Selling diamonds at their appropriate price can be a trouble for all sellers because there are only few qualified professionals who can really assess the “true value” of these kind of precious stones. Most buyers would even attempt to trick sellers to sell their diamonds at a very low price.

Below are some basic guidelines and tips on how to sell diamonds that you recovered from your THing (treasure hunting) activities:

1. Raw and Finished Form of Diamonds

Diamonds can either be in their “raw” (uncut) or “finish” forms. However, this aspect has nothing to do with the price of the stone as opposed to what most people think that finished version always have a higher value than the raw. You may be surprised to know that “each diamond is unique” from one another. Thus, there are several important factors to consider before one can derive the appropriate estimate value of the precious stone.

Raw Diamond

2. Appraisal

“Appraisal” is the process of “grading” or inspecting the quality of a certain diamond to derive its appropriate estimated price value. Unfortunately, there are only few qualified individuals with the skill to appraise precious stones. These experts must also have Gemological Degree proving that they are certified and professional appraisers.

Since there are only few qualified and trusted diamond appraisers around, the best advice is to take your precious stone to several buyers and allow them to grade it. You can take your diamond to different pawn shops, banks and even mining companies. They all have their own respective diamond experts who can assess and give estimate prices to your precious gem.

Assuming that there are five different individuals who graded your diamond. Simply compare their estimated prices. If they are close to one another then it means there is a huge chance that they derived at the right value. Otherwise, large price gaps means that your diamond require the attention of a more qualified “gemologist”.

3. Diamond Buyers

As already mentioned above, common places where you can sell your diamonds are at the pawn/jewelry shops, banks and mining companies. Before buying your diamond, their appraiser will first attempt to inspect its cut, clarity, carat (in terms of weight) and color. These are the common basis on how they usually derive the price of a certain diamond. As a result, they will dictate the price and it is all up to you if you would like to accept the deal or not.

4. Payment

Majority of diamond buyers even those large and reputable companies cannot be “trusted” especially when it comes to “payment”. It is basically important that they should pay you right away after the deal. Unfortunately, some companies “do not” where they make excuses such as arranging a different form of payment method.

5. Do your Own Research and Investigation

Before you intend to sell your diamond to a certain company, it is suggested that you should conduct your own research and investigation about the company. Make sure that they can be trusted and have many previous customers voting for their honest services.

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    • Can I have the contact number of uncut diamond buyers? Please.


      To all uncut diamond buyers, feel free to post your contact numbers.

    • Hello where I can find buyer of real stone like for example moon stone?

    • Hi, I have raw diamonds can you give us your contact numbers.

    • Unfortunately, I am not a diamond buyer but I know someone who might be interested in buying it. Contact me on my FaceBook page and send some photos of your raw diamonds.

    • Hi, What is you FB page? I am looking for a buyer of uncut diamond.

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    • I feel that it is best to write more on this matter, it may not be a taboo topic however, usually individuals are not enough to talk on such topics.

    • I will surely write more about this topic especially when there are comments with interesting questions requiring long detailed information.

    • I have a black crystallize stone. It looks like raw black diamond and it has a size of a ping-pong ball. If interested, please PM me.

    • I need a buyer of uncut diamonds.

    • There is never any obligation to sell, and we promote getting second opinions on your items. Being one of the largest diamond dealers in all of Arizona, best place to sell a diamond.

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    • Be careful of posting your number, anyone might contact you and pretend that they are me. I just want to inform you that in case such issue occur, I will not be held liable.

    • I have amethyst pebbles. Can anyone recommend me a buyer? Thanks.

  • Can I sell my black diamond here in the Philippines?

    • Hi Elmo,

      Good day!

      I can refer you to my friend. He is looking for a buyer of uncut diamond.

      Please let me know how to contact you.

      Thank you.

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  • Any diamond buyer in Cebu City?

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  • Where can I sell my raw and uncut diamonds?

  • Hi, good day!

    I have raw and uncut diamonds (black and white) with me. I’m looking for possible buyers. I’d appreciate it if you can help me out. Please let me know if you know someone. You may contact me via e-mail. Thanks!

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    I have diamonds for sale, I have 3pcs. Orange,yellow and red. I have them tested and graded as good quality.

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    Thank you and God bless.

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    • Someone will contact you here by replying into your comment. So you may want to come back from time to time and check for any replies.

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    • Bench, did you already test your allegedly raw diamond by using diamond tester? I’m from Davao City also.

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  • Hello ,

    I have rough diamond left by my ancestor Sultan Ombra Amilbangsa of sulu. Right now this rough diamond is with me in Kota Kinabalu ,Sabah, Malaysia . If you interested we can do the deal at my place . I give low price as I need money.

    Thank you.

  • I have uncut black diamonds beads that I need to sale.

    • Your black diamond needs to be assayed so that you can set the exact price to an interested buyer.

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