How much is a Metal Detector for Treasure Hunters?

As a treasure hunter, metal detector is an essential equipment that plays an important role in locating a certain hidden item particularly under the ground. I actually own several of them because each model and brand have their own unique features or have better performance than the others on certain ground conditions.

There is actually no MD (metal detector) that is yet to be invented where it dominates all other equipment on the market. If this would be the case then it will be the end-game for all the competition of MDs in the market today.

So how much budget do you really need for a MD that is designed for treasure hunters?

THs (treasure hunters) are categorized into two general groups. The first and most common THs around are those that are very reliant on their MDs. It’s because they target valuable items under the ground that are buried at shallow depths. The depth ranges can only be at 1 inch to 3 feet deep. And, they aim to recover small valuable objects such as old coins, gold nuggets, precious jewelries and etc…

Second group of THs are those who aims for large deposits. In most cases, deposits of this kind are buried quite deep underground where it requires a powerful metal detector in order to locate them. I am a treasure hunter who fall under this category.

Cost and Budget

  • First Group of THs

Let us first start with the first group of THs as discussed above.

If you are a complete beginner on this field of industry, you can start with a budget of $100 to $300 and buy a reliable cheap metal detector. I know that there are many other MDs in the market that are below this price range but their quality and features will most likely going to disappoint you. In my personal opinion, it is a complete waste of money buying such super cheap kind of MDs.

For those who are already at an average level, you should go for MDs with prices that ranges from $500 to $1000. And for the pros, MDs starting from $1000 and above is best recommended.

  • Second Group of THs

Metal detectors used by treasure hunters on this group are quite expensive because they are powerful machines. Powerful in a sense that they can penetrate the ground so deeply that deep buried objects can be detected. However, being expensive does not often dictate the efficiency and reliability of the equipment. This is the reason why you still need to do your own research and investigations.

As a TH who belong to this group, I do own several powerful MDs that I use where I am proud to say that they really helped me a lot on my success.

When it comes to the cost, you should go for deep penetrating metal detectors with prices that ranges from $2,000 and above.

Moreover, if you really want to become a successful TH then you must use the most suitable MD that is perfectly right for your need. If budget is the issue then don’t be in a rush to buy what you can afford. You have to be patient and save more of your money until you can buy the MD that you really want.

Simply consider your cost in buying your MD as an investment. You have to know that the main purpose of owning and using a metal detector is to find hidden valuable items under the ground. In short, you are going to use it to make money. And thus, with better equipment on your hands, this gives you good chances of finding buried precious items that could potentially return your investment and even bring more profits.

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  • hone heke says:

    Hello, very good info thanking you for sending. I have written a book entitled "Rough Guide to Treasure Hunting in the Philippines" which has lead to a TV Documentary "Gold Gladiators/diggers and Divers". I can also send Press Release if you supply email address. Thank you for all your updates, I am always eager to open your emails. Best wishes from Mindanao.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi I am Bernie, I just want to inquire with the 3 logs as big as electrical post and at 6 feet, together with cements with lots of nails, asphalt and plenty paluchina woods about 3 inch width looks like the siding of a crate. This find is beside a creek and at 16 feet deep. Can you tell me something about this?

      • We had a similar project like what you have describe here on your comment. What we did to recover the item was that, we simply followed the other end of the logs. Although, recovering the deposit was really the actual challenge because the ground soil were soft and wet due to the presence of water which can collapse at any given period of time. Thus, you may also do exactly the same but you need to find a way on how to safety yourselves as you attempt to go down at a deeper depth.

  • Hi Sir,

    This is Lyn. I hope you can give us information and ideas on what we have found on our digging at 18 ft. It is a pieces of wood maybe crushed from a trunk with a gold like color texture and the whole of it. It was so many. Our hole was close to a suspected tunnel at the same depth. We cannot penetrate more because of the soil that collapses.

    Sir do you think it is a positive sign. At first glance of the wood you will believe it is a crushed pieces of gold scattered in our dumping.

    • I think that your project is positive where you still need to continue digging further down. However, you need to learn how to put timber to support that soil from being collapsed.

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