As the third part of our discussion about arrow signs, we are going to cover in this post about the “inverted arrow signs” of the hidden Yamashita treasures. If this is your first time to encounter inverted arrow signs, these are types of arrow sign marker where they are pointing in the wrong direction. While, the correct direction is actually in the opposite direction.

In this image, we have here a type of arrow sign that is no different from any ordinary arrow sign around. So when it comes to the eyes of complete beginners, they will surely interpret its meaning similar to an ordinary arrow sign leading them into the wrong direction.

Since this is actually an inverted arrow sign, the correct direction is at its back portion.

As you can see in this image, the marker looks almost the same as the other arrow sign in the other previous post. But comparing them carefully, you should notice that this version has its arrowheads inside the body of the arrow sign.

Another version of the arrow sign above can be like this one. They look almost exactly the same however, this one has three small lines at the bottom of it.

What you are seeing in this image is an inverted arrow sign that is composed of arrowheads which are pretty much close to one another. At the end portion of its back, there is a round symbol which symbolizes the hidden object. Anyway, its overall meaning means that the object is hidden at the opposite direction of the arrowhead.

This next inverted arrow sign marker consists of a body that is not straight but in the form of waves. The most common problem among all treasure hunters with this marker is getting it confused with the other signs. You have to know that this arrow sign actually has many similarities to other arrow signs.

So if you ever encounter this type of arrow sign, it is best to perform a method called “trial-and-error”. Through this way, you will be able to confirm the correct side or direction.

As you notice on this image, this arrow sign marker is composed of six arrowheads which are closely aligned to one another. Again, just like the rest of the inverted arrow signs, the correct direction is at the opposite side of the arrowheads.

If you have already read the other post related to arrow signs then you may have noticed that this marker is similar to one of them. But I do suggest that you should observe more closely for some difference.

You should notice that they have a difference in terms of the number with their arrowheads. The other previous version of this marker is actually a warning sign which consists of three arrowheads. While, this one has a total of six.

Among all these inverted arrow sign markers, this one is pretty much common because I have already encountered it several times in our past projects. Thus, I confirm the legitimacy of this marker that when found, you should follow the opposite direction of its arrowhead.

Another version of this marker is that the short line at the middle does not need to be slanted but simply straight similar on this image.

As you can see in this image, this arrow sign marker consists of several symbols. Starting at its back portion, you might already be familiar at this symbol. It is a very common symbol that symbolizes the hidden objects stored in containers of boxes.

The arrow sign looks exactly similar to the second marker featured on this post. You can scroll back up to compare them.

Then we have the symbol at the tip of the arrowhead which means that this is the wrong direction.

Shown in this image is an arrow sign which is clearly pointing at the left direction. Then studying its back portion or its opposite end, it has an additional oblong symbol.

Since this is actually an inverted arrow sign, the oblong shape symbol is what indicates the correct direction.

Basing it on all the comments and private messages that I came across, this marker is one among the most commonly encountered. But the worst part, it is often misinterpreted by many.

So take a close look and remember it. Best, you can save a copy of it for your future reference so that you will also not fall to the same mistake.

Image: Inverted sign made 1

Speaking about remembering, this marker is very easy to remember because it consists of familiar symbols. As you can see, it is simply composed of a traditional arrow sign with a symbol at the tip of the arrowhead that looks like the letter “f”.

The letter f symbol situated at the tip of the arrow sign actually indicates that at this side is the wrong direction while the correct direction is at the opposite side. 

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