Human Face or Head as Yamashita Treasure Sign

There are a growing number of common questions relating to a human face or head signs about their meaning. Human face or head as Yamashita treasure sign is actually commonly used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army); this is the reason why it is common for treasure hunters to encounter such particular sign.

As a treasure hunter, I have never encountered yet a Yamashita treasure sign that shows a complete human figure. All human figure signs and markers that I came across throughout my treasure hunting career only shows the portion of the head. But on some rare case, the head also come with a shoulder.

What’s really interesting about a human face or head sign is that, it tells about the hidden treasure which consists of golden Buddha as the main deposit. But, what’s really more important is the clue it provides about the correct digging or excavation spot.

Just like the arrow sign, human face or head sign also gives specific direction. But unlike the arrow sign, it is harder to determine the spot that is being referred because it requires your imagination and skill to estimate directions.

To interpret the specific direction being referred by the human face or head sign, you need to carefully study the eyes. Your objective is to try and determine the spot where those eyes are directly staring at. Thus, you can position yourself on the same spot with the sign and try to perceive the location that is being stared by those eyes. It’s because at that portion is the spot that you need to dig.

Difference of Front View and Side View Human Face Sign

There are two different types of human face or head sign where they differ in terms front and side views. Despite the difference, both sign still have the same exact meaning as interpreted above.

But when it comes to the side view, it is actually much easier to follow the stared portion of the eye. It’s because the face itself is facing directly into the direction of the area that needs to be excavated. The only challenge is to determine the angle of the staring eye on where exactly it lands on the ground.

The front view version of the human face or head sign is more challenging to figure out the stared direction of its eyes. It does require a lot of trial-and-errors where you often end up digging the wrong spots. But through experience, you can tell if you have dug the correct or wrong spot.

Human Face or Head Sign can indicate near Deposit

A human face sign can be encountered out on the surface or buried under the ground. If it happens that you came across a human face sign on the surface area of your site, it simply gives you a clue on where you need to start your excavation. But if you encountered a human head sign deep under the ground, there is a huge chance that you are already near the hidden deposit.

In one of my experience, we came across a human face sign deep inside a tunnel. When we dug the hinted spot of the sign, we had uncovered the item at a shallow depth of only 5 feet deep.

Rocks that Resemble Human Face or Head

Human face signs aren’t just engraved on surfaces of old rocks and trees. They also come on in the form of rocks that takes the shape of a human head or face.

You might be thinking how the JIA crafted such kind of marker. The answer is that, they possessed some kind of special chemicals which allowed them to engraved signs even on the hardest type of rock around. Through this special chemical, it also allowed them to re-shape rocks in various strange figures such as a human face or head. Other common shapes include animals and common shapes like triangle, round, and etc…

Interpreting a human face or head shape rock is the same way as the engrave version. However, you need to know that it is very common to encounter such natural shape of rocks. Due to this reason, it is very important that you have to confirm the authenticity of the marker before you attempt to follow the given interpretation. If you are an amateur treasure hunter and you do not have any idea on how to confirm it, the best way to do it is to find any additional signs and markers nearby.

If you are able to find any signs or marker nearby then there is a good chance that the human face or head shape rock that you found is a legit sign.

Human Face Sign with no Lips and Nose

The lips and nose of a human face sign doesn’t really provide much importance. This is the reason why some of the JIA don’t usually add them when carving the sign.

Anyway, the nose can be used in pin-pointing the line-of-sight where the eyes are focused. As for the lips, it can give three types of emotions. One is a smiling lip. Second is the opposite which is sad. And third, is simply a normal type of lip that shows no emotion.

A smiling lip means that you are about to uncover the item by digging the hinted spot. Thus, if you have discovered a human face sign with a smiling lip then you are very lucky. However, if the lip is giving a sad emotion then it means that you have to go through a lot of obstacles on your diggings before you can uncover the hidden treasure. And for the normal type of lip, it doesn’t really give any clue of what to expect when you start to excavate.

One Eyed Human Face or Head Treasure Sign

On some cases, you will encounter human face or head sign that only have one eye open or the other eye is closed. Let’s say for example that what you discovered is a human face sign with only its right eye opened. What it means is that, the excavation spot is on the right side portion of the area that is being stared by the right eye.

Moreover, human face or head sign is a very good treasure sign because it gives direction on where you should start or continue to dig. But, it does not give you much clue particularly about the depth that you need to dig before reaching the item. Thus, presence of other signs such as dot, arrow, or X signs can be very helpful. It’s because through these additional signs, the treasure deposit can be confirmed if it is already nearby or you still have a long way to dig before you can reach the item

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  • Villacorta says:

    Would you agree to be our financier in taking Yamashita Treasure in our private land in Negros Oriental. We agree the 50-50% sharing of treasures.

    • Currently, we are not taking any new projects at the moment.

  • Sir,

    I need your help to decode signs found in a rock located nearby a creek. Please advice where to send photos for you to review them.

    Thanks a lot!

    • I hope that you send them to my FB page.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi! I have also seen a human face figure as Yamashita treasure sign. This face figure is complete where it have a nose, mouth and two eyes. This figure is found in a small cliff facing at east. I had some image here but I don't know how to send it for this site.

    • Contact me on my FaceBook Page where you can send your photos via PM.

  • Job mariano says:

    4- what is the meaning of this sign?

    • It means that you have to check the inside part or portion of that particular spot.

  • aling jones says:

    Sir I have dig in 35ft I found a head sign but before that I 1st found fish lips foot to the surface were I dig is the area positive they are all stone size sign that man made 100%. At the trail to my dig, I found a 3/4 size tube when I heat the tube I see a smoke coming from the tube on the surface where I dig and when I smell its so poison after a gas lake we stop almost 1 week and then back to dig again, I follow the tube and I found a very smooth white rhombus shape stone. About 2 inch and many beautiful sign man made and the surface its all sand came from the beach.

    Please help for another clue if there is a another trap or bomb thank and help a little financial if e-quality.

  • Anonymous says:

    Found the long lost egg and its just hung outside. Had holes at the top.

    • That sounds interesting, may I ask the estimate size of this egg shape rock that you found?

  • Sir can I have your face book account because in our place there are many signs like foot print. I send you a picture if I know your Fb account.

    • Search for "Treasures and Antiques". That is my FaceBook Page where you can contact me via PM.

  • Christooher barade says:

    Please do call me Sir Elmo. The large amount volume of the hidden J.I.A treasure I found it. Don't know what to do.

    • Nice, you need to read my post about disposing your recovered items in a safe way.

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