We have here an actual image of an interesting marker taken by one of our fellow treasure hunter on his site.

According to him, he and his crew had discovered this strange rock in a certain Japanese Imperial soldier’s old house.

So the question is, “Is this really an authentic Yamashita treasure sign?”

Before we answer this question, let us first examine this actual image of the rock marker.

As we can see, this rock is flat and it quite interestingly has a circle shape. Based on my opinion, the way it got its shape is intentionally made by man specially the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as a marker to their hidden Yamashita treasures.

Aside from its strange shape, it has a unique color which is far different from the color of the ordinary rocks around.

In case you do not know, strange objects around our surroundings are one of the important aspects in identifying them as treasure markers left behind by the JIA.

To further confirm the authenticity of this flat round rock as a treasure sign, our fellow treasure hunter claim that they found it at an old house of a Japanese Imperial soldier.

Decoding the Meaning of the Flat Round Rock

I dedicated some of my time trying to carefully study this rock marker.

As we can see on the image of the rock marker above, it has some engravings on its surface which can be considered by some of you as valid signs. But based on my own further analysis, the engravings are not man-made but natural.

In my own personal opinion, the JIA who left this particular rock marker doesn’t really need to put engravings as additional markers. It’s because this flat round shaped rock clearly indicates a clue about where you can find the buried treasure on the site.

When it comes to “circle” or any “round objects” such as this one flat round rock, it is commonly interpreted by most treasure hunters as a “Good Sign”. So what exactly does it mean by being a good sign?

What it means by being a good sign is that it is a confirmation that the item is buried right on that particular spot. In short, the item is buried underneath this marker.

So whenever you find such a similar rock on your site, you should definitely dig right underneath it.

Indicates the Entrance or Opening of a Tunnel

When it comes to my own experiences as a treasure hunter myself, I already encountered several rocks that are similar to this flat round rock discovered by our fellow treasure on his own site.

In these experiences, the majority of the flat round rocks were used by the Japanese Imperial soldiers as markers to indicate the opening or entrance of a tunnel where they had hidden their treasures. Thus, there was still a lot of work where we had to dig our way through the tunnels and reach the treasure deposit spots.

Anyway, there were also a few cases where the items were buried just a few feet deep. And most of these experiences were on sites that are near the water such as the rivers, lakes, and old creeks.

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