If you do not have a pin pointer then you will come across some trouble trying to locate the exact spot of your target especially for small sized objects. But with the help of a reliable pin pointer, you will be able to save your precious time allowing you to move to the next area. This means, the faster you are able cover more grounds often results into more findings.

On this post, I would like to introduce two of the most popular pin pointer accessory in metal detecting industry which are the “Garrett Pro Pointer 2” and the “Garrett Pro Pointer AT”. The AT Pro Pointer is actually the first model released by the manufacturer while the Pro Pointer 2 came next. So does this mean that the Pro Pointer 2 is the new and improved model of the AT model? Let’s find out.

What’s in the Garrett Pro Pointer AT?

There is actually a much older version than the AT model which is the “Garrett PRO-Pointer”. It is very simple, reliable and I find it quite good enough when it comes to its accuracy. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in the market today. You may be able to find one but it is surely no longer brand-new but used or second-hands.

Orange Color

The AT Pro Pointer has some slight differences than its predecessor. Orange is the main color of its body and then just a small portion of black color at one end which helps you easily distinguish the front from its rear. But why the orange color?

Many treasure hunters actually tend to forget their tools on the ground especially small size tools like pin pointers. So to prevent this from happening, the Garrett manufacturer choose to use bright colors. According to some experts, bright colors (such as orange, pink and yellow) can easily attract your attention.

6 Settings with 3 Preset Sensitivity Levels

AT Pro Pointer offers 6 settings of adjustments to make it perfectly suitable with the condition of the ground. It also offers 3 preset of sensitivity levels for easy and quick use. The settings can also be configured with its “Audio-plus-Vibrate” or Vibrate-only responses feature.

One Single Button for Control

All functions can be controlled by just one single button only which include turning its power ON or OFF. Why just a single button?

If there are a few buttons to press on the tool, this can be a hassle if you are trying to use it under a deep dark hole. You have your own flashlight but it will take you some time trying to calibrate the buttons for the perfect settings before it works. But through the use of a single button, you don’t even have to look at it in order to make the necessary adjustments.

Speaking about the word “calibration”, AT Pro Pointer has a feature called “Fast Retune”. This feature can be activated by turning the Power On then pressing the button again once. As a result, the tool itself will automatically adjust its sensitivity to the ground.

For those who does not know, proper adjustment of the tool’s sensitivity is crucial because it helps eliminate mineral interference of the ground. This will also enhance the tool’s accuracy allowing deeper penetration.

Underwater Search

AT Pro Pointer can be used and submerge underwater down to a maximum depth of an impressive 3 meters deep.

What is Something New to the Garrett Pro Pointer 2?

Many treasure hunters are actually confused about which one to choose between the AT Pro Pointer and the Pro Pointer 2. In my own personal opinion, both equipment are almost equally the same. Pro Pointer 2 being the newer model than the AT Pro Pointer just have a few added and improve features to make a significant difference.

Anyway, let’s take a further look into what’s new and the interesting features of the Pro Pointer 2.

Improve Retuning Capability

Pro Pointer 2’s retuning capability offers a much faster on/off cycles. This means that the automatic adjustment of its sensitivity setting is much quicker and more powerful than the AT Pro Pointer. The manufacturer claims that with this feature, tuning it on areas such as on saltwater, wet sand or high mineralized ground is a no challenge at all.

Through its tuning feature, more information can be acquired and provided by the tool. You can actually determine the size, distance and edges of your target. When detecting a large object, the tool can automatically shrink its detection field allowing it to precisely locate the large target.

Lost Alarm

The bright color of the tool as explained above can be effective in preventing you from losing it. However, there are some cases when you completely turned your back and forgot all about it laying on the ground. Thus, Pro Pointer II has the feature called “Lost Pinpointer Alarm”.

When you turned ON your device and you didn’t press any button for about 5 minutes, it will automatically start to produce an alarm to catch or get your attention.

Water Resistant

Pro Pointer 2 is designed as water resistant. Since pin pointers are tools that is often easily get dirty, it must be resistant against water so that you can just wash and clean it on a running water after use. Its resistant feature against water isn’t just intended for cleaning the tool. This means that you can also use it on a wet environment such as when it is raining.

360 Degrees Side Scan

Its detection is not just focused on a single concentrated spot. The tool also cover its 360 degrees side which makes locating your target quicker and easier.

Scraping Blade

The tool is also equipped with a scraping blade which allows you to quickly recover the object that you detected.

Moreover, I would like to warn you that there are China products which are cheap imitations of both the Garrett Pro Pointer 2 and AT Pro Pointer. You have to avoid them because they are fake products where their features are not even close to the originals versions.

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