Golden Buddha Hidden by JIA General Tomoyuki Yamashita

If you are going to ask old Filipino people who survived the tragic WW2 (World War II) event about the infamous Japanese Military General Tomoyuki Yamashita, most of them describes him as a “war criminal”.

Historical records indicate that he was one among the highest JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) General assigned in the Philippines. As the highest military officer in command, he allowed “killings and tortures of the innocent civilians”.

Other than killing the innocents, General Yamashita also betrayed most of his fellow comrades or Japanese soldiers particularly after hiding all treasures in their possessions. In short, he “murdered” them for the sake of keeping the secret locations of their hidden treasures to only few of his trusted co-officials.

Despite of the crime involved, some individuals who worked in hiding and burying the Yamashita treasures miraculously managed to escape their deaths. As a TH myself, I already came across several WW2 survivors who witnessed the buried treasures themselves with their own naked eyes.

I actually came across a WW2 survivor with an interesting story about the Yamashita treasure. “Pelimon Andrada” (not his real name) was only 15 years old when the JIA took him away from his home to work as one their slaves. According to him, they carried tons of gold bars and coins contained in large wooden boxes up in the mountains. Other than these objects, he also saw several statues/images of golden Buddha.

As they carried their loads up in the mountains, certain group goes on their separate ways to find a good hiding spot for their own respective cargoes. Fortunately, Pelimon’s group had chosen a site with natural spring of water nearby allowing them to replenish their thirst. Thus, they were able to dig extremely deep and complicated tunnels.

The time finally came when all the slaves including most of the Japanese soldiers were instructed to carry the items deep inside the tunnel except for Pelimon. He was called by one of the Japanese officers to fetch some water for him to drink. According to him, the Japanese officer was saying things and making gestures that he could not understand. He was also puzzled why no one came along to stop him from any possible attempt of escaping.

So Pelimon went to fetch some water at the nearby spring then suddenly, he heard a loud explosion then followed by multiple gunfire. At first, he thought that the Allied Forces finally came to their rescue. But checking them from his distance, the explosion was intended to close the entrance of the tunnel trapping all his other fellow slaves and Japanese soldiers inside. As for the remaining JIA soldiers outside, they were killing one another. Realizing the situation, Pelimon immediately ran and escaped.

Another interesting story of a WW2 survivor that I came across in my entire THing (treasure hunting) career in the Philippines is about a JIA soldier who knows a lot about the hidden Yamashita treasures. “Kuitchi Takazagi” (not his real name) was one among the Japanese soldiers who worked under the direct command of General Tomoyuki Yamashita. He claim as one of the soldiers who specialized in marking engraved signs and plotting treasure maps.

When they finally completed their task of hiding all treasures in their possession, Kuitchi accidentally overheard a private conversation of his superiors. He heard them talking that they successfully accomplished their mission where they can now peacefully surrender themselves to the Allied Forces. However, all slaves including their own men who witnessed the locations of their buried treasures “must be eliminated”.

Upon realizing the hideous plan of his superiors, Kuitchi warned his other fellow soldiers but they did not believed him. So he took his opportunity to find the perfect timing and escaped alone on his own.

Today, Kuitchi married a Filipina and they have one happy family. When asked why he did not went back home after the war ended, he is afraid that Japan’s Court Martial might charge him with “treason”. Anyway, he no longer have any reason to go back home because Kuitchi is now one happy man with a family living peacefully in the Philippines.

Golden Buddha Yamashita Treasure Signs

As the assigned supreme commander of the JIA in the Philippines during the previous WW2. General Tomoyuki Yamashita’s main objective particularly during their near defeat was to hide all “war loot treasures” that they plundered from different Asian countries in the Philippines. Thus, he took the responsibility of hiding the most valuable loots such as golden Buddha and precious diamonds.

What is a golden Buddha?

A Buddha is a human figure or image symbolizing different positive aspects of life. The most common type of Buddha is the one representing the “path to enlightenment”. Majority of Asian countries even consider them as their “deities” the main reason why most of them are made of gold.

Here are some of the following Yamashita treasure signs representing golden Buddha as deposits:

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Sir Elmo and Good Day. I believe that some treasures have guardian spirits because of this short story that I am about to share. There was actually a bad guy (a TH) who recovered a Buddha inside a cave that belong to my grandfather’s property. He took the Buddha out from the cave and carried it several meters away from the cave site then he left it there for a while to kill my grandpa. This bad guy entered my grandpa’s house to murder my poor grandpa but he failed. So when he went back to retrieve the Buddha, the image can no longer be found. It was gone.

      How can we get the Buddha back? It is through prayers?


      I do not get the part where the bad guy need to kill your grandfather. Why does he had to do such a thing? He could just keep dragging that Buddha until he securely stored it at a certain safe place. Anyway, I think he was possessed by the spirit.

      The only possible way to locate the Buddha is to seek help from an experienced spiritual medium. And yes, prayer will also help.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Llewel Villacorte says:

      Good day. I want to seek help and advice about the sign that I found which is an engraved arrow sign consisting of 1 ½ feet height and 12 inches wide. We also found a Buddha face carved on the surface of a rock. Although, its vision is crossed-eyed.

      We attempted digging the area with the arrow sign and we reached about 16 feet deep. At this deep, we encountered a cave which contain two old wells. We also saw black socks and plastic bags with the logo of the Japanese flags, it reads “Japanese Shopping Center”.

      One of the well contains many sacks. However, we are afraid to touch it because it might contain a dangerous trap. What do you think it contains? Please give us advice and suggestions. Thank you very much.


      Those are interesting objects that you have found. Anyway, you said that there are two wells. You only mentioned that one of them contain a lot of sacks, how about the other one? Anyway, I have a strong feeling that the deposit is inside those wells. My advice is to wear gas mask to get rid of the sacks in case of poison traps.

      You got a good project so keep it up.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good evening! Sir Elmo my cousin friend want to sell the Buddha they treasured where can we sell it?

    • May I know what material is it made of? If its made out of gold then it can be easily sold. There are many buyers out there.

    • Irwin Dayap says:

      Sir Elmo. Good PM. I want to ask what is the meaning of the human face figure which is more detail than the signs that you have posted on this topic. I have found it beside the century old mango tree at 4 ft depth that I have dowsed for curiosity. The nose of the figure is little bit twisted on the left side.

    • The signs shown here actually doesn't have to exactly look like what you found. As long as the details are the same, they do have similar meaning.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Vince Paul says:

      Hi Sir Elmo, what us your email add? What sign does a face interpret?

    • If you wish to contact me via email, then I prefer that you should contact me on my FaceBook Page. You can send me a Private Message so as photos via FaceBook. The reason is that, emails are easily spammed.

      As for the sign the you found, a face tells you of direction. This direction is where it is facing at.

  • Anonymous says:
    • I just wonder how many Yamashita treasure Buddha did the JIA hid or buried here in the Philippines? If I can find only just one of them then I will be incredibly rich just like Marcos. This guy Kuitchi must have been secretly uncovering treasures on his own.

    • There was an article that was published claiming the estimated numbers of all hidden golden Buddhas so as the other valuable deposits in the Philippines. According to them, the sources of these numbers came from a high ranking JIA official who possess a copy of the so called "mother map". This mother map is a treasure map which illustrate all locations where the JIA hid deposits.

      But in my own personal opinion, those numbers are inaccurate. There are actually numerous treasure deposits that were not mapped. The JIA were even more reliant on engraving or carving signs.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir Elmo, I have recovered a small knife 4 inches long including the handle and the blade stuck to an old tamarind tree below at the roots.

      The tree has a triangle engrave on it. The knife was purposely made because the handle was like a tree and have rectangle and a dot in the middle. The blade was a perfect sharp. If possible to send me a link to show you picture.

      Thanks in advance Sir Elmo.

    • The engrave triangle has something to do with corners of a certain location while the dot at the center means, the deposit is buried or hidden at the center of this area. The knife tells you of direction. You have to follow the direction where its tip is pointing at which should take you into the location with corners indicated by the triangle sign.

  • Sir Elmo, my friends' late grandpa witnessed Japs burying a truck load of gold. And now, the 3rd generation wants to dig the treasures. He said that during digging, they smell a really disgusting smell like a rotten egg. Are they near to digging the treasures? There were already 3 THs who said that those golds ain't buried deep, and probably, only 3 meters down. They smell the disgusting smell 1 meter down.

    • If it is that too shallow then you should use a deep penetrating metal detector. Any equipment of this kind can easily pick-up such target at that depth that you specified.


    Good day Sir:

    I have found numerous signs in my lot. One is a left and right foot engraved in two sides of the same rock. Then I also found a rock with an engraved image of Buddha. Near these signs is a rock with and engraved 2 eyes. Please help me interpret these signs. Thanks and God bless.

    • Among all those signs, I suggest that you follow the direction by the two eyes that you have found. Follow the direction or the spot where they eyes is staring at.

      • Sir, please help. What is the meaning of a face of Buddha in a waterfalls?

        • It means that hidden on that waterfall is a huge deposit, particularly a golden Buddha. Anyway, try following the direction of its face or eyes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sir Elmo,

    I found 2 bottles behind rock green color at the river. The one had big letter B the other one is made in Japan both are the same size 300 ml. What does it mean?

    • It is a confirmation that the treasure deposit is composed of gold bar treasure deposit.

  • Sir Elmo, we found a huge statue of Buddha, maybe 12 ft, inside the cave from 60 ft down. Is it the treasure inside the statue?

    • Yes it is possible, especially when the statue is very heavy. However, the most common case is that, the treasure is buried underneath where you found the statue.

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