In this post, we are going to discuss a very large sized old rock with a crack in its middle portion which splits it into two. This interesting huge rock has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community and he has the following questions:

“Is this huge rock a legit treasure marker left behind by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers?”

“If it is a legit rock treasure marker then what does it mean?”

The image below is the actual huge rock that has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter.

We can notice that he excavated this portion of the huge rock which gives us an insight that almost half of its body is buried under the ground. In case you do not know it yet, the Japanese Imperial soldiers purposely used large old rocks in our surroundings as treasure markers. This is due to the reason that these huge rocks won’t be easily moved or repositioned out from their original state.

Three Ways on Identifying Huge Rocks as Treasure Markers

When it comes to huge rocks, there are actually three ways on how we can identify them as treasure markers. 

One is through their strange odd shapes. Such shapes include the shape of animals. We have a lot of these kinds of rock markers that we already covered in the previous posts. So you may want to check them out.

But when it comes to this huge rock that we have here, I couldn’t see any strange or odd figure in its shape.

Two are engraved symbols on the surfaces of huge rocks. So it is very important that we really have to fully inspect every portion of a suspected rock marker. And in case we found one, we should be able to define if it is an authentic man-made marker.

But when it comes to this huge rock discovered by our fellow treasure hunter, I could not find any legit engraved markers on any of its surfaces. All these engraved lines and holes are made by nature which must be ignored.

Three are the arrangements of the rocks. For example, there are three huge rocks on site and they are arranged in a triangle. Aside from triangle, they can also be arranged in a circle, square, rectangle, or straight line.

So when it comes to this huge rock that we have here, the site needs further surveying in order for us to tell if there are other huge rocks nearby and what possible arrangement that they form.

The only thing that caught my interest in this huge rock is the crack in its middle portion. If considered as an authentic treasure marker, this is what is referred to as “Split Rock Marker”. And when it comes to its meaning, it indicates that the treasure deposit is buried under the water right at the middle portion. The water being referred to can be in the form of old creek, river, water falls, or any other body of water near the site.

Since we really do not have enough markers, we really could not provide any more details about the hidden Yamashita treasure on the site. Thus, we still need to continue searching and exploring the site for additional treasure markers.

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