Interpreting the Meaning of an 8 Symbol

This is another requested topic where the question is, “What is the meaning of the number 8 Yamashita treasure sign?”

When it comes to the number 8 symbol used by the Japanese Imperial Army as signs for their hidden treasure deposits, they really have no relationship to the number 8 or to its value. Base on how I interpret it, there are two different meanings of the 8 symbol. One is “golden Buddha” and second is “tunnel”.

You might ask, “How an 8 symbol did turn out to represent a golden Buddha?”

This question is best answered through an illustration.

As you can see on this illustration, the number 8 symbol turned into a human figure where it has now a head and a body. You have to know that a sign or marker that bears the shape of a human figure is a representation of a golden Buddha treasure deposit. Even human body parts particularly the head, eyes, and hand were used by the Japanese Imperial Army as treasure sign for their golden Buddha treasure deposit.

Here are two common Yamashita treasure signs that consist of the 8 symbol.

All three combined symbols are referring to the hidden object. The symbol at the middle which is similar to the letter E refers to the items made of gold. On its left side is a rectangular box which represents boxes of gold bar while on its right side is the 8 symbol representing a golden Buddha treasure deposit.

On this second Yamashita treasure sign, you will notice the 8 symbol on the left side which is again a representation of a golden Buddha treasure deposit. The other symbols from the left represent the gold bars and jewelry deposits.

Now, let’s proceed to the other meaning of the 8 symbol which is “tunnel”. The number 8 symbol is often referred to a tunnel because of its shape similar to tunnel pathways that go around in circles.

What do you see on this illustration? There are two symbols. The first one is similar to a letter “C” while next to it is the 8 symbol. We have already discussed in the previous post entitled, “Rock Enclosed Treasure Sign” that the letter C sign plays an important role in locating the hidden item. It actually refers to the rock where the item is hidden. But on this case, the C sign combined with the 8 symbol is no longer referring to a certain rock but a tunnel where the item is hidden.

How about this next Yamashita treasure sign that are composed of a small circle and the 8 symbol?

Its meaning is “Sealed Hidden Tunnel”. You already know the meaning of the 8 symbol on this sign which refers to the tunnel. But as for the small circle, it’s what represents the tunnel from being sealed and hidden.

On this illustration, this is what the sign should look like if the tunnel is not sealed. As you can see, the pathways of the tunnel are connected.

Image: Sealed Tunnel

Now on this illustration, a part of the tunnel has been detached which means that the pathway into the larger portion of the tunnel has been sealed.

How to differentiate if the 8 symbol is referring to golden Buddha treasure deposit or tunnel?

If you notice that the 8 symbol is combined with other symbols that represents item deposits such as this one here on our illustration, then it is referring to a golden Buddha treasure deposit.

On the other hand, you will be able to distinguish the meaning of the symbol 8 as referring to a tunnel when it is combined with symbols that give directions or locations such as this Yamashita treasure sign here on our illustration.

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    Merry Christmas and happy New Year in 2020, Sir Elmo.

    I would like to repeat my query here about what is the meaning of an OMEGA sign on an stone colored brown about the size of a head. This was recovered more or less one (1) foot underground.

    • It has something to do with distance or depth that falls with the value of 24.

  • Zarak khan says:

    In 2009 I have been digging through the tunnel by breaking the cement beside a man made waterfall. I've dug toward in through inside the hill about 240 ft following the X symbol. I've spent 1 million Malaysian Ringgit but have to stop due to financial in 2012. I've got letters from authorities to do the excavation. Now I'am going to sell my properties to start back again. I must buy all the equipment relating for the poisonous gas. There are quite numbers of Japanese sign code at the wall inside the tunnel. My location site is Johor Malaysia. I believe in searching Yamashita Gold and my king also believe what I've been doing. I hope one day I will proof to the Govt that Yamashita Gold really exist.

    • It's nice to have you here. You may have lost worth of million Malaysian Ringgit but you what you have gained is some precious actual experience and knowledge from your previous excavations. So on this present going towards the future, you are more enhance and knowledgeable about the hidden Yamashita treasures which will most likely lead you into your own success. You can treat it like a long term investment with huge return.

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