Joining a Treasure Hunting Expedition | General Qualifications

THing (treasure hunting) activity is best done as a group because it offers plenty of benefits that often leads to successful discoveries. You can actually help one another, share some knowledge and accomplish more work efficiently as a team.

If you are a complete amateur then looking for a certain group of THs (treasure hunters) to join may not be easy for you. Most THing groups prefers to hire new members with a lot of experience or related skills to offer. Good moral character and the ability to work with others are also some important factors.

Here are more of the following general qualifications that most groups of professional THs look into their applicants:

1. Experience

If you have the “necessary experience” in THing then you got good chances of being accepted by the group. Some groups may accept inexperienced individuals provided that they have a member who is willing to train them.

2. Skill

Cooking, diving, digging are some of the “related skills” that applies to THing. Having such skill could actually gain you an entry to the group even without any THing experience.

3. Equipment

Owning a THing equipment especially an EMD (electronic metal detector) also count as a huge factor when joining a team of THs. This shows to the group that you have the “deep interest” on this field of activity.

4. Good Attitude

Some THing groups will have to assess their new members regarding about their behavior particularly “good attitudes” towards others. Amateurs must always listen and learn from the advises of their superiors or senior members. But if you are already a professional or experienced TH, you have to be “humble” as a new member of the team.

5. Team Player

Team player is your ability to “get along and work” with the other members of the group. So aside from having good attitudes, this aspect of qualification is also closely observed.

Moreover, a treasure hunting expedition is often lead by a “financier”. He or she is a member of the group responsible for all the financial costs of their entire projects. Thus, this entitles him or her as the leader of the group. And as an applicant, you will most likely deal with the financier if he or she is willing to accept you on their team.

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  • I am interested.

  • Mark Brown says:

    I don’t have experience but I’m a fast, hard worker, and a big team player.

  • Luis Dasilveira says:

    I can cook, been cooking for 15 yrs in restaurants. I was in the boy scouts: camping, hiking, climbing, swimming, rifles and shotguns, and fishing. I have practiced survival techniques: eating insects and getting water from certain plants. I have always loved history, to unearth the secrets of the past can give us a greater understanding for the future. Treasure island was the first book that was given to me. I love the adventures that come with treasure hunting.

    • I also love that book and I can see the passion and determination through those words. But if you are more into the secrets of the past and understand these ancient relics, I think that being an archaeologists will suit be best.

  • Alvin Vasis says:

    I'm interested. Contact me in email. I'm from in philipines and I am 24 years old. I leave in Talomo Talusa Davao City.

  • Hi Sir,

    Any recommendation of a good person to support and help us in our AREA LUZON? Just message me at my gmail account. Thank you and GOD bless always.

  • Am extremely interested to join treasure hunt. We can build the best team together.

    • I like your determination.

  • rolly_924 says:

    I am interested to join. I have scanner (3D JeoHunter) and a financier. I don't go on digging but I have my crew whom I want them to be trained further in TH business.

  • Nicolle Rola says:

    I would do anything to join a treasure hunt team. That's my passion but no real life experience...very fascinating. I'd love to travel with them team and be part of a family type of working environment.


  • erick_cuaton@yahoo.com says:

    Sir, I would like to join your group as a TH Treasure Hunter. I have my own site and my talent and expertise is to cook and drilling making hole to the stone to make it break easily.

    • You have a very usable talent here which is a reliable skill to a group of treasure hunters. I would love to take you into my group but recently, I was planning my retirement. I've already been on this industry for a very long time so I think it is about to quit. Anyway, with your set of skills that you mentioned, here I am pretty sure that you can easily find a group of your own.

      With regards about my retirement, I still do have my interest about treasure hunting. I am still willing to offer my help but through posting contents here on my blog sharing about my expertise on this industry.


    Halo Sir, how can I send pictures for analysis.

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