Most recovered “Japanese or Yamashita treasures” in the Philippines were “purely accidental”. Lucky individuals who often discover such fortune are construction workers, farmers, tree loggers, miners and even homeowners making simple renovations around their houses. Due to this reason, many other people got influenced and motivated to find their own treasures.However, anyone who wish to pursue a career or hobby as a TH (treasure hunter) in the Philippines are warned about the risks and dangers involve. This is not like an ordinary THing (treasure hunting) activity in the beach or park where you get to enjoy and have fun. It is a serious type of activity involving risk, money, time and physical effort.

Despite of the dangers involve, many individuals particularly THs are still willing to take the risks because they are already aware about the rewards of their efforts and sacrifices. The YTs (Yamashita treasures) actually consists of undocumented number of golden statues (Buddha), gold bars, jewelries and gold/silver coins. Anyone who is able to recover even just a single deposit of these hidden YTs could become an “instant billionaire”.

As a TH myself with years of experience, my greatest advice to all amateurs is to start learning the Japanese or Yamashita Treasure Codes some people also call it “Treasure Hunt Signs”. These are sets of symbols used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as markings that pinpoints the exact locations of their treasure deposits.

Common Symbols Indicating the Presence of the Hidden Treasure

Let us cover the most commonly used symbols by the JIA “indicating the presence of the hidden treasure” on a certain site.

1. The Commonly Used X Sign

The X sign is one of the most commonly used symbol “indicating the spot” where the treasure was hidden or buried. Unfortunately, it has several other different meanings already covered on this post, Meaning of X sign.

2. Millions Worth of Deposit

If you encounter a sign similar to an “asterisk” symbol, it actually mean “Millions worth of Deposit”. This refers to the “value” of the hidden treasure back in WW2 (World War II) which was worth “millions” but on this present day, this value could be worth “billions” or perhaps even more!

3. The M Symbol

A symbol that look like “letter M” actually means that the treasure deposit is hidden within a certain “body of water” such as the river, pool and stream. Although, recovering such deposit really offers extreme difficulty especially if a strong force or current of flowing water is involve.

Tip: When dealing with water related projects, it is best advised to work on them only during the “Low Tide” season.

4. A or Au

The JIA used the symbol “A” or “Au” in denoting their gold treasure deposits. These items can be in the form of golden Buddha, gold coins, gold bars or any objects made out of gold. The relationship of these symbols to gold is due to Au representing the gold element on the “Periodic Table”.

5. Dots or Holes

Small “dots” or “holes” are common JIA treasure signs indicating more specific locations of the hidden items. Let us have an example. Assuming that you found an X sign with a dot on its right side engraved on the surface of a large old rock. This basically means that on the right side of the large old rock is the “exact digging spot” of the buried object.

6. Triangles

Triangles just like the X sign also have several different meanings but in reference to the hidden deposit, it means “volume of treasures”.

7. Human Figures

Some signs consists of human figures but most of them only have heads with missing bodies. This is because “the heads” provides the most important hints about the location of the hidden object. Anyway, any signs composed of human figures indicates that the hidden deposits are images of golden Buddha.

8. Rock Enclosed Treasure

Encountering a rock enclosed treasure deposit means that the object is hidden or contained inside the rock itself. Thus, digging is not required but breaking the rock.

9. Rectangles

The meaning of rectangular signs is almost similar to the other signs discussed above. However, it offers a lot more specific description about the contents of the hidden treasure which mean “boxes of gold bars”.

10. Diamonds

Aside from gold deposits, “precious diamonds” were also hidden by the JIA. There are actually several different treasure signs pertaining to diamond deposits but the most commonly encountered sign by THs are those with figures similar to the number “7”.

210 Comments to “Japanese Symbol for Treasure”

    • Hi Sir Elmo. I have sent you a photo which I took from our project site into your email. It is a sign consisting of a circle engraved on the root of an old tree. There is also another circle engraved on a rock but this one has a pointer on it. Can I have your own opinion regarding about these signs so as the photos that I sent?

      Thanks a lot Sir Elmo. This is Eugene.


      Engraved circles are actually excellent signs because they often confirm the presence of the hidden deposit. Anyway, I think that I need to check those photos that you sent into my email before giving out my overall interpretation.

    • Hello Sir Elmo. This is an update regarding about the sign that means ”deposit underwater”. I have visited the site yesterday and I took some photos of something strange in the area. They could possibly be confirmation signs. I already sent them in your email.

      One interesting story of my friend about his father is that, at the South West portion of the stone with marker (approximately 50m away), there is a small pond (looks like a small fish pond/water impounding) where they used it before to harvest fishes. However, the area went dry because they cultivated it. According to my friend’s father, this is the same exact place where the JIA stayed or camped for almost a week.

      Sir my question is that, ”Is there a possibility that the item is hidden at that specific spot?” Does the sign that means deposit under enough to confirm the presence of the object?

      Thank you Sir Elmo. I hope that you will help me more about our project site. God Bless and this is Eugene.


      If that is the closest place near the marker that you found indicating an Underwater Deposit then my answer to your question is ”Yes”. Anyway, I will check first those photos that you sent into my email before I can give further details.

    • Dear Elmo,

      Good morning Sir Elmo. I am Mr. Jimmy Gasatan from the Philippines. We found several Japanese signs near an intersection of a live creek and a rough road. This site is hidden on a road at a high mountain. This place was already visited by Japanese tourists several times.

      The site has approximately eight feet (8') high inclined water falls. There was a manmade small dam on top of this water fall made by the Japanese Imperial Army during the WW2 which was now cleared by the local folks. The dam wall was constructed using boulder rocks and there was a water passage canal along the corner of this dam which we suspect that it was used as a water diversion passage.

      Five (5) skeleton bones and one (1) helmet were found buried a little bit down at the left side of this dam by local hunters who previously explored the area. An engraved boots figure was also found on the right top side of the waterfalls and a left foot at the base.

      Approximately 15ft further down the falls, we found a medium size hole which was drilled at the center of a blurry diamond figure, and approximately 10ft above this hole, a plier and a bayonet pointing down to this hole sign. Furthermore, the top of this place (mountain) was a Japanese Camp Site during the Second World War.

      With all these information clues, we strongly believed that there is an existing buried treasure in this place so we started locating the tunnel portal. We started searching right at the base of the waterfalls where the water drops and further explored down the creek but we found nothing. We created an approximately 10ft long horizontal tunnel near the hole sign where the bayonet is pointing but again no further signs were found.

      Sir in your opinion, is there a possibility that a treasure was buried under this site? Please help and advise us on how to interpret the given symbols and how to find the treasure opening and direction. I will email you the pictures of these markers for you to analyze.

      I will be looking forward for your help.

      Thank you and God Bless.

      Jimmy Gasatan


      With all those clues that you encountered, I can say that the place consist of positive deposit. Anyway, I will first check the photos that you sent into my email before giving out my overall interpretation about your project site.

    • Sir Elmo, can I ask you again about the compass code? When can you post them here on your blog?

      Again, thank you so much for sharing your ideas…


      I have now completed editing all copies of Japanese treasure signs so as the compass codes in my possession. However, due to my sudden busy work, I will try to upload and publish them one at a time.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. May I ask the meaning of an engraved eye staring to another rock with marked letter similar to the letter “J”? I actually know a place with a lot of Japanese treasure signs such as turtles, replica of Japanese General Swords and etc… You can contact me on my FB account (Kanji Breaker). Thank you.


      The engraved eye directly staring at the other rock with marked J symbol mean that the item is hidden on that spot. As for the J sign, it is another JIA treasure sign that has similar meaning to the asterisks which mean “millions of deposit”.

      I already have a FaceBook page which is open for everyone. You can contact me there about your interesting place.

    • Sir, can I have an original copy of your authentic Japanese signs and markings? Email me at [email protected]. Thank you so much.


      The original copy requires some editing because most of the symbols are pretty unclear. But if you insist, then ok.

    • Can I have one too? Thank you.

    • Hello again Mr. Elmo. I am very grateful for the knowledge that you gave to me especially your interpretation about the Japanese treasure signs that I asked. It is indeed a great help for me and my friends to understand difficult signs and symbols.

      Once again, I need your help about a sign that I found and I hope that you are not tired interpreting and explaining it. The sign is like this 71.

      God bless Mr. Elmo and more power to you.


      You are welcome. Anyway, your sign means that you can proceed digging for about 3 to 4 meters deep. However, you have to be careful of traps particularly a poison trap.

    • Did the JIA used the stars above as treasure signs?


      I am not really sure but what I am sure about is that, the JIA used the Sun during the day and the Moon during the night.

    • Hi Mr. Elmo. The signs that I first encountered are engraved triangles and human figure. When I started working on it, the next sign that I found are two standing flat rocks and a big oval rock. I broke it but there is another oval rock behind it. How much more distance do I need to dig before I can reach the item? Thank you.


      Simple keep digging and report every possible signs that you discovered to me and I will tell if you are near the item.

    • What is the meaning of story 101 sign?

    • Please elaborate what you mean or tell us more details about your question.

    • Good PM Sir Elmo.

      What is the meaning of crown sign?

    • Crown usually represent large deposit consisting of gold and jewelries.

    • Hello Mr. Elmo,

      Sometime on 1999, a helicopter of mining firm flying above our land when their metal detector accidentally detected objects in our land. This finding was brought out to a certain Municipal Mayor who is ten kilometers away from the prospect sites which in turn the mayor asked my brother who owned the land being prospected for a precious objects.

      The details and descriptions of the land that had brought out to my brother by the municipal mayor was exactly the same to that of our land, however, despite of my brother's knowledge that the land described is our land he lied. Then afterward my brother rented metal detector to locate the objects in our land and found out at the lower side of the hill. At first the group of my brother tried to dig manually using hand tools but it was to hard for them to break the suspected rocks. Thus my Brother asked the support of my uncle who then brought heavy bulldozer and was able to remove the soil of about 1 meter and we uncovered 2000 sq.m suspected rocks but we never found the location of the four corners of the suspected rocks that was discovered.

      My brother as the operator of the bulldozer tried several times to break the suspected rocks but failed. While trying to break the suspected rocks my brother smelled unpleasant smell coming from the uncovered suspected big rocks and after few days the grass in the perimeters of the suspected rocks within a radius 25 meters died and worst most of our cows suffered sickness, became thin and died.

      With that eventualities, we stopped the digging operations and instead brought sample of the suspected rocks for laboratory testing and found out that the suspected rocks instead is a Japanese concrete. The location is part of Nueva Vizcaya in Northern Luzon.

      From the prospective sites is the 3 km location of the Japanese camp History of that place is no construction activities has been made there after the war but why a concrete in the side of the hill? Can you please advise me regarding this finding if we have to proceed or not?

      You can email me at [email protected]

      Thank you


    • Interesting site. Anyway, you should continue digging because that concrete is considered as a sign. The JIA actually used it as blockages but good thing you used heavy equipment.

    • What is the meaning of this sign (7-)?

    • 7 can also act as an arrow sign and can also mean, "proceed digging" towards that direction while this sign – mean at the side of something. This can be the side of an old rock, tree or something else.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. I want to ask about what explanation do you have about my story. I have a co worker who told me about an incident and it goes like this, my co worker and his cousin went up a hill (hahaha sounds like jack and Jill) after walking for a while my co worker was tripped by something so he looked for that something and he found a samurai/sword which hilt was only visible the blade was stab whole to the ground so he took it but his cousin took it away from him and they went home.

      So at home, his cousin sharpened the blade of the samurai and it was easily cleaned the hilt and the hand guard is like a gold (that's my co worker told me).

      Another story, my co worker told me is that they also dug up on the same site and found some plates (maybe Japanese) he said they were thick (about 1 cm or 1.5 cm).

      And this is the most interesting story that he told me on the same site there is a tunnel and in that tunnel it has two passage left and right (maybe like a v) and the end of left and right tunnel there is a pile of stone beautifully fixed on top of each other (my suspect is that the stones are just like doors hiding something inside. Maybe the other is a trap the other is a treasure… Well I don't know which tunnel tells the truth.

      And before I forget there is one thing he told me that at night they can smell something like an odor of a goat (I also suspect that it is the the one guarding it, maybe kapre or tikbalang from Philippine mythology or other elemental or maybe Japanese spirits.

      Sir Elmo these were all true stories and I'll go there myself cause I really want to see the place but I want some of your expert advise and what can you asses about the value of the sword and the plates(I'll give the pictures when I have them and what can I do about the strange smell?). Sir Elmo maybe my stories are not that clear so I'll ask again my co worker about which comes first, the digging of the plates or the sword, which direction of the cave, distance and others.

    • Interesting story but yes, it is best to go there at the site yourself to confirm everything about it. Anyway, the value of the samurai sword depends if it was owned by a high ranking JIA officer. If it was owned by a General then it is worth a lot.

    • Good day Sir Elmo. I'm Joe of Phil. I need your help Sir. My Father and his friend here found stones with signs like there is a hole at the center of stone and the other has a heart sign. At the 19th and 23rd or 26th feet, they found a coral and stone that has a fish sign. I can't really explain what's on the stone sign that they have found on the 26th feet.

      They also found woods and like there is chemicals. Now they're already on the 40th feet. They started feeling hot or heat and the water made their skin itchy.

      Was it really possible that they are near to the item? Please help Sir. What would they do?

      Thank you so much.

    • It is still hard to make estimate if they are near the buried item. Anyway, they are digging on the right track. So what they need to do is simply to continue digging.

    • Hi Mr. Elmo, I just wanna ask about the signs my father was digging before treasure and they found artifacts like sea turtles with eggs, jars, Japanese helmets and many more but they decided not to continued it because its too deep. I just wanna ask if artifacts like sea turtles are also a Japanese sign?

    • Yes, they are considered as Japanese treasure sign. Anyway, I suggest that you should read my post about the different turtle signs. I think I already covered on that post everything you need to know about this particular sign.

    • Can I ask you something Sir! I saw a sign like a chair stone with a 1 dot and oval dot at the bottom. Is this a sign of give away?

      Then in the other place, I saw again a sign of heart?

    • A chair usually mean, something is under while a dot often represent the deposit. So I guess, both sign is tell you that the item is buried under.

      As for the heart, I think this is the possible location of the give-away.

    • Good day Sir Elmo.

      Recently, we enter a cave and encounter a Buddha like statue made of cement then we broke the statue but it was empty then we decided to dig the floor where the statue was standing. After we go dept around 1 meter, we recover an empty jar then we continue digging then recover a human skeleton.

      My Team decided to stop because we are scared. My question Sir, if we continue digging could my team recover a gold or jewelry?

      Thank you Sir. We will be waiting of your reply. GOD bless.

    • I think that you will recover gold particularly a golden Buddha due to the statue that you discovered from the surface of your dig. However, since you encountered a human skeleton, I think the deposit is being guarded by a spirit.

    • Sir Elmo. What should I do in a sign right black foot huge with three holes in a stream. In the fore head direction five steps, there is a huge heart stone. At 21 yards right, I found a huge rock with a huge right hand engrave on the top. At the left side, 21 yards a huge tree trunk dead. At 45 degrees north, another huge tree trunk dead. The distance of this is 3 yards from the foot.

      In the first huge dead tree trunk, there is another two tree trunk dead it forms perfect triangle position.

      What should I do? You can search my email [email protected] since I don't have your email.

      Another sign I have, a sun with three triangular star inside the sun. This sign is located in a huge rock which have a hole in the middle horizontal position, this rock located in a small river the water enter in the rock hole the depth of water is five inch.

      We can enter the hole in the rock since the hole is 4 feet diameter. It looks like a tunnel since this rock is more than a kilometers long from the opening to the exit.

      What is the right thing to do?

    • Those are interesting signs but you have to make sure that they are not natural signs. Anyway, I suggest that you should explore that opening which seems like an entrance to a tunnel.

    • Good day Sir. Can I ask what is the Y sign engrave in the rock near a river?

    • It means, check the intersection portion of the river. Most likely, you will find an important sign giving you a hind about the exact location of the buried or hidden spot of the item.

    • Dear Sir Elmo,

      My friend has a TH project and has dug 48 feet. The item is said to be 60 ft, but the hole now is full of water. Water is coming out from the sides of the hole. Maybe the water comes out from the river nearby. They have used water pumps but they can't totally remove the water because it continuously comes out. Does any one have a suggestion to help find a solution?

    • I suggest that you should search my post on how to deal with water traps.

    • Hello Sir Elmo,

      What is the meaning of the candle we found in 5 feet in our digging? beside the hole, there is 1 timber appeared when earthquake happened in our place.

      Is there any possibility that there is treasure in there?

    • They could be signs but it still needs further exploration before the possibility of a hidden treasure can be confirmed.

    • Good evening Sir Elmo, I'm Marlon Sando of Philippines.

      My father accidentally dig 2 bayonet that is slightly buried and in its surrounding were many iron particles and a medicine bottle and marbles. The position of the bayonet was x. Can you please interpret it, thanks Sir.

    • Since the bayonet is arranged in X position then it means that, you have to dig on that spot.

    • Good evening Sir we need your help. We found engraved 3 holes and j sign. What the meaning of this Sir? Thanks.

    • I can interpret that as three separate deposits containing precious gems or old coins.

    • What is the meaning of heart form of a rock?

    • Most importantly, you have to make sure that the rock is not "natural" because it is actually common to encounter a heart shape rock around. Anyway, what it means is that, it simply represent the hidden item. In short, it is a confirmation sign that the area is positive.

    • Hello Sir Elmo. I founded a map carved on big rock and near that, i found more signs and one of that is big x mark in the circle on another rock. I want your help please.

    • Read the post about the meaning of X sign.

    • Hi Sir Elmo Hope you are good. Sir Elmo i have found a map carved on rock and a lot of signs close and far from that. I have photos and need your help please.

    • Send them to me into my FaceBook page so that I can help you interpret it.

    • Hello sir Elmo, we found a heart carved in a stone and it is positively a man-made heart. According to old folks, those areas where one's the camp of the Japanese army during WW2.

      May I know, if whats the meaning of it, and i am please to send to you if its ok the picture of the heart. I am very much pleasure if you see and interpret the sign sir.

      Thank you.

    • Most heart sign actually refer to a hidden treasure around the area. Thus, it is a confirmation sign. Due to this, I suggest that you should look for more signs around.

    • Mr. Elmo, what does the sign of a heart stone mean? I'll show you the picture.

    • A heart sign simply symbolizes that a "great amount of wealth is hidden on that area". In short, it is a "confirmation sign" that your site is positive.

    • Good day Sir. What is the meaning of Flower with 5 pcs. of petals?

      Please help us Sir. Thank you.

    • Regardless of the number of petals that a flower sign have, it is still considered as a danger sign.

    • Good day Sir, I just want to know if the site location we were trying to dug in is an excellent sign. These are the signs I've gather data first 3 bullets put in a cement above of it in red soil is rectangle, a dot in the middle below y signs approximately 1 meter engraved in (planes), yellow cement left corner beside is a perfect triangle like a pyramid we tried to dug in then, different type of soil cement we have found.

      We stop when at 7 ft deep. It smells like methane with a white cent rather tiza/white chalk. Below, this there are three fox hole measuring 1.5 in diameter at right another closed tunnel measuring 6 meters wide. I'm asking if we continue do we get the chance of having box of treasure and how far still we must dug.

      Thank you spirit guardian.

    • You should definitely continue digging down. The scent that you encountered is a pretty good sign but you have to be careful inhaling it for a prolonged period of time. And, this scent is probably not a methane gas because this type of gas is mostly encountered only at a quite depth under the ground.

    • Sir my uncle who is still working with us found a rock with a hole at the bottom part with a big hole and a small hole in the other side and the rock looks like a capsule that has a continuous crack that makes the rock divided. It was found a few meters away from a river and an old tree.

    • That is an interesting rock. I suggest that you should break the rock by splitting it apart using its continuous crack.

    • Hi. My grandpa found something in the forest I think. He found a huge rock with a sign of skull in it. Just like the pic above, it has a shape of circle and inside it is a skull. Is there any treasure in there? Or what does this mean?

    • It has similar meaning as the sign discussed above. However, the difference is that, the deposit is equipped with highly dangerous poison trap.

    • Good day Sir Elmo I'm from QC, I found a v sign engrave in a rock at 12 ft while we're digging, we found a layer of approximately 1 meter each or more. We are now on 46 ft, we found a concrete layer more than 1 meter and it's very hard. Under that, we found a 3 big boulder together and a stone or concrete that shape like a tomb I guess. And, there's another v engrave in the middle but this time it's big letter v maybe 1 ft Sir. We also smell a scent like crude oil or gas also we encountering a lot of water we cannot dig unless we drain the water.

      Sir Elmo, please give me some advice regarding this I'm a first timer TH.

    • Those v signs is actually considered as an arrow signs. Anyway, you did not mention here the spot where you dug. Anyway, it seems that you are digging on the right spot because of the triggered traps that you encountered.

      My advise is actually wait for the drought season because Philippines right now is suffering from typhoons or rainy season. At this kind of season, the water tends to be strong and its quite impossible to continue working even if you are going to use powerful water pumps.

    • Sir Elmo good day, I found a rectangle shape stone on the top of a very huge rock in our place. The rectangle rock was placed like a table on the top. The estimate of the said rock was 1.5 meter in length, 0.8 meter in width and 0.8 meter in height. It was a solid rock. On the side of rectangle rock was a 3 hole marking that was very shallow in marble size in diameter.

    • Those three holes means that there are three hidden deposits around the corners. I guess this is around the corners of that rectangular rock. Unless, there are other signs around that you have not yet discovered which can alter this interpretation.

    • Good day Sir, we tried our luck in treasure hunting and after several signs we continue digging and we found a sign of helicopter and airplane facing each other Sir. What does that mean? We need your help.

      Thanks and Godbless. Jade of Baguio city

    • It means that there is something in between of them which in my own opinion is the hidden item. Although, this can be confirmed when you start digging and recovering buried signs.

    • Hi sir Elmo good day

      We have a project about treasure but we are not so familiar of all Japanese signs : example – grave stone marker at 23 feet the grave stone marker stand 2 feet, with engrave marking rectangle sign right side of the bottom, the grave stone marker color is dirty white but the engrave vertical rectangle color choco brown, the grave stone marker facing east side and at the back there is a big stone 4×4 feet size, when we clear it up below I think 25 or 26 feet there is a stone marker face like Buddha color red 2 feet size stone lying, looking upward east side. My question is if there is a tunnel there where is the side are going to drift if necessary either north,west, south or east?

      Please help me Sir. Thanks.

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I found a 2 feet rock engrave shoe in 50 feet deep. Now my team are now at 58 feet deep and we encountered a soil and a little mix of sand.

      Sir will you please answer if I continue my digging? Is this a positive sign of treasure?

      Thank you and God bless.

    • Hello Mr. Elmo.

      I am not a treasure hunter but I bought a land and someone said there might be a treasure in it. Bought mine a detector and found a strong sound on the area. We stared digging and found rocks shape in a frog or turtle, a gold bar diamond and foot. What does this mean?

      At same time we are building a house and while digging for a post hole they found 3 small rocks standing top of each other and also a rock with many signs. They keep digging and found a big flat rock shape as a heart about 10 inches by 4 ft by 5 ft then another one behind it was a lot bigger and wider. Then, we stopped digging because we found a 3rd real big rock and need something strong to pull it out.

      Does this mean there is something under it or in both areas?

      I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, I know you will not be able to recognized me since countless people needed your guidance, you are really such a blessing to us, especially us beginners. I will send our previous convo before thru screenshot, please remember me as your fan, friend and supporter of yours. I consulted you last 2 or 3 months ago Sir Elmo, and we did as you advised us to continue digging.

      Sir, remember the picture of a stone I sent to u thru FB? I thought it was just a box sign but when my friend washed the stone with water, he said it has also a face drawn on the said stone, I will send to you his drawing. He said he has learned a lot thru his late grandpa before. But he lacks experience so I have nothing to ask and believe in TH but you alone, so I doubt if it is only our imagination that lead us to interpret the said sign on the stone to a face of a human. (Photo sent with the drawing of my friend thru FB sir).

      July when I first consulted you, but due to rain season, we stopped for two months in the operation. I admit that we just let the 7 meters we dug open, the rain filled water in it. It was just last Saturday when we decided to continue the operation again, so that if no sign shall be given to us till next month, we will just give up and focus on something more important. We prayed before we started the operation of course.

      We used submersible pump to remove the water from keep coming. Just today sir, the water subsided, and my friend went down in the 7 meters we dug and he saw another stone in the west part and the stone has a lot of sign like horizontal line, big and small letter 'N', and sun (photo sent thru FB). My friend said he hit something sound like hitting a cement or stone on the same spot where he got the same stone and some broken jars. He said that spot where he got the stone was the spot where the water come out, and whenever he put his hand inside the hole, it is dark and he has also hit another stone but the second time he tries to hit it again, he guess it vanished or I don't know, he's having a hard time finding it.

      He tried to get it at the hole where water keep coming out but he said he cannot see anything but dark inside it. Anyway, Sir please help us analyze the meaning of the stone he found today. I will be waiting again for your response Sir, I believed everything you advice regarding THunting.

      Please continue to be an angel to us.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. Can you help us Sir because in my area actually there is a lot of treasure signs but I have 1 sign and I am so interested with this sign, a stone with an engraved eye and mouth in short a face of a human. What do you think Sir, is it a positive sign?

    • Sir Elmo good day! Sir I really need your help to interpret this sign. We start digging on a certain area and at almost 1 meter deep we encounter a stone shape right shoes and left shoes. So we continue digging and at around 6 feet we encounter a big stone shape like a kitchen knife and on its one side there is a five small hole around 2 inches deep and a inverted sign. Please help what is the meaning of those sign?

    • I have done a open deep well excavation, after 4~5 meters deep I found one piece of horse shoe.

    • Hi Sir Elmo! My father asked me to do some research regarding TH. They have been digging about 70 ft. already. According to scanner there is about 70 tons of gold in the cave. Now they continue digging and they've found shells and they have dig red soils and stones are like those in coral reefs. Do your think they are now near the cave? Or they passed by already? Before they have found turtle shaped stones.

    • Good morning Sir Elmo, what is the meaning of red colored paint on the head-sized rock found around 12 feet underground?

    • Sir good day. What is the meaning of a diamond sign on a big rock? Can you help me Sir?

    • Sir Elmo, I want to ask from you because I am now in the middle of nowhere as we are still digging. We dig a hard hardened black sand at 20 feet, and we have found a cement forming letter D with a dot hole in the middle. Together with that cement was circle big rock around 12 kls rock. Sir please answer me and help me with my curiosity regarding this.

    • What is the meaning of 8 sign?

    • Good day Sir, I have a dowsing tool and a metal detector. I usually use my dowsing tool as re-locator and and then I used my metal detector to confirm if indeed I hit a the area. But the problem is that the metal detector did not detect anything from that area where my dowsing tool pointed though. My metal detector specification is that it will detect to a depth up to 12 meters and even scan and analyze the metal detected. Is it possible that a metal detector will detect if the buried items were wrapped by asphalt or any other material with the same components to asphalt?

      Thank you Sir and more power.

    • Sir, I would like to ask what is your opinion on this. Our area is surrounded by sea and once camped by Japanese soldiers during 1940s.

      There was an old house used by my grandparents as a warehouse. For years we haven't notice that there was a symbol at the ceiling the ceiling was too high hence we didn't noticed it for a very long time even our grandparents. And the symbols were written as follows; there was a star with 6 spokes just like a booby trap sign located at the 4 corner of the ceiling and the star was not painted it was sculpted in a piece of wood glued or attached to the ceiling. At the center of the ceiling were 2 big flag in a pole one of the flag has a sun with 12 spoke and it has a center circle inside. Then, the other flag has a symbol that is somewhat not clear but looks like rounded petals to me. Then not far from this house there was an enormous mango tree but was cut by my grandparent during late early 1990s because it was too big and it was habitated by so many kinds of birds. But someone told us that mango tree was also used by the Japanese to hide treasures thus we decided to dig where the mango tree was located upon reaching 3-4ft.

      We saw 2 steel drums with broken bottles color dark green brown and transparent all confirmed as old bottles. We discontinue digging because upon reaching 4 ft or just when we pulled up the drum it became watery we bought water pump but to no avail more water came out. We stopped and decided to buy a scanner first. While waiting for the scanner we decided to dig the floor where the center of the sun is pointing when it was about 3-4 ft we saw an old rusty flashlight. No other symbol or markings were found as of this moment.

      Sir may I know what are your thoughts?

    • Have a nice day Sir. I appreciated much your blog site. It helps a lot to our project. Almost signs you post it here are already found in our project. We already done the layers of woods, different types of soils like sand, gravel, very sticky soil, hard soil like cement, well arranges sea shell and rocks. And the most worst is bad smell like poison chemical and it is very itchy that cause them to scratch the skin.

      The last smell they encounter is like a perfume or downy. We are already in 22ft deep. We stop digging now because its hard raining this past week and we have to continue digging because the soil was buried down thoroughly. Can you help us how the soil not going down? How can we prevent it from going down while raining? Appreciate it much to have your response. Thank you and more power.

    • Hi Sir Elmo, I had seen a sign, a small rock placed in-between of root of a Zargwelas tree. At first, you see the rock as a normal rock, but when I pulled it out, I saw at the bottom engraved with arrow, pointing west, but there is also engraved curve with hole on the center of the rock. My question is should I follow the arrow sign? or It is just a diversification and just dig where I found the rock? I want to show you the images of the rock.

    • Happy New Year in advance Sir Elmo. I would like to ask for your opinion about our project. At 21ft we've reached the so-called water table. And, the water comes oil with it every morning before we start to excavate. We haven't encountered any signs because we re-directed our excavation from our previous hole which is only 1 meter away. Does oil naturally comes with water or it is the other way around? Thanks for your time reading my post Sir and good day.

      Earl from Bukidnon.

    • Sir, we dug under the old duhat tree after 7ft. We encountered black fine sand cement where it takes 1 month getting out the sand its like a trap time to time to remove the sand it will collapsed after the sand we found different size of logs and there is big empty chamber size is 10m. wide 8m length and 8m height.

      After that we found turtle sign engraved the flooring there the legs only both on the left side and the other side is no legs in-front of the head there is small hole 2ft diameter and 1ft depth.

      We continuous digging the layer becoming hard until in 60ft we found fossils of leaves. In 65ft we found 1pc of gold coins 1865 amount 1 peso Spanish coin. After that, we found black fine cement after 1 meter we hit 2 inch diameter tube hole with a strong pressure black water came out. Estimated 15ft high the water pressure. It cannot control by pumps so we decided to work under water until I traced there is 8 tube holes pointing up surrounded to the hole with 2 inch diameter. Until I discovered that all 8 tube hole water trap are connected to the one big line source of water.

      We still continue we hit a 1ft open space its like the upper area is hanging its like water system supporting water to the object. Sir what do you think we are close to the target? What is your assessment?

    • Good day sir Elmo,

      We dug a spot on our property using various detector and even medium and my sons constant dreaming of a buried treasure and this is what we found, at 5 feet we found a land mines, and a stone with a circle in the middle engrave to it we even found a human bones,some of our diggers hit a bottle that smell so awful that they began to get itchy, at 8 feet water comes up inside the dug hole and sand on the so rounding area comes out, then it started to cave in so we use a sheet pile to prevent it from cave in because the soil becomes soft underneath, then they continue to dig until they hit a cement the size of a door that its so hard there spade becomes twisted when they hit it at 15 feet.

      Since we can't control the water that goes around like a whirlwind underneath like a vacuum inside the water with 2 holes we used a water pump. Then finally, using a crane we hit the cemented object with the clam shell and the ground started to tremble. That because we used a metal sheet pile on the edges to prevent – cave- in but accidentally struck a hard cemented object that makes the ground tremble like an earthquake. What can you say about this thing?

    • Good day Sir,

      We have a property here in Pangasinan where they say that it was used by the JIA during WW2. We used various kind of a detector and it's shows positive. We dug the spot and here is what we found: at 5 feet we found marker stones with a circle, then continue to dug until we found woods of pine trees. At 5 ft.- land mines, then at 8 ft. bones of humans and animals. Then @ 10 ft. struck a bottle w/ poison gas, our men got itchy skin and unable to breath so they went up from the pit.

      Then continue working for almost 6 months. With that period this is what happens, water came up like there is a 2 vacuum moving inside the pit filled with water. We used a water pump then we dig again and at 10 ft. sand started to come out and the side walls started to cave in. We now have to use a metal sheet pile to prevent the soil from eroding and cave-in because of the sand until we struck a cement the size of a door covered within alketran – I think this is used in street pavement. Then cave- in struck @ 15 ft. So we need more metal sheet pile.

      When were filling the metal sheet pile using a jackhammer from a crane, we struck a Hard object the size of a door until we can no longer hammered the metal sheet pile under the ground. Every time the jackhammer slam the metal sheet pile it hit the object, makes the ground tremble like an earthquake. Then we stop because neighbors are already complaining of the ground movement like earthquake.

      What is your opinion about this? This happens 25 yrs. ago.

    • Good day Sir Elmo, we found a chair stone near the dead creek and beside the chair stone there is a big broken heart stone which is pointing the big rock lying on the other rock in front on the chair stone.

      Can you help me Sir, what is the meaning on that sign? Thank you and God bless.

    • Hello Sir, can you help me to identify the Japanese sign? I am here in Bukidnon area.

      The sign that I encountered is a form of arrow pointing to the tree name (Lumboy tree). 4 meters distance facing east, there there is a heart sign.

      In another part, starting in tree name, after 3 meter distance there is a 2 big white stone 3 meters each distance facing east. I started to dig under the tree after 3 feet, I found charcoal stone they make as a flooring 4 inches width. Is this possible it has treasure?

      Please help.

    • Good day to you Sir Elmo.

      I'm in Bukidnon area. I found a lying arrow with a hole or dot in the side of a big stone the hole is form like an egg, even you put the egg inside the hole they not broke the egg because the hole is shiny and the arrow is pointing down.

      So I decide to dig regarding point of the arrow. After 3 feet I encounter one big stone and I found a heart and left side part they have also a sign form of diamond the heart is facing east and the diamond sign facing north. But I continue digging until I reach the apoga(apoga some name of hard soil like a cement, this area some of soil is apoga).

      My dug is coming 12 feet so I change direction. I trying to dig in horizontal part facing east where the heart pointing. At that moment, I encounter a form of boots a stone boots (combat) lying side have a small arrow at the back side in 3 feet horizontal.

      I continue the work I encounter again a pyramid stone. I continue then I found big stone and again it's ended part.(virgin soil) the part where the diamond facing in North is very soft and very easy to dig. At that part where I stop is that possible Sir where the treasure put?

      Please help me Sir.

    • Hi Sir. What is the meaning of a hard cross cement standing on the top of mountain. Below is the cross so many small rocks surrounding it.

    • Hello Sir, what is the meaning of 2 samurai engrave in the stone forming letter V? And what is the meaning of 4 stones with the shape of square. It was under the ground.

      There is also a spirit guarding on that spot.

      Thank you.

    • Dear Sir Elmo, I just wanted to ask because we are digging somewhere in Bicol part and while digging we found a steel ball and a spoon and fork in a triangle form the spoon and fork have name WM.A rogers nickel silver. I tried to research that company was from New York back in 1890s. And now we dig a bit more we found a layer of sands. Can you help us interpret about the meaning of those things buried in a triangular form?

      And another thing in a different location ( not related to the first one I mentioned) we found a big tunnel and my brother went inside the found many things on the way like a 7 shape old iron then a porcelain but broke item with woodbury name on it (found out the that company started in Massachusetts back in 18th century) and we also found a stone in a triangle shape and most of all a small bottle (like a perfume size bottle) with 2 shells inside and we wonder how did they put it inside as it doesn't fit to the mouth part of the bottle?

    • Hello Sir Elmo, I need your help. In my backyard, it has a sign, three rectangles but my neighbors found 1 box, my question is, it has left 2 boxes or no more?

      Thank you Sir.

    • Sir Elmo, how can I send you picture of rock? I found a rock with a Japanese word and it has a hole on its side and beside the hole, it has a heart shape.

    • Good day Sir,

      We have a 5 hectares land own by my grand father since 1972. When I was a teenager, he told me that he found a marker in the center of our land made by a concrete. Time pass away my grand father died and we decided to manage the land. One day, 3 Japanese visited our land and they looking for an old tree, they pin point the mountain at the left and pin point the mountain at the right.

      Our land is exactly center of 2 mountains with river down the left mountain. The Japanese told us to rent the whole land for their camping for 6 months but we ignore the offer. One day I remember my grand father saying that he saw a marker. And I'm looking for it for 2 weeks and I found it. The marker is M, arrow of clock and 2. Can you help me Sir know the meaning?

      Thanks Sir.

    • Hi Mr. Elmo, I would like to ask if there is a star sign? Because it looks like the asterisk sign or a human sign with head hands and feet. I just want to make sure.

    • Hi Sir, What is the meaning of a head of a turtle sign?

    • Sir Elmo, can I ask what the meaning of a star sign. We found huge rock and it is like a direction sign of a compass. In between the west and south, there is a star.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, can be a raw white gold comes like a limestone?

    • Sir I found some sign and the signs are mentioned as numbers. First number is 3 space then followed by these combination of letters and numbers CLS6457. Then space again and a letter D. Overall, it look like this "3 CLS6457 D".

    • Good day Sir, I found a large rock that resembles much of a turtle, just out of curiosity we found 2 rock like eggs while digging. We stopped and got scared because of traps, please we need advise if this is a gold site.

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I found a big rock with the letter N on it and a small hole under the letter. What does it mean?

    • Good day sir Elmo,

      I would like to know if the location site we were trying to dig is right.

      At the back of our house around 10 meters away is a bamboo tree and opposite right around 15 meters is an acacia tree and fronting right side a very old big tamarind tree.

      During the digging of the septic tank, my husband discovered a rectangular cemented floor covered with fine sand so they stop digging because it was so hard.

      Years passed and my father decided to open up the septic tank and break that cemented floor so they could dig deeper. They discovered broken jars, soil of different kinds and stones that seems like lime stones covered with cement and on top of it, two stones formed like a feet. Many came including Japanese and told us that it is positive but at first, my husband did not accept the offer as he doesn’t want to destroy the house but later decided on his own.

      I will enclosed some photos taken for you to see and please give us your opinion sir Elmo.

    • Sir Elmo good morning,

      In the sight, we find a triangle sign with 3 little circles on each end of the triangle and beside the triangle is an arrow.

      What is the meaning of this Sir? Thank you very much Sir.

    • Hi Sir? Can I ask what is the meaning of two arrows pointing out with each others?

    • It means, "check the center". Or, the item is buried in between two objects such as old trees or rocks.

    • Sir I found rusty metal about 1 inch above the rock with sign 7V. Can you help me interpret what the meaning of 7V?

    • The sign tells about the "corner" which I think it is referring to the rock where it is engraved. But, what makes me interesting about your site is the rusty metal that you found. It is usually interpreted as a confirmation that the item is hidden on the spot.

    • Sir Elmo,

      I sent you a post about this indigenous people. They own a land who are my mother's friend. There's a company that wanted to buy the land for millions. The area was known to have a big deposit. There is tunnel in the location but is now underwater.

      There's cave and also signs of rocks. Like heart in one big rock and one star underneath, it is some kind of an underground opening. I can send you some pictures of it. Not sure if I mentioned it earlier in my previous message. We live in Mindanao. My mother's friend live in the mountain pus area of Gumpot.

    • Still remember Japanese said about 7 buried of Gold in my parent's property. The problem is, we don't know how to do it. You know it has a lot of signs like a big Turtle stone.

    • It sounds interesting. You might want to give more detailed information about the signs surroundings your parent's property. It's only through these signs that I am able to guide which direction to follow or dig.

  • Sir Elmo,
    My grandfather was a guide of Japanese army he told me after American droop bomb they lost their supply lines they servive eating grass and roots after 3 days they start suffering from dyrea.The commands ordered to retreat and on the way of return the commander ordered to sit and close my grandfather eyes after 30 minutes they open his eyes .when they open his eyes they left their valuable item.My grand pa told me that they caried it from their camp and after that area they only carry a gun per soldiers they left all there. I inspact that area I have got some sign.I want to sent it so please give me your email id

    • Sir please help me about a hidden treasure I have found located in my house and I saw a big rounded tree color red in 20 feet, triangle cement, ceramic bowl and statue jar. Beside that, I saw a cave with cover gray white cement. Please call my mobile number immediately. Thank you, Sir!

    • I suggest contacting via Facebook where you can send photos of those interesting signs that you just discovered.

    • My grandmas property was known as former Japanese camp where we found hundreds of bullets. Some are vintage bombs in different location. Inside the compound, we dug around 2 feet. What does it mean?

    • Interesting site but I suggest looking for more strange objects or signs around. I have a strong feeling that the property of your Grandma is positive of treasure deposit.

    • Sir Elmo,

      My grandfather was a guide of Japanese army. He told me after American droop bomb, they lost their supply lines and they survive eating grass and roots after 3 days they start suffering from diarrhea.

      The commands ordered to retreat and on the way of return, the commander ordered to sit and close my grandfather eyes after 30 minutes they open his eyes. When they open his eyes, they left their valuable item. My grand pa told me that they carried it from their camp and after that area, they only carry a gun per soldiers they left all there. I inspect that area and I got some sign. I want to send it so please give me your email id.

    • If they only left for 30 minutes or even lets say 1 hour, it means that they hid their valuables very close from their camp. And if they buried it under the ground, they won't be able to bury it too deep. This means that it can be easily recovered. Moreover, I suggest sending those signs into my FaceBook page via PM.

    • Hi Sir Elmo Good day! I would like to ask about our diggers who said on the 8th layer, they found a sign that shows like a diamond sign and there are so many shells that was like put there by handmade. Also the smell is different like toxic and when they dig, the sound is like in the inside.

      I hope you can help me and give us some idea. Thank you very much Sir!

    • Those strange objects encountered by your diggers are interesting signs which confirm that they need to continue. However, they need to be careful about the odor because it could be an early warning of poisonous gas. So I suggest letting your diggers wear their gas masks. And for the most interesting part, the sound that they observed as they dug seems like they are hitting the wall of the chamber.

  • Sir Elmo, can you help us interpret this sign we found in our digging? 7-1. We found it engraved on a small piece of rock 34 feet under the ground. As we continue digging, we found a lot of mixtures of leaves with surface soil. Are we on the right spot?

    Thank you and more power.

    • That sign that you found means, “it is a tunnel deposit”. And yes, I think that you are on the correct spot.

  • Hi Sir, what is the meaning of P.L.S?

    • Signs like this are simple bearing point. And based on experience, these kinds of signs do have a treasure map so I won’t be surprised if you say that there are Japanese, foreigners or strangers visiting that place.

  • Hi Sir Elmo, I found a right foot engraved on a big stone. 5 ft south of that stone is a big stone. Southeast of the stone with foot is also a big stone with oblong sign pointing towards the big stone. Where do we start digging? I need your help as soon as possible.

    • A right foot marker means that you should follow the direction towards the right. So if the Southeast rock is at the right portion of the foot marker, then somewhere on that location is the possible digging spot.

  • Sir Elmo,

    I started to dig about 1 or 2 ft deep, then I’ve founded shells and clams. After that are soil and pebbles which belongs to an original soil and pebbles. What is next? Now its hard to dig. Sir is this the final layer? or after this are common natural rock?

    • Before you started digging on that spot, may I know the signs that you discovered? You have to know that shells and clams can be naturally found under the ground.

  • Hello Sir Elmo,

    Can you please send me your copy of signs. Thank you so much and I just want to share this several years ago. I saw a big log beside the bamboo tree. It is old super hard and big about meter and a half in diameter and about 3 or 4 meters long. I don’t know really the name of the log, there are holes in it. The bamboo tree is along the creek which is flowing constantly for many years. I had never seen such big log. It was rainy season and I was thinking that due to the current the log was force to move upward from under.

    I have seen a documentary that Japanese have buried logs above the treasure though there were no signs seen only the (bamboo tree). Is there a possibility that there is a treasure? Thank you for your advice Sir Elmo.

    • It is a very interesting which I suggest that you should continue working on it but with a good amount of budget on hand. It’s because the log and probably there are more logs that are yet to be uncovered were used by the JIA as timber or support for their tunnels. So yes, my opinion about this is a tunnel deposit.

  • Dear sir Elmo,

    I want to ask about our findings. A colored grey stone about 1kg and several small black stones triangular in shape. Based on my personal research it is similar to a carbonado diamond and black tourmaline. Is it possible that those stones are hidden Japanese treasures? The grey stone reacts positively on electronic detector when set to diamond. I tried hide and seek to prove that the detector is accurate. Another question is where can I avail laboratory for diamond confirmation. Need your advice. Thanks.

    • Yes, there is a possibility. With regards to the laboratory for testing, you can contact geophysical research facilities. If there is none in your area then you may want to try Pawn Shops. Majority of the Pawn Shops have their own instrument for testing diamonds.

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