Interpreting Multiple Dots or Holes as Yamashita Treasure Signs

There are some comments and private messages which I received about Yamashita treasures signs or markers that are composed of multiple dots. Explaining their meanings in a short brief description as a response can be very confusing so I decided to explain it entirely on this post.

Multiple dots are commonly encountered on surfaces of huge rocks, old trees, and concretes. And in most cases, if you are going to interconnect them, they form a certain type of figure or shape. They also often enclose another sign or symbol which we are going to cover later down this post.

Before we proceed with the interpretation of multiple dots, let’s first discuss the meaning of a single dot or hole. Well, a single dot is generally considered as a representation of the hidden treasure deposit. Depending on the paired sign, it may give confirmation to the exact location or digging spot.

Let’s have some common examples.

Treasure on the Spot

As shown on this image, we have here two rectangular boxes and at the middle portion is a dot. The two rectangular boxes indicate that the hidden items are stored in some type of container. However, they don’t give any clue about its location. Thankfully, the presence of the dot at the center is what confirms the exact location of the item which is right on that particular spot itself.

Treasure Hidden on this Side

This is another simple example. As shown on this image is an incomplete arrow sign. Notice that the incomplete portion of the sign is the arrow’s head. Anyway, it is interpreted as “Treasure Hidden on this Side”. Again, the presence of the dot on the side of the arrow is what confirms that the item is hidden on one side.

Let’s have one more example.

Rock Enclosed Treasure Sign

I won’t go over the full meaning of a rock enclosed treasure sign because I have already covered it entirely on a separate post. Thus, I highly recommend that you go read about it if you haven’t done it so. Anyway, the C like symbol on this sign is interpreted as the representation of the enclosure or container of the hidden item. In most cases, it basically refers to a certain huge rock. However, without the dot, you are clueless about which rock is it directly referring to. But with the presence of the dot inside the C symbol, it confirms that the rock itself is the container of the hidden treasure deposit.

Varied Meanings of Multiple Dots Treasure Signs

So how about if there is more than just one dot or there are multiple of them?

The first thing that you have to do when you discovered a lot of multiple dots is to try and interconnect them to see what type of figure or shape they can form. In most cases, they form basic shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle or square, and even one straight line. There are going to be a lot of different patterns if we are going to cover them entirely. Thus, on this post, we are only going to cover the most commonly encountered basic shapes.

Dots Arranged in Circle

If you happen to discover multiple dots that are arranged in circle, it means that the hidden treasure deposits are composed of objects that are made out of gold. So you can expect that the item can be gold bars, gold coins, golden Buddha, or mixtures of these three.

Rectangle or Square Arrangement

If the multiple dots that you encountered are arranged in rectangle or square then it exactly has the same meaning to the signs represented by lines. It represents the hidden treasure deposit which is enclosed inside a certain container. But the best part about it is that, it confirms the site as positive.

Triangle Arrangement

Another common shape that you may encounter which are composed of dots is a triangle. But in most cases, the dots are only composed of three dots. The meaning of three dots arranged in triangle simply refers to the “hidden object”. This sign is actually often accompanied by another sign that tells about directions or certain locations. So if you happen to encounter three dots with triangle arrangement then you should look for additional signs or markers nearby.

Multiple Dots Arranged in a Straight Line

There are some of you guys who have already encountered these multiple dots arranged in a straight line. The interpretation is that, it has something to do with distance and directions. What you have to do is to count the number of the dots which is the equivalent number of the distance in terms of feet. When it comes to the direction, you should follow one of the two ends. In most cases, there are additional signs that confirms which end for you to follow.

Multiple Dots Combined with Other Signs

On some cases, multiple dots are combined with other different types of signs or markers. As a result, interpreting their meaning can be quite tricky. Depending on the paired sign or marker, the meaning of the dots can be interpreted differently. In order to best explain it, let’s have some examples.

Foot Encircled by Multiple Dots

On this image, we have here a foot sign that is encircled around by multiple dots. The full meaning of a foot sign has already been covered on a separate post so there is no longer any need to further discuss its meaning. Thus, the multiple dots around the foot sign refer to the number of the volume deposits hidden on that site.

Arrow Sign Encircled by Multiple Dots

We have here an arrow sign that is encircled by multiple dots just like the foot sign above. But the main difference with the meaning is that, the arrow sign purely gives direction which is at the locating where it is pointing at. As for the multiple dots, you have to count the number of the dots which is equivalent to the number of the distance towards the location of the hidden treasure deposit spot. The distance is often in terms of feet.

Circle Sign Enclosed by Multiple Dots

On this illustration above, we have a Yamashita treasure sign that is composed of a circle enclosed by multiple dots in rectangular arrangement. You have to know that the circle symbol have several different meanings where it can only be clarified with paired to another symbol. Anyway, the sign on this illustration do have the same meaning as the “Treasure on the Spot” which is the first sign covered above. As for the multiple dots around it, they refer to the number of depths before you can uncover the hidden treasure deposit. Thus, count the number of the dots and that will be the depth which is in terms of feet.

With these examples, what did you noticed about the meaning of the multiple dots when being paired to other signs?

If you noticed it, when multiple dots are paired to a sign that gives direction, the dots are interpreted as the equivalent number of distances. But when the dots are paired on a certain sign that is related to the hidden treasure deposit, the dots are interpreted as the number equivalent to the depths.

Moreover, the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers sometimes don’t use multiple dots as clues of distances or depths. Instead, they more often use Kanji symbols which are a lot harder to be decoded.

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  • Sir, what is the meaning of big whole the diameter look like the container galon the deep is about 2 feet. I found 3 holes along the river and a lot of cement that I think they use to divert the water.

    • Your site seems interesting. Anyway, that one huge dot is a confirmation that the place is positive with hidden treasure deposit. As for the three holes that you found along the river, can you describe to me what pattern can be formed if you interconnect them? Do they form a triangle?

  • Dear Sir,

    Can you explain to me what is the meaning of small rectangle hole that arrange in triangle direction?

    • It means that there are three separate large treasure deposits hidden on that area.

  • Sir what is the meaning of the crocodile rock form and on the front crocodile there is 2 standing stones with dot on every top of it?

    • It means that 10 ft distance away from the head of the crocodile marker is your digging spot.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sir what is the meaning of a circle with dot in the middle?

    • It means that the treasure deposit is hidden right on that spot.

  • Anonymous says:

    What is the meaning of litter dots please?

    • You have to check if they are forming a certain shape or line because multiple dots often form some sort of symbols.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sir, what does it mean by three dots align vertically?

    • It actually has a general meaning but in most cases, it either refers to distance or depth.

  • Sir, what is the meaning of the three spots that have a big whole to its line?

    • You have to make sure that these holes are man-made and not natural made. So if that is a big hole then it means that you are dealing with one huge volume of deposit hidden inside a straight tunnel.

  • Jefferson says:

    Sir what is the meaning of planting tree that form a circle. This is an old pitogo tree.

    • It means that you need to dig at the center of these trees.

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