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Most recovered “Japanese or Yamashita treasures” in the Philippines were “purely accidental”. Lucky individuals who often discover such fortune are construction workers, farmers, tree loggers, miners and even homeowners making simple renovations around their houses. Due to this reason, many other people got influenced and motivated to find their own treasures.However, anyone who wish to pursue a career or hobby as a TH (treasure hunter) in the Philippines are warned about the risks and dangers involve. This is not like an ordinary THing (treasure hunting) activity in the beach or park where you get to enjoy and have fun. It is a serious type of activity involving risk, money, time and physical effort.

Despite of the dangers involve, many individuals particularly THs are still willing to take the risks because they are already aware about the rewards of their efforts and sacrifices. The YTs (Yamashita treasures) actually consists of undocumented number of golden statues (Buddha), gold bars, jewelries and gold/silver coins. Anyone who is able to recover even just a single deposit of these hidden YTs could become an “instant billionaire”.

As a TH myself with years of experience, my greatest advice to all amateurs is to start learning the Japanese or Yamashita Treasure Codes some people also call it “Treasure Hunt Signs”. These are sets of symbols used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as markings that pinpoints the exact locations of their treasure deposits.

Common Symbols Indicating the Presence of the Hidden Treasure

Let us cover the most commonly used symbols by the JIA “indicating the presence of the hidden treasure” on a certain site.

1. The Commonly Used X Sign

The X sign is one of the most commonly used symbol “indicating the spot” where the treasure was hidden or buried. Unfortunately, it has several other different meanings already covered on this post, Meaning of X sign.

2. Millions Worth of Deposit

If you encounter a sign similar to an “asterisk” symbol, it actually mean “Millions worth of Deposit”. This refers to the “value” of the hidden treasure back in WW2 (World War II) which was worth “millions” but on this present day, this value could be worth “billions” or perhaps even more!

3. The M Symbol

A symbol that look like “letter M” actually means that the treasure deposit is hidden within a certain “body of water” such as the river, pool and stream. Although, recovering such deposit really offers extreme difficulty especially if a strong force or current of flowing water is involve.

Tip: When dealing with water related projects, it is best advised to work on them only during the “Low Tide” season.

4. A or Au

The JIA used the symbol “A” or “Au” in denoting their gold treasure deposits. These items can be in the form of golden Buddha, gold coins, gold bars or any objects made out of gold. The relationship of these symbols to gold is due to Au representing the gold element on the “Periodic Table”.

5. Dots or Holes

Small “dots” or “holes” are common JIA treasure signs indicating more specific locations of the hidden items. Let us have an example. Assuming that you found an X sign with a dot on its right side engraved on the surface of a large old rock. This basically means that on the right side of the large old rock is the “exact digging spot” of the buried object.

6. Triangles

Triangles just like the X sign also have several different meanings but in reference to the hidden deposit, it means “volume of treasures”.

7. Human Figures

Some signs consists of human figures but most of them only have heads with missing bodies. This is because “the heads” provides the most important hints about the location of the hidden object. Anyway, any signs composed of human figures indicates that the hidden deposits are images of golden Buddha.

8. Rock Enclosed Treasure

Encountering a rock enclosed treasure deposit means that the object is hidden or contained inside the rock itself. Thus, digging is not required but breaking the rock.

9. Rectangles

The meaning of rectangular signs is almost similar to the other signs discussed above. However, it offers a lot more specific description about the contents of the hidden treasure which mean “boxes of gold bars”.

10. Diamonds

Aside from gold deposits, “precious diamonds” were also hidden by the JIA. There are actually several different treasure signs pertaining to diamond deposits but the most commonly encountered sign by THs are those with figures similar to the number “7”.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir Elmo. I have sent you a photo which I took from our project site into your email. It is a sign consisting of a circle engraved on the root of an old tree. There is also another circle engraved on a rock but this one has a pointer on it. Can I have your own opinion regarding about these signs so as the photos that I sent?

      Thanks a lot Sir Elmo. This is Eugene.


      Engraved circles are actually excellent signs because they often confirm the presence of the hidden deposit. Anyway, I think that I need to check those photos that you sent into my email before giving out my overall interpretation.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Sir Elmo. This is an update regarding about the sign that means ”deposit underwater”. I have visited the site yesterday and I took some photos of something strange in the area. They could possibly be confirmation signs. I already sent them in your email.

      One interesting story of my friend about his father is that, at the South West portion of the stone with marker (approximately 50m away), there is a small pond (looks like a small fish pond/water impounding) where they used it before to harvest fishes. However, the area went dry because they cultivated it. According to my friend’s father, this is the same exact place where the JIA stayed or camped for almost a week.

      Sir my question is that, ”Is there a possibility that the item is hidden at that specific spot?” Does the sign that means deposit under enough to confirm the presence of the object?

      Thank you Sir Elmo. I hope that you will help me more about our project site. God Bless and this is Eugene.


      If that is the closest place near the marker that you found indicating an Underwater Deposit then my answer to your question is ”Yes”. Anyway, I will check first those photos that you sent into my email before I can give further details.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Elmo,

      Good morning Sir Elmo. I am Mr. Jimmy Gasatan from the Philippines. We found several Japanese signs near an intersection of a live creek and a rough road. This site is hidden on a road at a high mountain. This place was already visited by Japanese tourists several times.

      The site has approximately eight feet (8') high inclined water falls. There was a manmade small dam on top of this water fall made by the Japanese Imperial Army during the WW2 which was now cleared by the local folks. The dam wall was constructed using boulder rocks and there was a water passage canal along the corner of this dam which we suspect that it was used as a water diversion passage.

      Five (5) skeleton bones and one (1) helmet were found buried a little bit down at the left side of this dam by local hunters who previously explored the area. An engraved boots figure was also found on the right top side of the waterfalls and a left foot at the base.

      Approximately 15ft further down the falls, we found a medium size hole which was drilled at the center of a blurry diamond figure, and approximately 10ft above this hole, a plier and a bayonet pointing down to this hole sign. Furthermore, the top of this place (mountain) was a Japanese Camp Site during the Second World War.

      With all these information clues, we strongly believed that there is an existing buried treasure in this place so we started locating the tunnel portal. We started searching right at the base of the waterfalls where the water drops and further explored down the creek but we found nothing. We created an approximately 10ft long horizontal tunnel near the hole sign where the bayonet is pointing but again no further signs were found.

      Sir in your opinion, is there a possibility that a treasure was buried under this site? Please help and advise us on how to interpret the given symbols and how to find the treasure opening and direction. I will email you the pictures of these markers for you to analyze.

      I will be looking forward for your help.

      Thank you and God Bless.

      Jimmy Gasatan


      With all those clues that you encountered, I can say that the place consist of positive deposit. Anyway, I will first check the photos that you sent into my email before giving out my overall interpretation about your project site.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Jarry Bedano says:

      Sir Elmo, can I ask you again about the compass code? When can you post them here on your blog?

      Again, thank you so much for sharing your ideas…


      I have now completed editing all copies of Japanese treasure signs so as the compass codes in my possession. However, due to my sudden busy work, I will try to upload and publish them one at a time.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir Elmo. May I ask the meaning of an engraved eye staring to another rock with marked letter similar to the letter “J”? I actually know a place with a lot of Japanese treasure signs such as turtles, replica of Japanese General Swords and etc… You can contact me on my FB account (Kanji Breaker). Thank you.


      The engraved eye directly staring at the other rock with marked J symbol mean that the item is hidden on that spot. As for the J sign, it is another JIA treasure sign that has similar meaning to the asterisks which mean “millions of deposit”.

      I already have a FaceBook page which is open for everyone. You can contact me there about your interesting place.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Sir, can I have an original copy of your authentic Japanese signs and markings? Email me at gpontexxxxxx@gmail.com. Thank you so much.


      The original copy requires some editing because most of the symbols are pretty unclear. But if you insist, then ok.

    • Jonar De Leon says:

      Can I have one too? Thank you.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hello again Mr. Elmo. I am very grateful for the knowledge that you gave to me especially your interpretation about the Japanese treasure signs that I asked. It is indeed a great help for me and my friends to understand difficult signs and symbols.

      Once again, I need your help about a sign that I found and I hope that you are not tired interpreting and explaining it. The sign is like this 71.

      God bless Mr. Elmo and more power to you.


      You are welcome. Anyway, your sign means that you can proceed digging for about 3 to 4 meters deep. However, you have to be careful of traps particularly a poison trap.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Did the JIA used the stars above as treasure signs?


      I am not really sure but what I am sure about is that, the JIA used the Sun during the day and the Moon during the night.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Nelz Miller says:

      Hi Mr. Elmo. The signs that I first encountered are engraved triangles and human figure. When I started working on it, the next sign that I found are two standing flat rocks and a big oval rock. I broke it but there is another oval rock behind it. How much more distance do I need to dig before I can reach the item? Thank you.


      Simple keep digging and report every possible signs that you discovered to me and I will tell if you are near the item.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      What is the meaning of story 101 sign?

    • Please elaborate what you mean or tell us more details about your question.

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