It already probably come across your own mind why gold is the most popular type of metals around the world. On this current generation of ours, we can easily come up with an answer saying that it’s because gold has many uses particularly in the industry of jewelry and technology. But in the ancient period of time, this precious metal was mainly used for fashion jewelry and other adornments.

But the most curious question is, “how the ancient people did discovered gold and started treating this piece of metal with great value?”

Currently, there is really no straight answer but all merely just theories and speculations. Thus, the origin or discovery of gold is unknown.

According to the oldest record of world history, gold was already being used by humans during the “Chalcolithic or Bronze Age”. Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, Greece and Africa proved that they do already possess knowledge about gold.

If you like a more ancient theoretical or mythical explanation then you might want to do some research about the controversial “Anunnaki”. The Anunnaki were ancient aliens who came down to Earth in search for gold because they needed it for their deteriorating planet. So to make the story short, it was them who influenced the ancient humans about the value of gold.

Discovering Gold

We may never know who discovered and introduced gold to mankind but we already know various traditional methods on how to find them. According to history, gold can be easily found at water steams all over the world. And in the early period of time, there was a huge abundance of these shining yellow nuggets that even kids can effortlessly find. This maybe the reason why gold is the first type of metal being discovered by man.

When collecting gold nuggets from the streams became scarce, mankind suddenly learned how to mine for gold under the ground. Old-school method involve the use of simple manual tools such as pickaxes, hammers, chisels and etc…

Today, the main source of gold supply is being mined deep down the ground. With the help of our technology, tons of gold are being brought out to the surface to serve their purpose for the humanity.

10 Gold Facts that you wanted to Know About

1. You can Eat Gold

If it happens that you successfully recovered a certain bulk of treasure but you do not know what to do with it then you may want to consider eating them. However, your gold must be 24-karat to be considered safe to be eaten. According to some research, this precious metal when ingested can freely pass through inside the human digestive system without being absorbed by the body. You just have to make sure that you can retrieve it back when you poop it out unless you do not care about it anymore.

In addition, gold is odorless and tasteless so there shouldn’t be any problem with the ingestion process.

2. Gold is Unreactive and Very Resistant

Gold being “unreactive” means that it does not react to any other materials particularly chemicals even to most acids. There is only one known acid which is called, “aqua regia” that can dissolve this noble metal. When it comes to being resistant, gold does not degrade unlike most other metals being prone to rust. This is the reason why it’s best for crafting jewelries. Also, gold does not cause skin irritation.

3. Gold is very Malleable

Malleable means, it is very “soft”. If you take 1 gram of gold then hammer it down to a thin piece sheet then like paper then it could actually expand for about 1 square meter. It can also be drawn into a wire which can reach about 60 miles long.

Pure gold are very soft that you can use your hands to mold it into various shapes like clay.

4. Gold is more High Demand than Diamond

Diamond do have a higher price than gold. People who have experience in investing on this valuable gemstone claims that the price are stable but it is really hard to purchase and sell like gold. There are actually many issues about diamonds. One of them is the difficulty of testing it that it requires an experienced and certified appraiser to confirm if it’s legit. But unlike diamond, gold can be easily tested and it is hard to be faked.

5. Welcome Stranger is the Largest Gold Nugget ever Found

Back in 1869, the largest gold nugget ever found in the world was discovered which is known as the “Welcome Stranger”. It was found by John Deason at the Bulldog Gully near Moliagul central Victoria. There, he uncovered around the roots of a tree at the very shallow depth of only 3 cm the gold nugget the currently holds the title of being the largest size in the world.

The Welcome Stranger nugget gold weights around 66kg or 2,520 troy ounces or 173lbs. Today, the total price value of this item is estimated to be about 10,000 pounds or $3 to 4 million.

As an additional information, gold nuggets are three to four times more valuable than the processed types of gold all due because of their rarity in finding them.

6. Gold can be Found in all Seven Continents

Did you know that in all seven continents of the world, you can just dig deep under the ground and you will find gold? It really sounds so interesting but the real challenge is the digging process.

According to some experts, the world’s ocean are also filled with tons of gold. However, since they are deep down the ocean floor they are a lot harder to be mined.

7. A cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Some individuals who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can relieve their pain by receiving an injection of liquid gold. This method of treating this kind of condition has been practiced for 75 years. But, it’s really not for every patient because it may cause severe side effects for some incompatible individuals.

Aside from rheumatoid arthritis, gold can destroy cancer cells which is very effective in treating patients suffering from prostate or ovaries cancer.

8. Best Conductors

Research proves that gold is the best conductors among other types of metals. This means that electricity and heat can freely travel through it with very minimal losses.

9. Gold Used in the field of Dentistry

You will be surprised to know that in the United States alone, 12 tons of gold are used for filling up patient’s teeth. How much more for the entire world?

10. There is a huge Amount of Gold in Antarctica

Scientists think that there is a huge amount of gold in Antarctica that remains untouched. However, we may not be able to prove it due to the “International Treaty” that prohibits any activity which include mining on this frozen continent.

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