Grey Ghost Amphibian Headphones for AT Pro

Do you metal detect underwater or during the rainy season? If yes then you definitely need a waterproof MD (metal detector). There are plenty of them that are available on the market today but there is a huge issue about them when it comes to their headphones.

Headphones are usually sold separately from the main unit. If it is included then you will most likely get just an ordinary or standard headphone which is not waterproof.

As a treasure hunter who currently lives in the tropical region of the world where rain do often occurs, a waterproof designed headphone is very important to me. In fact, I even prefer to metal detect when it’s raining (but as long as there is no presence of thunder and lightning).

Treasure hunters who also goes to the extreme of metal detecting under the water can only best receive the signal through a waterproof headset. There is a visual display from the unit but what if the water is not giving you enough visibility?

Moreover, when it comes to the best weatherproof, waterproof or submersible headphone designed for treasure hunter’s use, I highly recommend the “Grey Ghost Amphibian Headphones”. This headphone accessory is originally designed and intended as a replacement of the Garrett AT Pro’s ordinary headset. Aside from Garrett AT Pro, it is also compatible with the Minelab CTX3030.

This Grey Ghost headphone is actually compatible to any other MDs that has an “IP68 rated connector”. Since most Garrett brands used an IP68 rating, it also works on other Garrett models such as the AT Gold and Infinium.

Now, here is the most interesting feature about the Grey Ghost Amphibian headset. According to the manufacturer, it can be submerge underwater down to a maximum depth of up to 30 feet deep. Within this range of depth, the quality of the sound and its functionality is maintained without any negative impact.

Technical Features

Heavy Duty Coil Cable

The coil cable used is extremely durable. It won’t easily snap apart unlike those ordinary cables used on most standard headphones.

IP68 Waterproof Plug

When plugged into a compatible machine particularly the Garrett brands, the connection is tightly sealed which is quite impossible for water to get inside it.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Volume Control

Throughout my metal detecting experiences, using a reliable headphone provides better and much accurate signals. Thus, it is crucial for a headset to have volume control. Grey Ghost headset do have volume controls which is again waterproof designed.

Solid State Speakers

The reason why the quality of the sound stays efficient regardless of any condition of the environment (such as underwater, on dry land or during rainfall) is because of its solid state speakers.

Special Sound-Blocking Muff

The headphone is not just all about waterproof features. It also comes with a special sound-blocking muff where its main purpose is to prevent any possible ambient noise from the surrounding environment. For the super technical individuals, the manufacturer claims that the muff can eliminate ambient noise up to 24 decibels.

To tell you more about the muff, it is made out of thick plush polymer and it is designed to cover the ear entirely. Many describe it as a soft and very comfortable cushions.

Muff-to-muff Cable Connection

Padded Headband

The padded headband does not contain any screws, wire frame or any other metallic parts that could potentially produce rust. It can also be easily adjusted by hand.


So compact carry that it even comes with a foldable storage design.

Important Information about the Warranty

Before you decide to purchase your own Grey Ghost Amphibian headset, it is very important that you need to be aware about the written statement on the product’s warranty. It is clearly stated that the warranty is valid for a limited time of 2 years which starts from the time that the owner purchased the item.

The warranty will cover manufacture defects for free or without a cost. However, this warranty is not transferable which means only the original owner or the person who purchased the product can claim the benefit. For those who do not have registration online or those who cannot send their original warranty card but they have the warranty issue, they must include a copy of their purchase receipt with return.

As already mentioned above, the warranty only covers defects due to the materials used or workmanship. Any other damages such as mishandling, abuse, alteration (by the owners) or repairs conducted by an unauthorized individuals will invalidate the warranty.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Can you wear it for long period of hours?

I do understand that wearing those standard or ordinary headphones can bring pain to your ears because I already experienced it several times. But when it comes to my experience with the Grey Ghost headset, I am confident to say that I can wear it all throughout the day. Some even says that they don’t even feel or forgot that they are wearing it.

  • Where can you buy replacement for the ear pads?

You have to contact the manufacturing company which is “Detector Pro”. I suggest that you should contact them through their official website.

  • Can you also use it on normal dry conditions?

Yes which makes it an excellent choice of headphone for all treasure hunters.

Positive Review

First is the speaker, this headphone produces slightly different sound which is more like small electric buzzers. With this enhanced sound, it clearly gives better alert signals resulting to a more successful finds.

Second is the audio knob which is adjustable. Being able to adjust it is a huge advantage when metal detecting because it allows me to locate targets that emits even the faintest signals. This ensures that I am able to recover every object with my metal detector without a miss.

Third is its capability to work perfectly at any conditions. I am a passionate treasure hunter who spends most of his time metal detecting rain or shine. Thus, buying myself this impressive headset is a good investment for me.

Negative Review

Based on my personal experience about using this headphone, I am happy to say that I did not find any flaws. But if it happens that I am able to find one then I will have to make an update to this post.

Anyway, I heard some negative reviews from a few individuals. However, their issues are mostly about manufacture defects which can be easily resolved by the product’s warranty.

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