In this post, we are going to answer an interesting comment concerning a give-away or small treasure deposit that is hidden inside or under a huge rock. So let’s start the discussion by first reading the entire comment below.

“Sir, I would like to request a topic about markers with give-away or small treasure deposit under or inside a huge rock.”

When it comes to markers that confirm the treasure deposit being inside or under a certain huge rock, there are actually many of them. Some of them have already been shown in the other previous posts. So in this discussion, I will just have to show some of the common markers used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) in marking their Yamashita treasure deposits.

Treasure is Under a Big Flat Stone

Shown in this image is a marker indicating that the treasure deposit is under a big flat rock.

By taking a closer look into this particular marker, the two small lines are what symbolizes the hidden items.

As for the other symbol which looks like a letter “Z”, this is actually an arrowhead. This is best illustrated in this image below.

As you can see, the upper portion is an arrowhead while underneath is a short horizontal line. This line represents the ground surface. But along with the arrowhead, it means that you need to “check underneath”.

And finally, the rectangle at the bottom part of this marker is what represents the huge flat rock.

So if we are going to combine all the meanings of the symbols, it means that the treasure deposit is buried under a huge flat rock.

The Object is Hidden Underneath

Here is another marker indicating that the treasure deposit is under a certain object.

If it happens that this is the type of marker that you found engraved onto the surface of a huge rock then this fully confirms that the item is hidden underneath it.

By examining this marker, you should notice that it is composed of two symbols. If we are going to separate them apart then this is what we are going to have.

This marker is composed of a cross symbol and a C like shape symbol. We have already covered the meaning of cross signs in the previous posts where they are giving directions. In this particular marker, the longest arm of the cross symbol is pointing at a downward direction. This means that you should follow this downward direction which should lead you into the location of the hidden object.

The other symbol at the bottom end of the cross which resembles the letter “C” is again already covered in the previous post. Anyway, it represents the treasure deposit which is contained inside a certain room or container.

Rock Enclosed Treasure Deposits

We have already covered some rock enclosed treasure deposit markers in the previous posts so you might want to check them out as well.

Here is one example of these rock enclosed treasure deposit signs.

The outside shape of this marker indicates the huge rock around. At the inner part of this marker, there are two circles that coincide with one another. One is smaller than the other.

Again, we have already covered in the other previous posts that when it comes to circles and dots, they commonly represent the hidden item deposit. So when it comes to this marker, the bigger circle confirms that the huge rock is the container of the item. The smaller circle is what symbolizes the stored object.

Pointing to a Give-Away or Small Deposit

We have already covered this particular marker on posts where we covered arrow signs. But we have it again for the second time in this post for further additional details.

If you happen to discover this kind of marker in your site and it is pointing to an old large rock then it means that inside or underneath it is the hidden treasure deposit. But before you jump for joy, you need to know that the item is only a give-away or small volume of treasure deposit and not the main.

Additionally, this arrow sign marker does not need to be pointing at an old rock. It can also point to different objects or locations such as an old tree and certain ground surfaces.

Assuming that it is pointing to an old tree then just like the old rock, the item could be inside the body of the old tree or underneath it.

If the arrow sign is pointing to a ground surface, then that is a confirmation of the digging spot where you have to dig it.

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