Let’s discuss more about the elusive egg shape rock that has been gaining some attention. So in this post I am going to share to you the interesting story of a Japanese General who had hidden the undocumented largest diamond in the world.

Back in the 1970s, I came to know a Japanese General who served the Japanese Imperial Army. Although, I will not mention his name to protect the privacy of his own family. This is due to the reason that they are residents here in the Philippines since he married a Filipina as his second wife. And also, one of his sons became one of my crew members.

According to this Japanese General, they had already buried many treasure deposits across different parts of the entire country. There were so many of them that he could no longer remember how many cargo ships docked on the Philippine coasts and unloaded their precious loots. 

But among all those cargo ships, the arrival of the last vessel was the start of the event that he could never forget. It was because the arrival of this final cargo ship marks the attack of the combined Filipino and American Forces against the Japanese Imperial Army.

Due to the sudden and unexpected attack by the Filipino and American Forces, General Yamashita had given an order to most of his soldiers to try their best to stop them. This was to buy them enough time to unload all their loot from the cargo ship and escape.

This Japanese General that I came to know was just one among the many Generals trusted by General Yamashita. Under his group, the largest diamond was entrusted into his own hands. But aside from this diamond were heavy containers filled with gold and many other valuable items.

When they went their own separate ways, his group was so unfortunate enough to be followed by Filipino and American soldiers. Since they were being followed, there was no time for them to rest or even check the map to know where they were heading.

Being aware that running away with all those heavy cargo will soon make his men tired and end up being catched up by the Filipino and American Forces. So while they still had enough energy, they buried small to medium treasure deposits along their way at shallow depths. This is the reason why some of the markers that they left behind weren’t engraved so well due to haste.

However, everytime that they successfully buried a certain treasure deposit, the Filipino and American Forces caught up to them. So they had to defend themselves to acquire the time they needed.

Every time that they had an encounter with the Filipino and American Forces, they often chose to avoid fighting back where they ended running out for an escape. Again, they never had the time to look into their map where they had to think quickly and run to the side where they were safe. As a result, they were lost and never aware which part of the country they were.

Days had passed but still the Filipino and American troops were still tailing them with no intentions of letting them escape. So their time was really running out. The Japanese General realized that they already ran out of food and his men were so tired. If this goes on then they will fail on their mission. But he came up with a clever idea.

Since they ran out of food, his quick thinking ability had made him realize that they can drink water. So as they kept their distance from the Allied Forces, they tended to stay on the routes with flowing water, particularly the creeks. This gives them quick access to drink plenty of water every time they get hungry and thirsty. It was a temporary solution but it should provide them enough time to complete their mission.

Since they kept their path along the creeks, rivers, and other places with easy access to water that they could drink, they had hidden most of their treasures in such places. According to the Japanese General, they had hidden a higher volume of treasure deposits on places with old creeks since it offered them fresh and clean water to drink.

And when they were able to hide most of their loads, they were able to make further distance away from their pursuers. But their mission wasn’t over yet since they still had the largest diamond on their hands. Aside from this large diamond were also a lot of smaller sized diamonds. According to the Japanese General, these small sized diamonds were contained inside several bags made of thick leather.

When they finally came across a calm and rocky place, there was one huge rock that caught all their attention. It was a giant rock that had a perfect shape of an egg. The moment that they saw it, they admired its beauty. In the previous video, we have covered that eggs are a part of the Japanese culture where they viewed them as a symbol of “good luck”. So encountering the huge egg shape rock had somehow increased their confidence that something good was about to happen to them in the future. Or, it marks the completion of their mission as a success.

The size of this huge egg shaped rock which was according to the Japanese General is comparable to the size of a huge military truck or small house. It was also very relaxing to rest and lay down on the top.

By the way, this huge egg shape rock was originally at a standing position when they found it. Its wide portion was the top while the thinner end was the bottom. The Japanese General claimed that it was able to stand this way since there were other rocks that surrounded its bottom portion which provided support from falling.

But today, it is uncertain if this huge egg shaped rock still remains standing especially that there were some recent strong earthquake occurrences. It is really possible that a strong earthquake caused it to fall out of its place and tumbled its way to some unknown place. And what worries me most is when it rolled down and fell under water which makes it extremely difficult to find. Another possibility was it probably fell off and rolled to a certain place and got covered by the ground due to landslides. Or, it could still remain in the same exact place until now which is good.

Going back to the Japanese General and his men, they had decided to hide the last valuable items on their hand inside the huge egg shaped rock. The Japanese General claimed that they never left behind any form of marker on the site. This was due to the reason that it was already too obvious to know that the egg shaped rock was the marker itself so as the container of the item. 

After they had successfully hidden all the valuable treasure on their hands, they peacefully surrendered themselves to the pursuing Filipino and American Forces.

Now to all those who are attempting to search for this elusive egg shaped rock, I have to warn you that it has a poison trap. I already mentioned this in the other previous video where the Japanese soldiers had filled the container hole inside the rock with some sort of fine powder. If you broke the rock the wrong way, this powder will spread in the form of dust and it won’t be good if you accidentally inhaled it or some particles landed onto your eyes. So you have to be careful and stay safe.           

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