In our previous discussion about Yamashita turtle signs; we have covered the topic on how to locate the digging spot of the hidden treasure deposit through the turtle’s head. This is done by simply following the direction where its head is pointing at.

However, “What if the turtle’s head has only one eye?” Before we answer this question, majority of turtle signs do not have eyes on them. This is automatically understood that turtle signs with no eyes must be considered to have two complete imaginary eyes.

Turtle Head Sign

Now when it comes to a turtle sign that has only one eye, this means that the direction that you are going to follow is on the side being viewed by the eye.

Here is an illustration of a turtle sign with one single eye on its left side.

Turtle Sign with Left Eye Only

Here is an illustration of a turtle sign with one single eye on its right side.

Turtle Sign with Right Eye Only

After you have determined the portion hinted by the turtle sign, what you need to do next is to explore it where you have to look for the next clue or marker.

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  • That’s great.

  • Sir, I found one eye turtle in my site and we found the digging spot but at 40 feet of digging we found a large solid, concrete and pure cement and we break it with length 12 feet below but it still thick! What does it mean? Or What shall we do? We are also still suffering for the water trap? Hope you will me. GOD BLESS:)

    • That is definitely a blockage or more commonly referred by most treasure hunters as the seal. Thus, you have to continue your attempt of breaking through it.

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