Gold Treasures Found in the Philippines

When speaking about “Gold Treasures” found in the Philippines, the first things that comes into people’s mind is the hidden Yamashita Treasure. A war-loot taken by the Japanese Imperial Army from different countries that they had invaded in the Second World War.

There’s also interesting rumors that the Japanese Imperial Army were the once who took the mysterious missing “Nazi” or “Adolf Hitler” gold and brought it to the Philippines. I think that there is a good possibility because there are some recovered Japanese hidden treasures in the Philippines that do belong to the Germans.

Top Gold Treasures Recovered in the Philippines

1. Ancient Gold Treasures Found in Butuan Mindanao

Other than the Yamashita Treasures, one of the most popular archaeological sites in the Philippines where a large pile of ancient gold treasures were found is at Butuan, Mindanao. This place is filled with many ancient gold, antiques, mysterious writings and wooden boats of the ancient period of time.

Are all these ancient gold and relics do really belong to our early Filipino ancestors? You have to know that these artifacts dates back to the 12th century. This was the time where the Spaniards haven’t yet discovered the Philippines.

Anyway, a total of 100 gold artifacts recovered from Butuan will be showcased for exhibit at the Asia Society, New York this coming year of 2016. The exact schedule of the exhibit is on September 11 to January 3.

2. The Golden Mask Found in San Antonio, Oton Iloilo

In 1960s, “Alfredo Evangelista” and “F. Landa Jocan” had amazingly found a golden mask which they called, The gold death mask of Oton. This mask simply consists of nose-disc and eye-mask. Both of these artifact were discovered at the grave site of San Antonio, Oton, Iloilo.

According to the archaeological experts, the golden death mask dates back from the late 14th to 15th century A.D. And, it is the only first of its kind that has been recovered in the Philippines. Further studies of the archaeologists claims that this mask was used as protection against evil spirits particularly when performing burial ceremony.

3. The Bolinao Skull with Gold Decorated Teeth

At the Balingasay Archaeological Site in Bolinao, Pangasinan, an interesting skull was discovered consisting of remarkable teeth decorated with gold ornaments. According to the archaeologists who studied the skull, this skull belongs to a reputable and powerful leader of the ancient prehistoric era of the Philippines.

4. Golden Tara of Agusan, Mindanao

Philippine archaeologists were astounded when a Manobo women discovered a golden female statue at the Wawa River of the Agusan region of Mindanao. The image though clearly shows that the culture belongs to the Indian Origin. According to some of the archaeologists, prehistoric Flipino people managed to craft such kind of statue due to the influence of the Hindu-Malayan culture.

The image is now known as the, “Golden Tara of Agusan”. It measures 5 and 1/2 inches tall and nearly weighs 4 pounds of 21 carat gold. Currently, this item is being displayed at the Field Museum of National History in Chicago, USA.

5. 12th Century Old Coins

The latest findings of gold treasures found in the Philippines were the 12th century old coins that was accidentally discovered by a Filipino construction worker, “Doming” Agravante (not his real identity). Doming was able to uncover the treasure when he was digging and end up uncovering golden coins, rings and silver coins.

National Geographic organization were the once who first made an analysis to the treasures and claimed that these artifacts are dated for about 2,000 years old. The coins also indicates that their origin was from the Eastern Europe. However, archaeologists are still being puzzled on how did these relics ended up in Negros Occidental.

According to some sources, the total value of all the treasure found goes around 16.8 million pesos. As the person who found the artifacts, Doming of course got his reward given by the property owner of the land. 30 percent of the treasure was also donated by the owner to the National Geographic organization.

Overall, with all those surprising treasures being found in the Philippines, it only proves that the ancient culture of the Filipino people are utterly rich. There are probably more hidden treasures or Philippine Archaeological Artifacts around waiting to be discovered.

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