Interpreting the Meaning of a Dotted or Holed Cross Sign

It’s time to answer some of your interesting questions guys and let’s first start about the cross sign since we have been discussing this type of marker a lot lately.

Here is the question asked,

“What is the meaning of multiple holes on the surface of a huge old rock forming a cross symbol?”

Sadly, he did not add any further details about it. All we know about the sign that he encountered is that the cross marker is composed of multiple holes that when you interconnect them, they form a cross. We have no idea how many holes there are, which is a very important information in trying to interpret its meaning.

So let’s just assume that the number of holes consists of a total of 10 holes, just exactly what is shown on the image above. Six of the holes go vertical while five of them go horizontal.

Interpreting the meaning of this dotted or holed cross sign do have exact meaning as the basic cross that we have already covered in the other posts. Each end of the cross actually points to the direction where the treasure deposit is hidden. The longest line of the cross which is the bottom line is the main pointer of the cross sign where it is giving direction to the location of the largest deposit.

Now, this is the most interesting part about this dotted cross sign. Unlike the ordinary cross composed of lines, this dotted version does provide accurate distances.

Standard Measurement Rules of Dots or Holes we Follow

We do follow the standard rules of measurements when it comes to dots or holes. If the dots or holes are composed of more than three up to ten then each of them has an equivalent value of 5ft distance. But, if there are more than ten dots then each of them has a value of only 1 ft distance.

Let’s go back to our example and let’s try to determine the distances of the cross sign through the standard rule of measurement that we personally follow.

When it comes to cross markers, it is important that we should always start the count at the center or middle portion of the cross. Let’s say that we want to know the distance of the possible digging spot at the West side. Starting from the center dot or hole of the cross going to its left side, this gives us a total of three dots or holes. Thus, this gives us a distance of 15 ft.

The North and East side also has a 15 ft distance since the cross has the exact same number of dots on these sides. However, at the South, it consists of four dots or holes which gives us a distance of 20 ft.

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