Jessica Soho on Fake Gold Bar Scam

Back in July 22, 2018, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” had aired an episode that tackled about “fake gold bar scam” in the Philippines. It has really drawn my attention because I never expected that there are some individuals who had fallen victim into such kind of obvious trickery.

Anyway, I do understand that the victims were not treasure hunters like us. This makes them an easy target due to their lack or insufficient knowledge to avoid such scam.

In the past particularly when mobile phones were not yet around, gold bar scam swindlers will wisely choose their target. In most cases, they target rich individuals who have interest in Yamashita treasures.

This will require them plenty of time just to gather all the necessary information and planning that could certainly even fail.

Today, it seems that the innovation of mobile phones have benefited them in a positive way. All they just have to do is to perform a random call with their enticing words to convince their victims. Or, they can even use various social media such as FaceBook in finding their target.

According to the report, the scammer had dreamed about their victim’s phone number. They will then claim that the owner of that number is the right person who can aid them at disposing the gold bars in their possession.

What do you notice?

The main reason why they choose their victim is simply because they “dreamed about his or her phone number”. This kind of reasoning is already absurd that it should make you think twice.

Aside from the dream, they will attack their victim psychologically by pretending that they are quite poor with almost nothing to eat on a daily basis. On the report, they claim that the gold bars were their only hope of escaping poverty.

Filipinos are known for their sympathetic attitudes where they are willing to offer their help to those who are in desperate needs. Unfortunately, this can be taken advantage by the swindlers. The reason why some of the victims had fallen prey.

I will not cover the entire story of the report because it is already well explained in detail if you are going to watch it.

On this post, let’s focus more on what you should do when you end up on the same situations as covered on Jessica Soho’s report.

Do Not Trust Strangers

Receiving a random call from a person whom you do not know is the same thing as dealing with a stranger. Not trusting strangers is actually a golden rule that I am pretty sure, you have already heard it several times from your parents since you were young.

In my own personal opinion, any stranger who approaches you and talks about money or becoming rich is totally a scammer.

If you got a phone call from a stranger enticing you to buy his or her gold bar then you can just ignore them. Or, go along with them on your phone conversation and then later report it to the police for an entrapment operation. It is actually much better for them to get caught rather than to be able to victimize more individuals.

Gaining Your Trust

Ones the swindler managed to give you an entertaining conversation, their next priority is to gain your trust. This is where they will ask you to meet with them to show you that their gold bars are real and authentic. They will even perform a test which is usually by drilling a hole into the gold bar.

Does this mean that the gold bar they present for testing purposes is the only real gold bar in their possession?

It is possible but chances are, it is also fake. The trick is that, there is already a drilled hole on the fake gold bar where they filled it back with just small amount of real gold. This is the reason why the swindler has to do the testing because he already knows the exact spot on where he needs to drill.

On some cases, the tested fake gold bar is thickly covered with real gold.

Let’s say that you insisted of testing the gold bar yourself because you brought your own tools. But no matter what, they won’t allow you to do it. If you are very persistent, they do have a backup plan. They actually have someone behind who will intentionally cause a commotion.

On the report, a guy with a large knife suddenly came out and driven everyone away in haste.

On a situation like this, just immediately leave when they don’t want to let you handle the gold bar to perform your own tests.

Unbelievable Cheap Price of the Gold Bars

When you claim that you cannot afford to buy even a single gold bar, the swindler will try to lower their price quite cheaply until to the amount that you can agree. On the report, the scammer started from 400k as the original price and he lowered it down to only 35k where the victim had finally agreed.

If a seller is actually willing to lower his or her price extremely down to the point that you will agree, this should make you realize that you are dealing with a scammer.

Gold Bar Scam Tactics in the Future

This will be my final post about gold bar scams since I pretty much covered everything you need to know here and from my other older articles.

Now, as a treasure hunter myself, gold bar scam is nothing new to me. Since I started on this industry, what I noticed about the scammer’s method is that, it never changed. They have same old tactics in which they will utilize even until the future days to come.

The only changes is the technology or other means for the swindlers that allows them to establish communication to their victims. And for the rest, they use same old tricks summarized down below:

1. Encourage the victim that they can get rich through buying their gold bars.
2. Make you believe that their gold bars are real.
3. They will act ignorant about how they are going to sell their gold bars. Their common excuse is that they are from remote places particularly from the mountain side which makes them ignorant about the ways of modern society.
4. They will never allow you to test the gold bars with your own methods by making a lot of excuses.
5. Once you agreed to buy their gold bars, things just happen that you have to do the transaction secretly and hastily.
6. On some cases particularly after handing them the payment, they won’t allow you to inspect the gold bars until they left.
7. Worse case is that, they may also use force where the transaction ends up being a robbery.


Perhaps what really pulls most of the victims of the gold bar scams is their urge to become rich with no effort at all. Common sense will tell you that the odds is near impossible unless you are one extremely lucky individual.

Mentioning the word “effort”, we treasure hunters are actually putting all of our efforts even to the point of putting ourselves at risks just to recover a Yamashita treasure deposit. In short, searching and recovering any of them isn’t an easy thing to do.

Moreover, please share this post to every person whom you know especially those people who loves to dream big but do not want to put the effort. Let’s try to put an end to this gold bar scam which can only be done by educating everyone with the knowledge against this scheme.

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