Majority of you my fellow TH (treasure hunter) friends have recently been asking about the meaning of a foot or feet sign that you encountered on your treasure hunting projects. When it comes to this particular symbol, you have to know that it can have varied meanings depending on some circumstances.

Foot sign is actually one of the most common markings used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) that they left as clues on the treasures that they had hidden. It can be encountered in two different forms. First, it is engraved on surfaces of old objects such as old trees and rocks. Second, strange rocks that takes the form of a foot. The first form is actually more reliable than the second. It is because there are many rocks around that naturally resembles the shape of a foot. I have to admit that even I can hardly determine such sign if it is authentic or not.

Foot Sign

Engrave foot signs are often discovered out from the surface and rarely buried or hidden. The JIA actually intended to make it visible because it is a marking that plays an important part in pinpointing the exact location of the item. Without this sign, even a professional TH may have a hard time or even fail to figure out what to do next.

Rocks that strangely resemble the shape of a foot are more commonly encountered buried under the ground. Unlike the engrave counterpart, this sign has something to do with the distance or measurement.

Meaning of a Foot or Feet Yamashita Treasure Sign

It is really quite complicated to interpret the meaning of a foot sign especially when there are other symbols along with it. You have to know that these other symbols can influence its basic meaning to give different interpretations. But before we proceed on this part, let us first discuss the basic meaning of a foot sign.

1. End of Trail or Trail to Treasure

Most copies of Yamashita Treasure Signs interprets the foot sign as “End of Trail” or “Trail to Treasure”. It is a very clear meaning telling you that at the end of the trail, that is where the exact location of the hidden object. However, the main issue here is all about the trail. The trail that is being referred here is the “old trail”. Most amateurs actually tends to follow recently made trails that no longer follow the original paths. As a result, they end up digging the wrong spot.

2. Five Steps Away

The JIA did not used exact measurements because that will be time consuming and they were at the brink of being chased by the Allied Forces. They actually used their body parts for estimates such as the number of their steps. Common number of steps used by the JIA are 5, 10, 15 and 20. Five steps is applicable for the foot symbol while the higher number of steps are for those signs with “spokes”.

In order for you to confirm that the sign is interpreted this way, another sign near it must be found particularly a sign that gives direction such as an arrow. Let us assume that you have found an engrave arrow symbol near the foot sign that is pointing towards the East, it means that from that point, you have to do five steps towards the East direction. On that fifth steps, that will be the digging spot unless you discovered another sign that tells you to go to another different direction.

3. Five Feet Depth

The best interpretation for those strange rocks resembling a foot shape that are uncovered under the ground is “five feet depth”. You have to know that it is not really an exact five feet deep. As stated above, the JIA used estimates on their measurements which are not accurate. What they did was that, once they dug a hole having a depth of a height of a man standing then that is considered as five feet deep to them. Thus, it is always a good practice to extend your diggings deeper.

4. Dig at the Center Spot

Another meaning of a buried strange rock that resemble a foot shape is to dig only at the center spot. This is very important because it is actually a warning sign. Digging at the wrong portion can lead into traps being triggered such as water traps, gas and etc… Once the trap is triggered, it may be impossible to recover the treasure.

Aside from giving you the instruction to dig only the middle portion and as a warning sign, it also has a motivational meaning indicating that the treasure is closely buried right under that spot.

Buried Treasure Indicated by a Foot Sign

A foot sign does not only give clues or hints about directions, distances and spots to dig but it also tell something about the hidden treasure. This is the reason why the JIA commonly used this particular sign because it tends to confuse individuals who does not have deep understanding about this symbol.

Those foot signs that are interpreted as “End of Trail/Trail to Treasure” and “Five Steps Away” have small to medium deposits only. Such deposits include old coins, jewelries and gold bars. The best part is that, they are easy to recover. Most of them are buried at a shallow depth while some are simply hidden underneath an old rock or it can also be inside a hole or its large crack. The same applies for old trees specifically an old tree with a large hole. Thus, a good and reliable metal detector does the job a lot much easier.

As for the foot sign that involve serious digging work, it is expected a “volume of hidden deposit”. It contains a large deposit but it is not so easy to recover. Dangerous traps are also cleverly setup which makes it even a bit risky. Other than that, this kind of project requires a large sum of financing and a lot of time to be spent.

Moreover, what I discussed on this post are just still the basic interpretation of a foot sign. As I stated above, it can be interpreted differently when there are other signs near it. The same actually applies for most of the other Yamashita Treasure signs.

222 Comments to “Foot or Feet Yamashita Treasure Sign”

    • Good evening Sir Elmo. We have found a foot sign that is engraved on the surface of an old large rock consisting of a frog shape. So we dug on one of its side where we discovered four pieces of very hard slightly shiny white rocks at 4 feet deep. Its color is similar to a crab meat and it is cemented forming a letter L. Their distances from each other is about 3 meters apart, they weigh about 2kg and their dimensions are about 1-1/2 x 2 x 5 inches.

      One of the white rock was embedded/cemented on a color orange river rock which seems that it was soften by some kind of chemical. The other strange white rock has an engraved Kanji characters. According to my Chinese friends, the marking means ”water”. Are these white rocks markings?

      Sir, we hope that you can help us. Thank you and more power!

    • I think that you just dug the correct spot. Those white rocks are indeed strange and they are heavy for their sizes. You might want to break them apart as they probably contain something inside. Otherwise, you should continue digging and expect to uncover more signs that could provide more clues.

    • What does an animal paw mean? A right paw of a dog to be more specific. Other than that, we also found a right foot of man complete with its toes. And, there is also a head of a cow carved on the big wall that seems made out of concrete.

    • I need to know the distance between the animal foot from the human foot and the engraved cow head.

    • Sir, what can you say about the sign that I found on the surface of a big rock which is 4kd-7 with one engraved foot similar to the size of a 3 year old kid? There is also 3 dots (like this . . .).

    • Those are interesting signs that you found, I hope that you can send photos of them to me. Anyway, my interpretation to 4kd-7 means that the item is buried under the side or corner of that big rock. The engrave foot is pointing you towards the digging spot while the three dots simply means three deposits.

    • Good day Sir. What is the meaning of two engraved feet with three flower petals at their lower left side?

    • Those two engraved feet represents a large volume of hidden deposit. However, it is equipped with highly dangerous trap. This means that if you dug the wrong spot, this could take your diggers lives. I suggest that you should proceed with caution by paying attention to all signs that you may find.

    • Good day. We used a dowsing tool in our site where we found engraved foot print. What can you say about this sign?

    • An engraved foot print sign has several different meanings. Thus, it requires other signs to support what it specifically mean. If none then I need you to describe the details of the surrounding area which might give some hints.

    • Good day Sir, I discuss my site we open 10×10.

      1. The area has an old tree of kamias or cucumber tree at west part at east part is an old mabolo tree or velvet apple tree at south part is mango tree.

      2. So we dig at the center of the three trees.

      3. At 3 ft to 4 ft we encounter those sign an right foot
      with engraved at the right side almost 45 or less at the left side engraved 12 or less and in the nails side has a 123 or 321 # us an ink or paint.

      4. At 6 ft to 7 ft we encounter poison.

      5. At 8 ft to 9 ft we encounter garden soil for almost 8 ft to 9 ft of soil and we encounter a cup of Gillette.

      6. At 22 ft or up we encounter a replica of stone red color of stone.

      7. At 27 ft its a water shield.

      8. At 32 ft or up or below we encounter a heart sign of stone with trade mark at the top both side but in the right side below the trade has a two trade beside it will pointing im not sure maybe in the mango tree.

      9. For now we are in the 43 ft we lapse the water level.

      10. And now we open beside the mango tree at 10 ft we encounter a cup of Tanduay Rhum for now we are in 18 ft.

      I hope you help us to analyze our site.

      • Hi Sir Elmo,

        What does right foot without toes mean? South West 5 feet in front is a big stone, east side of the big stone is another stone with oblong sign pointing towards the big stone. Where is the possible location of the deposit?.

        • The possible location of the hidden item is at the rock with an oblong sign. However, I might be mistaken because I have a strong feeling that there are still other signs around that you may not have discovered yet which could change the possible location that I just stated. Thus, I suggest exploring your site thoroughly before starting your digging operation.

    • You have to know that when you encountered three old trees that are strangely arranged in triangle formation, it does not automatically mean that the item is hidden at the center. You need to inspect for signs because the exact location of the treasure can be on any of the three trees and not just at the center.

      So now, what I need you to do is to inspect those trees for any possible markings. Aside from the markings, I want you to describe me if there are any large bent branches.

    • Good day Sir,

      Sorry Sir but only the Kamias or cucumber tree is alive, the other 2 trees died.

      Is there possible that under the trees is the possible location of the treasure?

      Is the heart sign with trade at the top is an ending point of dig?

      What about the foot print sign?

      I send you the pictures at Facebook.

    • Since the two other trees already died then there is nothing that you can do but to try and dig the spot where they used to stand. Thus, the answer into your first question is "Yes". You second question which is about a heart sign simply represent the deposit. And, as for the foot print, I need to know first if there are any other signs near it.

    • Good day Sir,

      Only the mango tree bent pointing to the Kamias tree or cucumber.

      Is possible that the water level is contaminated by oil? and for a week its color black.

    • It's nice to know that, you should then try digging under the mango tree particularly under the bent branch.

    • Good day sir,

      The foot print sign is no toes. The other sign near it is a turtle and the turtle is no feet and hands just the head and the body.

      Is the brown soil is part of a sign and its like a right trapezoid formation?

    • I suggest that you should read the post about the meaning of the "Turtle Signs" so as the "Foot Sign".

    • Sir Elmo good day. Can I ask the meaning of a left foot mark that is pointing downward? This sign is engraved on the surface of the large rock. Thanks and God bless.

    • My opinion states that you have to dig 5 feet from the ground right on that spot. However, it does not guarantee that you will uncover the treasure but probably another sign.

    • Sir, what is the meaning of engrave left foot facing upwards on a rock and a hole on front of it. On the left side when facing the foot side, there is a right leg or left leg with foot (its like shoes) no fingers.

      Many thanks in advance.

    • My interpretation to this sign is "5 steps forward" and that will be the digging spot. The leg that you noticed confirms that it is a large step while the hole simply represent the deposit.

    • Sir, what do you mean by Sungkaan engraved in the flooring found at 70ft. Tnx Sir Elmo.

    • It is referring to a certain distance. Are you really sure that there are no other signs aside from it? I suggest looking for additional signs near it which might probably tell more about specific distances.

    • Sir, what do you mean about engraved foot right leg with no finger (its like shoes) with curved face left. I found it a 6 feet.

    • Are you sure that it is not a natural sign? It is because there are a lot of signs like that which are commonly encountered around. Anyway, it usually mean 5 steps forward.

    • Good day Sir,

      We found this foot print with engrave at the right side almost 45 engrave at the top of the left side almost 12 engrave at 3 ft to 4 ft at the 6 ft to 8 ft. We found gold dust molded by soft cement at 9 ft to 22 ft. We encounter a brown soil for almost 9 ft in high sloping like a feet 23 ft up. We found a replica a of stone at 27 ft were in the water level at 32 ft. We found a heart sign of stone with 2 trade mark at the top at the right side below there is 2 trade mark we have more sign have encounter. We also shock by the water after a week it was a black color like a grease or alkitran at the top of the water its have a rainbow.

      Our site have an old Kamias tree old Mabolo tree old Maggi we dig at the center.

      Hope you will help us our site.

    • Those old trees, how are they arranged? and are there any markings on them?

    • Sir good morning, can you please help us interpret a right foot mark on top of a big rock. And, an animal head like rock on the side of this rock. The animal head is like the head of a snake that is also pointing towards a big acacia and santol tree. Pls. reply. Thank you.

    • A right foot marking along with a pointer such as the head of an animal that you have found means, "follow this path". What you have to do is to follow the direction where the animal head is pointing.

      You stated here that the direction is pointing into the area with big trees. Thus, I suggest that you inspect them. You might also want to give the details regarding their distance apart from each other.

    • Sir I found 3 rocks. In a form of a line. These are a bit big rocks.

      1st rock is like a shape of a mountain that is black and just beside it is a small diamond rock but with an arrow pointing to a rock with a foot mark. 2nd bigger rock underneath, it has a 2 form triangular shapes that is invisible. 3rd rock a bit distant from the 2 rocks is big and has cracks with arrow sign. What are these?

    • The sign on the first rock means that you follow the directions being indicated by the foot mark. Second rock means that, the direction is towards a certain corner. And for the third rock, you forgot to mention where the arrow is pointing.

    • Hello Sir Elmo,

      My friend dream for over two decades that in their backyard there was a hidden treasure. He started digging, found a stone that resembled a foot, about 5-7 feet below to foot he found three round stones. There was nothing in the stones. What does the three stones mean?

      Appreciate all the help we can get.

    • It is probably a sign. You have to know that if you are uncovering strange objects, they are confirmations telling you that you are digging on the correct spot.

    • Hello Sir Elmo,

      What's the meaning of engraved pair of feet sir? and above the rock is heart shape.

    • I think that those pair of feet refers to the distance as discussed on the post above. The heart shape rock is simply a sign representing the "hidden wealth" which also confirm that the site is positive.

    • Goodeve sir. What is the meaning of the feet engrave on a stone?

    • No offense but please read the post above and ask which part you cannot understand and I will gladly clarify it to you.

    • Hi sir Elmo, I would like to ask if what is the meaning of a charcoal like substance we found underneath a concrete near a river with markings like arrow and flower like symbol. 15 meters or less from it we made a well but 2 meters below we found a timber 1 inch by 6 inches with unknown length. I asked the great grandfather of my wife if he remember someone put a timber on that area but he said no. They used to hide in the mountains and left that area before the JIA came. Also the water from that hole is like a tomato sauce in color. What does it mean sir Elmo?

      Thanks… Our place is somewhere in the mountains of Cebu city.

    • I think that the strange substance that you discovered is not charcoal, it is probably "oil" and this is a very sign. What you have to do is simply follow or find the source which will lead you into the chamber of the hidden item.

    • Our friends already started excavating, aside from the water under the ground, after a few days, a black oil, or something oily which looks like "krudo" came out. What does this mean?

    • You have to examine if that oil is natural or not. If it is not then you are in luck because it is a sign that can lead you into the chamber of the hidden deposit.

    • Hi Sir Elmo, I would like to ask what is the meaning of a small heart and hole 5 inches distance engrave in the top of big rock.

    • I would like to know if the bottom part of the small heart which is its tip is directly pointing into the hole.

    • Sir good day. Sir what is the meaning of the three fingers of feet and five hands fingers engraved at the side part of the stone going upward. And then, at the top of stone they have two fish form of stone facing its other, we found the stone besides in a (Y)creek sir.

    • Those hand and feet sign that you encountered refers to depths while the fish stone indicates that the item is hidden under water.

    • Sir, I have found a foot print. Can I get your e-mail address?

    • Hello Sir Elmo, I have discover that there are 3 old trees planted in triangular position. One of tree has a hole as noticed the whole body of the tree is being emptied. This means we will dig just at the center of the tree, as to uproot the tree. I saw it in my dreams also. Please help us Sir, we are just first timer. That is why I kept researching, until I found your blog.

      Thank you and more power.

    • Hi Sir, Good Day! We took some pictures from our site. We are in doubt what those photos telling us. Was it really a treasure sign or something else, we really don't know ( note: we are using dowsing rods tool (L). In fact, we have a neighbor here in our Location/Site who was already successful in treasure hunting. We want you to be part of our journey. If we got lucky then We will (including Elmo of-course) benefit from it. Looking forward to hear some great help from you, thanks! Cheers.

    • Sir may you help me? We found an engraved left foot then at the left side of the foot with the distant of 3 inches, their is a hole like egg. Then at the left side of the foot with the distant of 1 meter, there is an engraved animal head form. What should we do sir? and my other question is the animal head form is pointing at the old tree.

      When I measure the distance of the tree from the foot sign, it is almost 30 steps. If it is from that tree, just in case, where I must be digging? at the center of tree or at the side of the tree? How many distance Sir. Just need to be sure because it is not easy to dug up.

      Thanks and more power.

    • Good day Sir. We discovered one foot stone with no toes like shoes at the side of an old star apple trees and the trees are arrange in triangle. That stone is volcanic.

      Thanks from Mindanao.

    • Hello Sir. How about boots made of soil on top of the man made "bunton" or small hill made of hardened soil? Just a single boot on top.

    • Good day Sir Elmo. We found a turtle head (just its head without a body) made of concrete cement at 15 feet with its face towards the ground and beside it is also a left foot also made up of concrete cement facing west with a small diamond like hole engraved on the tip of the foot. May I know what it means Sir?

      Thank you.

    • Sir, what is the meaning of a box divided into two and each box has 2 holes or circle, and the first box has a stair drawing. We found that code in a hard rock with a color of pale brown.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, this is our situation, we have a treasure hunter but I am just a beginner. The sign is a rock formed turtle with complete head, hands, feet and tail but it has an X sign at the top of the turtle shell and has a small dot hole. Each side of the X mark has dot.

      Our treasure hunter said it has multiple deposits but aside those dot, one is a perfect hole. The perfect hole of the dot which our treasure hunter interpreted is the first we dug.

      To make it short, we already passed poison smell, pebble stones in cement, shells, charcoal from the branch of tree in hard cement, and a cemented broken bottles and some small Japanese bottle that are not broken.

      Now we are at 65 ft. We found a rock assembled by left foot. My question is, are these rocks formed by left foot the end of trail or final layer? Next to it is still hard cement?

      Thank you Sir and I hope you reply.

    • Sir Elmo, we had recovered a shoe with brand name otafuku for girl size 34.6 under the big stone place north east of stone about 7 tons in weight, at the opposite side we had recovered a silver earrings. Surroundings the position of stone are three big tree acacia. What does it mean?

    • Sir, how can I identify that in a certain stone, it has a gold if all the stone in that particular area has a foot mark?

    • Hello sir Elmo. I am not sure if this is the right thread to post my question. I am from Baguio and we accidentally came upon odd items while digging an area for a septic tank.

      At exactly 1 meter from the ground line, we unearthed a lot of thin porcelain cups most of which are scattered shards. We found Japanese characters on it.

      As we dig dipper, we occasionally find a lot of broken glass of different colors such as green, red, clear glass and earthen wares. What strikes as odd is that we came upon a large plank of wood (I don't know what kind) lying about. Beside is a a chunk or rock/concrete oval shape and lots of 6" nails seemingly pointing on the rock.

      Going deeper we chance to find a vertical arrangement of two layers laid old hollow block (red and orange). We stopped as this gives us the creeps to continue.

      Is this a positive sign of treasure Sir? I can send you the actual pictures we found.

    • Sir greetings, I have encountered the same markings like this one, a number 4 sign and a snake and an arrow pointing at a direction. I followed the direction then saw a big round rock marked with a follow wealth sign, then on the right side of that rock was an X sign. Can you help me?

      Thanks a lot.

    • We have found a sign. A left foot with no fingers on it but it was not engraved. It is seen near a BIG shine rock about 8 feet tall rock with a size of a bus. Is it a sign?

    • Good day to you Sir Elmo. Please tell me how many feet does the JIA measured in 1 step.

      Thank you Sir Elmo.

    • Sir Elmo, Please help. We have a boat-like shape with dimensions of 4 x 4 x 10. Under this cement, there was a lot of broken vintage glasses.

    • Hi sir my father dig a balon and he saw a big rock the rock have a sign x with arrow. And the right side, have a big stone form a turtle with two head the one head of turtle is sleep and the other is wake. The big stone turtle form with two head form into a big shape of heart. And under of that big turtle stone form into a fish. The big stone with sign of x with right side arrow under of that x sign have a big sign of letter y and under of that y have a arrow form into x sign. And many the file of rock shape triangle. The recover rock two round shape small and big. Square rock with engrave line to the center and the other side shape heart and triangle. Big stone form into a heart.

      My father stop digging because the file rock is two big for him.

      Thanks Sir Elmo from Visayas.

    • Argie Lopez,

      You mentioned here the presence of both turtle and fish which are both aquatic creatures. So in terms of JIA treasure signs, the location of the hidden item has the presence of water. So I want to confirm if there is a presence of water nearby. Anyway, I suggest that you should read my post about the meaning of a turtle sign and the X sign. As for for the Y sign, it is often a sign that indicates an intersection. So in your case, I guess it is an intersection of an old creek or river.

    • Sir, we have found three engraved foot sign on a rock. Near it is a heart sign. Just a few distance away from the rock, there is an arrow sign. Can you help us interpret please?

    • May I know where the arrow sign is pointing at?

    • Hi Sir Elmo, good PM. I'm from Mindanao I tried to email you few times and I don't know if you received it yet. I'm just a beginner. Our location area are positive of treasure. I have photos taken in our digging area but I don't know how to send through your facebook account. I only used Viber. Right now, we stop the operation first thing due to financial budget. Second, we already dig 14 ft below. The digger encounter bad smell. Something like asupre or gunpowder. The real bottom is, we don't know how to deal to retreat this trap. Our only hope if you can help us if you know someone to inspect our site. One more favor Sir Elmo, not a treasure expert from Zamboanga City. As we know a lot of stories hard to mention here. If everything goes through we 50/50 share in God's well. I hope to hear you soon have a pleasant evening.

    • You should contact me on my FaceBook Page instead of my email address. The link to my FB page is at the right side panel.

    • Hello Sir Elmo,

      Two decades ago, one Japanese individual come to our place looking for an old balon but my grandfather didn't told were was the balon. One of my friend have a detector so we tried to check the place and it is positive. So my brother dug the old balon. First, he dug stone then soil then file of limestone then water then very fine soil like sugar – sticky, bad smell and itchy. At about 25 ft, he found a turtle made of limestone but no head. The head is inside then he dug about 5 ft and he found a mark of the bots l/r and a round hole like pistol and handle.

      The flooring is like cement. Now about 30 or 35 ft, he dug a foot made of limestone and lot of like sabon bar half – a size of it made of limestone also and he try to check with the detector. It is still there and moving faster than the first try. Now they try to poke with the steel bar and its hard like a concrete cement.

      Sir please tell me what is the meaning of the foot and the sabon like bar half size. Is the hard concrete the treasure already?

    • It does not always mean that when a Japanese individual looking for a certain old object or structure, a treasure is hidden in them. In most cases, they are signs which is commonly a confirmation that they are on the right place or location. Other than that, a treasure hunter especially the Japanese will never ask a location where the deposit is actually hidden.

      For sure, there are markers around that area which could tell more specific information about the correct digging spot.

      Anyway, since you already started digging and uncovered some signs (considering they are authentic). I suggest trying to reach that hard like concrete cement that your bother poked with a steel bar. If it is a concrete cement (man-made) then it makes things more interesting.

    • Sir Elmo, good day to you. Kindly tell me what is the meaning of a red colored rock? Thanks.

    • A red colored rock is very common in the mountains. So where have you found this rock?

    • Hi Sir Elmo,

      We found a treasure sign foot print in the side. They have a heart sign. Can you help us with this? Thank you sir.

    • The meaning of the foot print that you discovered is already discussed on this post while the heart sign represent the presence of a hidden wealth on that area.

    • Sir Elmo,

      We have just found in our backyard across the river bank a cement and under that cement we don't know if it is a charcoal or a tar. But after digging in 2-3 inches, we have found a 25 halalas. What is the meaning of those? Thanks in advance.

    • What is a halalas?

    • Sir, we have unearthed an elongated partly triangle rock that was divided into two sides(mainly), on the left side it has a boot print(not foot with fingers) and on the right side it has fairly squire print… both with dots, and also both are engraved. It was positioned upside down fortunately when we recovered it.

    • The triangle rock is referring to a certain corner. Probably, it is referring to its own corners. The boot is referring to a certain distance or depth. In most common cases, it refers to a 5 steps distance or 5 ft depth. The engraved square sign refers to the hidden deposit which is enclosed into a certain container. In most cases, its in a box.

    • Sir, what about a foot of a giant engraved on a rock? It is found near the waterfalls.

    • The meaning of the sign that you found is already explained on the post above. As for the waterfalls, you should survey the area for additional signs around it.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, I tried to reach you on your FB page but you haven't responded yet. Our area was found to have human bones, leaf sign marker, luncheon meat can and a map inside a shell. What does it signify Sir? Thank you.

    • Those objects that you found are signs which confirms that something valuable is hidden on that site. Although, the human bones could be the remains of their sacrifice. So you have to expect that spiritual entities might be guarding the precious item. The leaf sign is a marker which warns you of danger while the trash such as the can are often used as a guide towards the location of the treasure. Anyway, since you also found the map, being able to interpret it correctly will lead you into the deposit without so much trouble.

    • Hello Sir this is Kimberly Payba. Where can I send the map's replica? Thank you.

    • Send it via PM on my FaceBook Page. My FB page is accessible via the FaceBook icon found at the right side navigation panel.

  • Sir Elmo, I found a foot shape of stone it seems like boots shoes, clamp shells, human bones and a color yellow big rock measuring 1 meter in diameter more or less inside at 25 meters digging. What does it mean? Is there possible treasure beneath?

    • Yes, all those objects are markers indicating that you are digging on the correct spot. The human bones is a strong sign that you are already near the item.

  • Sir Elmo, we found a big stone with markings. On top of the stone there’s a hole carving, then below it is 2 straight lines and then below the lines right foot. What does it mean?

    • The hole represents the deposit while the 2 lines probably means that you will encounter two different layers. The right foot indicate that the item should be nearby.

      • Thank you for your response. We just saw signs nearby the small and big turtles.

        • So what are these signs that you just discovered?

          • Another sign came up 7KD. What does it mean?

          • It either means, under a big rock or an old tree.

  • Hi Sir Elmo. What is your email?

    • Contact me on my FaceBook Page via PM.

  • Sir Elmo. We found a rock and it looks like a cement full of glittery stuff in it. Looks like small diamonds. How can we separate the diamonds from the cement w/o breaking them?

    Thanks in advance.

    • You have to make sure that what you found is not pyrites or more commonly known as the “fool’s gold”. Unfortunately, there is no other methods that I am aware of in separating the glittery objects from the rock but to break it into power. After being powdered, you need to pan it and then cook the filtered glittery stuffs at a high temperature to give it a solid form.

  • Thank you for your reply Sir Elmo. What’s the best gold scanner nowadays? Ours is the MD 3010II.

    • You should give a try to the Jeohunter MDs.

  • Hello Elmo, I want to learn the meaning of big nail found in an old Java Plum. Around one foot from the ground in height. This nail is very old, the head is round bent down to the ground and the body has four sides.

    I also have interesting discovery in big cement that resemble as human with two facial dimension. Same as dinosaur sculptured cement. I wish to send you privately on your personal email.


    • That big nail means that you need to dig under that old plum tree. As for that big cement that you discovered, those facial dimensions has something to do with directions.

  • What is the meaning of the foot made of the stone? I get from under the water with pile of different shape of stones.

    • At what direction or corner is the foot facing at? You might want to check that corner. If there is nothing much interesting then it probably means, underneath or continue going to down.

  • Hello bro, I found foot print 50 feet below. Please help me.

    • Most importantly, you have to make sure that the foot print you found is not natural which means, it is made by human hand. You have to know that it is very common to encounter such sign under the ground which often causes confusion to most treasure hunters. Anyway, if what you found is a legit sign then what it means is that, you should continue digging further because you are on the right track.

  • Hi Sir, I see 2 different sign. 1st slippers made a steel and arrow, 2nd face and down side left foot closer to soil in that area.


    • I could not really grasp the whole details of your comment so I will just give my own interpretation about those signs that you mentioned.

      The slippers along with the arrow sign means that there is a distance involve. I think there will be a few steps towards where the arrow is pointing.

      On your second sign which is a human face, it is again another sign that tells you direction. This direction is where it is staring or facing at.

      • Sir we found a footprint with a hole at the center. What does it mean?

        • The meaning of the foot print sign is already covered on this post but for the hole, it simply represent the deposit.

  • Sir in my house where I live now have a big stone and have a sign of footprint in right side of the stone. Under the foot sign, it have symbols – 3 circle straight. What this meaning Sir? Please help me.

    • The meaning of that right foot sign is already covered entirely on this post. But for the three circles, it means that there are three different types of valuable deposits hidden on that area. Anyway, I think that there are other signs around that you haven’t discovered yet around so I suggest that you should try to find them before doing any digging attempt.

  • Sir good day. I would like to ask about the foot mark we found in a place where we try to dig and we found 2 foot mark on rock. And there is another sign, we found half moon with a circle under. Could you please explain what is the meaning of this sign?

    Thanks in advance.

    • If the rock that you uncovered with two foot marks is big then that crescent shape sign which you describe as a half-moon means that the item is hidden inside that big rock.

  • Good morning Sir Elmo!

    I found an x sign at the top of the big stone then in the other side of the stone, there’s a square engrave in the side of stone. What does it mean Sir.


    • The X sign refers to the hidden object and the engraved square symbol means that the item is enclosed inside a certain container.

  • Hi sir Elmo good day. Please help…

    We found a rectangular rock cement 10 feet under, measurement( treasure chest) but it is not perfect rectangular shape. Front side of the rock cement there is a hole and at the base on it engraved a right foot sign facing outside above on the toes there are three small circles( angle formation). Outside( body) of the rock cement stone engraved human face. Beside the rock cement stone, there is a triangular shape stone facing on it. Back of the rock cement stone is engraved half human face in his nose three small circles align facing the rock cement stone, under is heart shape stone( two stone are connected).

    I hope you can help us . Thanks and God bless.

    • The hole represent the deposit while the foot sign indicate a certain distance from that rock. As for the face, it is facing the direction where you should be heading.

  • Hi Sir Elmo,

    In my place, my Brother has been digging at 8 ft then they saw a sign engrave like letter Y in a Hard Cement.

    If you accept me I will sent to you the sign and the stone that we get there.

    There’s a possible that in that site has a deposit?

    • The marker tells something about intersection. If you could tell me more about your site then I might be able to extract some information about it.

  • Sir, I found a left side foot print nearby a forest running rain water. What does this mean?

    • If what you found is just a left-foot sign then you need to follow a certain old trail that goes to the left side.

      • In the back of the engrave foot print, there is an engrave square sign.

        • If it has a square at the back then it means that the correct direction is at the opposite side. You have to read the signs and follow their opposite meanings. So instead going on the left-side, you need to go to the right.

  • I found a big hill of a left foot and another carved face looking at it. Could you help me?

    And there is a notch on rock looking at foot also.

    • It seems that all signs around are pointing towards the spot where the left foot is located. Thus, my interpretation to this is that, the left foot sign is your digging spot. I would advise that after digging for about 5 feet, you need to be more careful and very observant as you might uncover a very important treasure sign or the item itself.

  • Hi good morning Sir,

    Can you give me some advise? Actually I dig 5 feet and I found big rock. Above the big rock, it have an engrave one foot print at the left side.

    Where is the object Sir? Please I need your concern. Thank you.

    • An engrave foot engraved on top of a big rock possibly refers to a certain distance. My suggestion is to explore the left side area where the foot is facing at. And probably, you will discover additional signs which could tell more about the specific location of the hidden item.

  • Sir,

    I found 2 big rocks and somethings is written on it but I don’t know what is it.

    • You may want to take a photo of it then send it via PM into my FaceBook Page.

  • I saw a two foot prints in same rocks. Can please tell me what its meaning?

    • If the foot prints are aligned together like you are standing straight on your current spot then it means that the item is hidden on that spot. However, if the foot print is not aligned like a foot print of a walking person then it means that you need to travel a certain distance.

  • Sir may I know your Facebook Page. Sir I found a lot of treasure signs but I don’t know what it means. Can you please help me Sir?

    • Let’s start with one of your site at a time. Describe those signs and let’s see if I can give good interpretation about it.

  • Good evening Sir,

    I found 3 pieces of helmet with triangular position. After 1 meter of digging, we found a combat shoes left foot. What is the meaning of it? And also green bottle with hole at the bottom.

    • Those are interesting markers. The helmet indicates that you are digging on the correct spot while the combat shoe states that you should keep going. As for the bottle, if it is originally at standing position when you discovered it, continue digging down. If not, then it indicates a change of direction where you should follow the corner where the bottom with a hole of the bottle is the side that you need to dig.

  • Hello Sir,

    What is the meaning of 711N 4 PPC 7 and PAT PENO in treasure guide? My brother dig and after 5ft he get a full vintage bottle dark brown color and it was indicated at the bottom PAT PENO,
    and after few 1 feet there another bottle only bottom part it indicated 711N 4 PPC 7. What does it mean? And the last on is slippers. Please guide us.

    • Those text and numbers probably patent codes of the manufacturer for that bottle. Anyway, the sign itself is that vintage bottle so I suggest that you keep digging further.

  • Sir, what is the sign of giveaways?

    • There are several signs of give-aways. I cover them later on a separate post.

  • Sir Elmo good day,

    I need your help. We found a white big rock that was lying on 3 pile rock both end. One end of white big rock has an engraved arrow then on top of an arrow code number 1901.

    • You have to follow where the direction of the arrow sign is pointing at then explore the area for any additional signs.

  • Sir I found a right foot sign in the river, in the flooring of river is a rock. What is the meaning of that?

    • The foot sign is trying to give importance to that spot. Thus, the rock that you found underneath it might be related to what the foot marker is trying to refer. It is best to inspect this rock especially what’s underneath it because it could be covering something.

  • Me and my father found triangle stone and some broken bottles and glass.

    • Those are interesting markers. I suggest that your father should continue excavating where he had found those objects.

  • We found a very large rock egg shape rock with big right foot sign. What does it mean?

    • The foot sign has many different meanings which I have already discussed on this post. First, you have to check if your site has an old trail. If there is an old trail then it is referring to that location. Second, if there is no old trail around then follow the forward direction of the foot. And third, there is a possibility that the digging spot is right under that egg shape rock.

  • Good day Sir Elmo, may I know what is the meaning of this that we found a culvert beside a dead creek. Inside is a small drinking glass and a sole of a combat shoes. TY.

    • Right where you found the drinking and sole of the combat shoes, try to dig that portion and see if you can get some additional buried markers or signs.

  • Good morning Sir Elmo. What is tamoshan c4 means? And what is the interpretation of left foot mark with triangle sign on the center of the foot?

    • The left foot with a triangle signs means that the deposit or digging spot is at the left side portion of that site.

  • Sir good day,

    In 10 ft of our digging, we found charcoal, after this were broken ceramics, a sea shells in arrange manner, small cement rocks, log with 5 ft tall, and a 3 inches foot shape with circle at the middle. What does it mean? We are now at the level of black sand and gravel. Thank you Sir.

    • I need to know the original position of the log, if it was in vertical position when you discovered it then you should continue to dig downward. Otherwise, there might be a change in direction.

  • Good Afternoon Sir Elmo,

    Can you help me interpret what is the meaning of a foot marking on the stone but the foot has no toes and there is also on the side is a heart shape stone with 3 steps like a ladder engrave in that heart-shape stone. Thank you in advance for your compliment Sir. God bless! I am very happy to know that there are such a person like you that are full of treasure in your heart that is willing to help both to the amateur and professional TH.

    • If the foot does not have any toes then it means that you do not need to go any further. Along with the heart sign that you found on the same spot, it confirms that on that particular location is your digging spot.

  • Good Day! Sir Elmo,

    Can you please help me interpret what is the meaning of the marker in the lower portion of the Water falls engrave in the rock the sign is 3 holes in a triangular form but the two hole are the same size big the other hole is small but they are arrange in triangular form and in the upper portion of the waterfalls, there are also two holes and that two hole in the upper area is covered by the flow of the water flowing of that falls. What does it mean Sir?

    • Those dots forming a triangle are referring to some certain corners on that waterfall, so I suggest that try exploring the waterfall especially its ends for additional markers.

  • Sir, good day! with regards of to my previous question, about the 5 ft log we recovered, it is a form of horizontal, our excavation is near mangrove trees.

    • If it is in horizontal position then it means that you are dealing with a tunnel. I suggest that you should try to continue to dig underneath it to find clues which direction to follow, if there is none then you should try to follow the two opposite directions being pointed by the two ends of the log that you recovered.

  • Good day Sir Elmo! I just want to Say thank you for Answering to my Previous Questions. Its a very great idea you impart to me! Keep up the good work Sir. God bless you always!

    • Thank you very much for your support.

  • Merry Christmass to all TH!

  • My father saw a mark of WW2 with Japanese characters on the top. It is written on a stone, did you know about the meaning of that sign?

    • Can you describe to me that marker he saw?

  • Sir happy new year. Please help us interpret the foot sign engrave in a huge big rock color black/grey with a hole 12 inches deep. Thank you Sir and more power!

    • There are steps on how you should interpret it. First, look for old trails nearby. If there is none then follow the instruction written on this post.

  • Good day sir Elmo Sir,

    Can we chat in messenger if possible Sir?
    It would be my greatest gratitude if you may allow me to communicate with you in messenger.
    I hope and I pray your kindness consideration Sir.
    Thank you.

    • Sure, I do use FaceBook. You can contact me in my FaceBook page account which is at “Treasures and Antiques”.

  • Hello Sir Elmo,

    We detected this area along a creek (which is a corn land at present actually) that according to old folks, this place used to have a lot of old trees but none of those trees exist now and no signs at all also existing. I decided to let it be detected by somebody who owns a special dowser (also a TH ) and we marked all the points were the dowser reacted by using pegs (wood sticks) and the result was a perfect rectangle measuring 2 meters in width x 3 meters in length and 8 meters in depth.

    Now my question Sir is? Do you rely on dowsers? Do you think this is positive treasure? thanks in advance Sir. GOD Bless

    • Yes, sometimes we do use it for directions especially when the markers got tampered by other or previous treasure hunters. However, we do not rely on it that much because it is not really accurate.

  • Hi Sir,

    We found 1 right foot on a rock surface and a little distance forward from it is another right foot pointing pointing to the left, and beside it is a big stone with 3 holes in a triangle form. What does it mean? Thank you.

    • It means 15 feet distances towards the direction or pathways of the feet is your possible digging spot. That triangle being form by three holes simply represents the hidden treasure deposit.

  • Good evening Sir Elmo, I have found shape foot going to east. They have old trees but curving body 2 feet deep. I found shape foot.

    • That’s interesting. The foot shape marker that you dug under that bent body of a tree is a confirmation of that spot which means that you need to continue digging.

  • Hello sir Elmo 😊

    We found a right foot on the rock surface in the front and left and right side of it we found a small hole like sungkaan and it has the same distance (5 meters) and there’s no old tree around the site’s or big old rock Sir.
    I would like to ask from you Sir where can I start digging?

    Hope to hear from you😊

    • How many holes are there? The number of holes actually has something to do with the a certain distance towards the digging spot.

  • Sir Elmo. Good AM. We dig 5 feet already and we found a pointed plain triangle made of stone and close to it is also a form of head of a snake made of stone ( no body ) many small holes in the head. The direction of two is same pointing same direction. What is the meaning of these?

    • Since the pointed triangle stone and snake head are pointing into the same spot then this spot is your digging spot. However, you need to be extra careful about poison trap due to the presence of this snake marker. There is a huge possibility its going to be a gas trap.

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