The common meaning of an X sign is interpreted as a confirmation of the site being positive with hidden Yamashita treasure.

But for most amateur treasure hunters, they often misinterpret its meaning where they think that the X sign refers to the exact digging spot of the hidden item which is actually not often the case.

In order for an X sign to be considered as the digging spot, there must be other signs around or along with the X sign itself that confirms the digging spot. As an example, let’s discuss the sign which is an X with a dot on its right side.

Just like the X sign, the dot symbol is also interpreted as the hidden treasure deposit. But unlike the X sign, the dot gives a much better clue on where to find or dig the item.

Let’s say for example that you found an engrave sign on the surface of an old rock consisting of an X with a dot on its right side. Since there is a presence of a dot, this sign is actually giving importance on that spot. In short, the treasure is hidden on that same exact place. As a result, the X sign is not just a confirmation where on this case; it is directly stating that on that spot is the excavation site.

Some of you may encounter an X sign with a dot placed on different sides which can be on the top, bottom, left, and right. What’s important is that, there is an important meaning to the dot’s location.

Back into our example, the X sign with a dot on its right side means that the digging spot is on the right side corner of the rock. Now, this is the most confusing part to all amateur treasure hunters. They commonly asked, “How can you determine the correct side of the rock?”

To answer the question, let’s have some illustration. The image below shows the top view perspective of the huge old rock.

Below is the next image that shows the engraved signs which are the X and its dot.

Considering that this is your preferred viewing angle then you are going to have an X sign with a dot on its right side.

You can try to imagine that the X as the entire body of the rock itself and the dot is the item. Check the illustration below. The blue spot with the shovel is aligned with the dot which is considered as the rock’s right side corner. Thus, this is the digging spot.

Although, before you start digging the spot, it is highly advisable to check for any possible additional signs particularly on that side surface of the rock. Let’s assume that you discovered an engraved rock-enclosed treasure sign, this will give you a different instruction. Instead of digging, what you are going to do now is to break that corner portion of the rock.

8 Comments to “Interpreting an X with a Dot Yamashita Treasure Signs”

  • Hi Sir Elmo, where could I possibly send pictures along with a question? Considering you are a busy person. 🙂

    • You can send it to me on my FaceBook Page via PM.

  • Good day Sir Elmo, I would like to ask advice/idea from you Sir. In our site, we dig this star shape rock about 1 1/2 sq.ft measurement at about 6ft deep, which means a booby trap. My question Sir is, Was the booby trap was found or located underneath that star shape rock? Or it can be found near or top of the item Sir? Your advice is very much appreciated Sir.

    • In most cases, it is found underneath the rock marker.

  • Good evening Sir, may I now your Facebook account or messenger? So that I can send you a picture that I have encountered in my sight. Thanks.

    • Sir, I encountered a sign in the side of rock but it is only one dot. Can you help me to know it. Thanks.

      • First, you have to distinguish if it is a natural dot or man-made. If it is a man-made then it confirms that there is a hidden deposit on that area. The second step is that, you have to further explore the area for additional signs or markers.

    • My FaceBook Page is “Treasures and Antiques”. You can send me the photos that you have via PM.

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