“Homemade gas masks” using coconuts served as an important recipe that saved a lot of people’s lives in the past WWI and WWII. In fact, there was a huge demand for coconut shells during these two previous wars. Many large gas mask factories needed them for production.

It actually started in the early 1800’s that the carbon from coconut shells was used as a filtering material. In the first World War, it was discovered that this material offers the best filtering recipe for gas masks. So in the second World War, the use of gas masks with activated carbon from coconuts were importantly used.

You might be surprised to know that in WWII, people in the United States constructed their own homemade gas masks out from household items such as tin cans, charcoals, plastics and etc… This was to protect themselves against foreign enemies who may utilize deadly chemical attacks.

Homemade Gas Mask for Recovering Yamashita Treasures

When it comes to Japanese hidden treasures, most of them particularly large deposits are equipped with dangerous traps. And among these deadly traps are poisonous gases.

Many treasure hunters especially in the Philippines often fall victims of poisonous gas traps. Most of these traps can be encountered deep inside the tunnel, pit or hole. Once the trap is accidentally triggered, it is impossible for the diggers to hold their breath and attempt to escape out. Thus, gas mask is an important tool for treasure hunters in the Philippines particularly for the diggers.

Although, some of you may find commercial gas masks quite expensive. This should not be a reason for you to get discourage and stop working on your project because you can actually build your own homemade improvised gas mask.

I would like to share an “Improvised Gas Mask” by TimAnderson. According to him, protection against military poisons or chemicals is best improved by adding soda lime to the coconut carbon.


You can check the photos of his homemade gas mask along with the complete set of instructions on how to build one on his webpage.

A homemade gas mask can actually be as effective as those commercial products when constructed correctly.

Moreover, if you intend to use a homemade gas mask for recovering a certain Japanese or Yamashita treasure that involves deadly poisonous gas, you have to make sure that your gas mask is “completely airtight”. It must also fit securely around your head so that air won’t be able to get inside. Take note, homemade gas mask is not intended for lengthy use. Thus, you should constantly inspect your mask and replace the filtering materials from time-to-time.

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