Hole Under Treasure Deposit Marker

If we manage to follow all the directions of the markers that provide directions and locations towards the spot where the deposit is hidden, we will arrive at the last surface marker which fully confirms the exact spot that we need to dig.

In this post we are going to discuss one of these last surface marker that clearly confirms the exact digging spot.

This is the symbol of the Yamashita treasure sign that we are going to discuss.

We can see that it has one vertical line on the left side. In the middle is a symbol that is similar to the letter “V” of the English alphabet. And on the right side, there is one circular dot.

This marker is actually composed of two signs.

This is the first symbol of the first sign which has a meaning of Hole and “Under”. You have to know that the word “Hole” is often connected to the opening of a tunnel. In short, it also refers to the entrance of the tunnel.

As for the word “Under”, this refers to the underneath portion of the object where this particular marker has been found. So for example, if this marker has been engraved on the surface of a rock, the word “Under” is referring to the underneath portion of this rock.

Thus, the meaning of this sign means that there is a certain entrance or opening of a tunnel underneath.

The second sign is the dot symbol. 

When it comes to dot symbols, they actually have several different meanings. The only way for us to know which meaning it is trying to indicate is through the other signs near it. This is the reason why dot signs are often accompanied by other signs just like this marker that we have here.

If the first sign that we interpreted is referring to a certain tunnel entrance under the ground then the question is, “What’s inside this tunnel?”

Of course, the answer to the question is obviously the treasure deposit hidden by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers. So in short, the dot is what represents the treasure deposit inside the tunnel.

Actual Photo of Hole Under Yamashita Treasure Sign

We actually have here a photo of an actual marker which is very similar to the Yamashita treasure sign that we just covered above.

As we can see, it is engraved onto the surface of an old rock. Due to the age of the rock, the details of the engraved marker is pretty much uncertain if it’s legit or not.

Anyway, if this is the type of treasure sign that you discovered on your site then it means that there is a hidden entrance of a tunnel under the ground.

Based on my own experiences, tunnels with hidden treasure deposit do often have blockages. In most cases, these blockages are large rocks.

If you are still a new treasure hunter, you need to know that many have already given up when it comes to getting rid of these blockages. It’s because removing these blockages especially when you do not have the necessary experience will definitely take you a lot of time.

Being able to clear the entrance of the tunnel does not guarantee that you will immediately get to see the item. Most likely, you will still have to go through passages of the tunnel that could either be a long tunnel or a complicated tunnel.

And once you have reached the chamber or the portion where the item is stored, there might be another blockage that you have to go through. Unlike the blockage from the tunnel entrance, this one will surely be a lot harder to break and remove. 

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