Huge Egg Shape Rock that Contains the Largest Diamond

Many have suddenly sent me their PMs regarding about the huge egg shape rock which is known to contain the largest diamond in the world. It all started when I mentioned it on one of my previous post.

Speaking about the largest diamond in the world, the current and largest diamond on public record is the “Cullinan Diamond”. The last time that I checked it on Google, it is worth around $400 million. Don’t worry; this Cullinan Diamond is stored somewhere safe in England where the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) never stole it.

The large diamond that was hidden by the JIA is known to be far larger in size and has much higher quality. Thus, the value of this diamond exceeds that of the Cullinan Diamond.

Where is this information coming from?

Throughout my treasure hunting career, I have befriended many JIA war veterans who disclosed their knowledge and information about their hidden Yamashita treasures. One among them is the large egg shape rock that is known by the JIA as the largest diamond in the world. It was actually a JIA General who revealed this information not just to me, but also, to many other treasure hunters around.

What’s really interesting about this large diamond is that, the General claimed that it is more than enough to rebuild the entire Philippines to the extent of making it as the richest country in the world. Since he resides here in the Philippines, he finally broke his silence which was the main reason why he disclosed all the information he knew about the Yamashita treasures.

According to the General, he came to love to the Philippines and its entire people. Thus, he thinks that the people of the Philippines deserve to claim the diamond so that they can use it to improve their country.

However, the big question is that “Where can you find the large egg shape rock that contains the diamond?”

The Japanese General had no idea himself where he had already forgotten about the place. It’s because, it was their original intention to hide the treasure with no purpose of retrieving it in the future. Gladly, he had a change of heart and finally broke his silence and revealed the info to every treasure hunters he could reach. Thus, you might already know about it. But for those who do not, this is your opportunity to go search for it as well.

There aren’t much any sign and marker that were left behind by the group of the Japanese General on the egg shape rock. This is the reason why treasure hunters can’t easily distinguish if they found the correct rock. They never even drawn or sketched any treasure map about it. Again, it was all due to the reason that they had no intention of retrieving the item.

The only clue given by the Japanese General is that, the rock where they enclosed the treasure bears the shape of an egg which has already been mentioned several times on this post. According to him, what they did was that, they made the rock stood up in a manner that is similar to the image of the egg shown below.

At the bottom of the egg shape rock, they had piled rocks around it to provide a solid support to maintain its position.

The deposit is a rock-enclosed treasure where they used their special chemicals in making a large hole inside the rock good enough to fit all the items inside. They then patched or covered the hole using the same material that they took from the rock. The most interesting part is that, they left a barely noticeable clue on the surface of the rock which can be used to confirm if you found the correct rock. This clue also provides where to start breaking the rock which allows you to recover the items in just a matter of 5 minutes or less.

I am sorry to say that I cannot share you this clue on this post. It’s because I want to take part in the recovery of the largest diamond in the world. So if it happens that you found such egg shape rock, don’t hesitate to contact me. If possible, you can take photos of the rock in all different angles and send them to me so that I can analyze and confirm it. This is actually the project that I am pretty much interested and willing enough to financially finance.

Of course, you may also choose not to work with me. If you think that you found the right rock, you can always break it apart the hard way and you will still be able to uncover the item.

To tell you more about the enclosed treasure inside the egg shape rock, the large diamond also comes with several small bags that contain mixtures of smaller size gems and diamonds. All items are in their finished or processed form.

The big problem when you managed to recover this largest diamond that is yet to be known around the world is that, it will surely cause controversy when sold or for sale on the market.  

Moreover, we have been searching for this elusive egg shape rock for many years and we are still unable to find the right one. Aside from us, there are also many other foreign treasure hunters who are in competition of finding this very valuable rock. One of the main reasons why many treasure hunters are looking for this egg shape rock is that, it does not only contain a large deposit but also, it can be easily and quickly recovered with very minimal effort. There is no digging involved and metal detector or scanner is totally not needed.

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  • Sir, there is a egg shape rock my friend dig in 5 feet. The place is near the JIA railroad and one of the biggest camp in north Luzon.

    • How big is it?

  • Very very informative article. Thanks.
    By the way did the Japanese general told you the height of the egg - shaped rock? I've seen some egg-shaped rocks but they were small about 6 inches. It would be of great help if we knew. Thanks again.

    • According to the Japanese General, the height of the egg-shape rock is comparable to the height of a military truck.

      • Benjie buenaflor says:

        The mark of egg is ? j

        • Benjie buenaflor says:

          We have history of this site 80 people we need to move the stone we have water sufly to the and the left part with the dirty white sand and right square stone or letter l stone in right part we have black dirty smell not good.

          • Wow 80 people working on your site is too much. So where do you think is that dirty thing that smell bad coming from? Is it under the ground or somewhere on the corner?

    • edilberto chato says:

      my group found an egg shape rock around 2ft. diameter inside tunnel.

  • Anonymous says:

    Firs I find the hand made map of general Yamashita of the mountain land map made I have a picture from satellite of that and the egg shape rock is here in the river connecting equal letter y the exactly location some old native Filipino saying this rock is 80 people move this rock how to send a picture reply to me asap and I will give you a picture and information note the around of the area is full of signed and full of treasure the general mountain is here also.

    • I see, I saw the photos that you have sent me and yes, we have already operated some of the locations.

  • Renerio Cenabre says:

    Could you please tell us if that rock is from land or from creek/river so that we could minimize our search.

    • It is originally found from the surface.

  • I have see man made rock egg shape with natural big rock forming big circle of natural rock. The man made rock is hard to break due to the chemical.

    • That's interesting. What is your estimate length and top portion diameter of this egg shape rock?

  • rey dela cruz jr says:

    Sir good evening, about my site here in Davao, we dug 16 to 18 ft we saw a face engraved in the rock facing a egg shape rock and a loaf bread like beside the egg shape rock but I did not picture it. Before that, we encountered coffins like rock and we can't break it because it is very hard Sir.

    • How big is this egg shape rock? Can you provide me some estimate to its size?

  • richard p abella says:

    I found an info about the egg shape rock tallest height 10 - 15 ft. in diameter of ten (10) person surrounded if closed encircle on that rock like tower water tank 18,000. Litters capacity its look like sized of 5 tonner military truck philippines please call me asap or we go in there with me.

    • Would it be okay if you can provide me first some photos of this egg shape rock? I suggest sending it to me via PM into my FaceBook Page account.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir good day,

      Can I ask a few question about (esr) measurement to take from the bottom or from the top and what special tools to be take it off we stepping up or we stay on the level ground estimated distance on that TH site is almost 8.3 km. from the offshore. Top measurement 210'cm.

  • Larry h bautista says:

    I have here a shape of an egg diamond really an egg shaped not a rock shape.

    If you want to know this contact me.

    • How large is it?

  • Hi there Elmo,

    I've been reading your SMS to amateur treasure hunters here in the Philippines. I am amazed and got the interest. My group and I were also Treasure Hunters but our procedures were wrong as I had been listening to your video. We were relying on metal detectors, we don't we know how to interpret signs and symbols.

    We have prospect spot along the tunnel road but was blasted by Japs Army due to deposit that they hid inside and divert the road traversing the mountain, the booby traps exploded already. They problem is the local gov't. One spot is along water fall but the pool before is now covered with rocks and sand. I think finance is the problem.

    • Your site is quite interesting and I think that you will surely recover the hidden item as long as you will not give up.

  • Anonymous says:

    In my area I have that egg shape stone the measurements is like a TV 23 inch color white and so hard like a concrete cement. And also that eggs shape rock are they have so rounded of big stone with many sign attached 7KD JJ AND etc... The one big stone near that eggs shape is like a big ship I think or likely mouth of shark.

    • The diameter is 23 inches? How about the height?

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