovered by Archaeologists

Filipino archaeologists in the Philippines actually keeps on finding newly discovered ancient relics and artifacts of their early ancestors. Through the study of these remnants of the past, it clearly shows that early Filipinos were utterly rich in cultures.

Note: All THs (treasure hunters) are off-limits or prohibited from conducting THing (treasure hunting) activities to any archaeological excavation sites.

Here are the following top 5 Filipino treasures and antiques recovered by the archaeologists:

1. Ancient Gold Treasures Found in Butuan Mindanao

One of the most popular archaeological sites in the Philippines is located in “Butuan, Mindanao”. This is the place where archaeologists discovered the “largest pile of ancient gold treasures” ever found in the country. During its early discovery, some says that these artifacts probably belonged to the Spaniards. However, further study of the artifacts had proven that they belonged to the 12th century, a time where the Spaniards was yet to discover the Philippines.

Aside from the numerous ancient relics and artifacts, there are also a lot of “mysterious writings” engraved on the stone walls around the place.

2. The Golden Mask Found in San Antonio, Oton Iloilo

“Alfredo Evangelista” and “F. Landa Jocan” discovered an amazing golden ancient mask known as, “The golden death mask of Oton” at the gravesite of “San Antonio, Oton Iloilo”. It is actually a very simple mask consisting of only a “nose-disk” and an “eye-mask”.

According to archaeological experts, the golden death mask dates back from the late 14th to 15th century A.D. and it is the “only first and one of its kind” found in the Philippines. Further studies of the archaeologists suggests that this mask was used as “protection against evil spirits” worn when performing burial ceremonies.

3. The Bolinao Skull with Gold Decorated Teeth

At the “Balingasay Archaeological Site in Bolinao, Pangasinan”, an interesting ancient skull was discovered consisting of remarkable teeth decorated with gold ornaments. Archaeologists claims that this skull belongs to a reputable and powerful leader during the ancient prehistoric era of the Philippines.

4. Golden Tara of Agusan, Mindanao

Filipino archaeologists were astounded when a “Manobo” women accidentally discovered a golden female statue at the “Wawa River of the Agusan” region in Mindanao. Examining the description of the image, it clearly shows that the culture belongs to an “Indian origin”. According to the archaeologists, prehistoric Filipino people were able to craft such magnificent piece of object due to the influence of the “Hindu-Malayan culture”.

The image is now known as the, “Golden Tara of Agusan”. It measures 5 and ½ inches tall weighing nearly 4 pounds of 21 carat gold. And currently, this PNT is displayed at the “Field Museum of National History” in Chicago, USA.

5. The Callao Man

“Dr. Armand Mijares” of U.P. Diliman and his team of archaeologists discovered the “earliest/oldest human fossil found in the Asia-Pacific region”. It is a “human foot bone” known to be around 67,000 years old based on the “uranium-series dating” test performed by the scientists.

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    • Good day Sir!

      We had a project and we are asking for your help. Our site was near the river. Before we start to work on that place, there was a too much big rock, in this rock there was a two dot between the "T" and a square like a boxes and "X" with a dot under.

      We set aside the rock and we start to dig under. In our first digging the soil was brown then we found 3 big rocks their position was one on the left one in the middle and one on the right. We found again another medium rock flat facing downward after 2 ft. We found one big rock with a two hole the one hole is circle shape and the other one was heart shape. Then, we continue digging we found medium rocks mix in gravel. We found again a rock with a 6 inches size oblong shape and it has a dots color white then we found 4 pcs rocks. Their size was like a balloon then there was a big rock on the right side. After that, there was a small rock when it was wet the color is maroon and brown when it was dry.

      After 3 ft, we found 5 big rocks and there was also a big rock 2 inches distance then we found a few pieces of wood on the left side then the soil became green-blue its just 12 inches thin. Then, we found a rock it has a small "y" and "X". We found some leaves then the soil became black-gray we got circle sand the color was dark-green and a fine sand color black after this we got small gravel mix color then we found 3 pcs stick wood at the center and a lot of leaves mix in gravel and we found rock triangle.

      Now, the soil was color black and it has water but not too much. Sometimes, the sand was collapsing but we done some solution for this and sometimes it was itchy. The color of water was violet. We are around 25 ft now Sir.

      What can you say about our project Sir?

      How deep more we need to dig to reach the object?

      Hoping for your help Sir.

      Thank you and God bless!

    • Wow! This is the best post about Philippine Antiques with description but it would be a lot much better if you discuss more other Philippine antiques and not only just the top 5. And also, images of the objects is another huge factor.

  • Hello Sir Elmo,

    We found a large rock in the middle of a river with a sign connected an arrow.

    In the other side we have foot sign with dot in left side. And the other sign is too hard to understand.

    Also, can I have the meaning of y sign? What does mean Sir?

    Hoping for your help Sir. Thank you.

    • The meaning of a Y sign usually refers to the intersection of a river, old trail or tunnel. And in most cases, it is the location where the deposit is hidden.

      As for the other signs that you mentioned, you have to check where the direction of the arrow sign is pointing at then explore that area. The foot sign with a dot is a very interesting sign because it often means that the deposit is very near on that area. I would suggest that you read my post about the meaning of foot so as the comments because I answered similar query.

  • We have antique right now. I wonder how to sell it? What is the exact price of it?

    Some buyer have very bad offer which is very low price. So, I don’t trust other buyer.

    W are seeking fair buyer.

    Can we ask a price of this item?

    If you want a video or picture i’ll send it to you.

    Trust is very important.

    • You have been probably selling it to the wrong person or to a buy and seller of antiques. This is probably the reason why they are offering such a very cheap amount of price to your item.

      I have to admit that selling antiques to a certain interested individual for the right price can be a bit hard to find.

      When it comes to trust, I heard about a thrift shop in Manila owned by Atty. Jose Escano. As far as I am aware, his thrift shop have good reputation about appraising and buying antiques. You might want to give them a try. His shop is located at World Treasure Megamall.

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