Large Arrowhead Shaped Rock with Engraved X Treasure Sign

In this post, we are going to discuss a very large old strange rock that bears the shape of a “triangle” or “arrowhead”. Aside from its shape, this particular rock also has an engraved “X” treasure sign.

This strange rock that we are going to analyze has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community on his own site. And he would like to know my interpretation about what it means.

In this photo, we can see the actual huge rock that he discovered.

On this side, we can clearly notice here an engraved X symbol. Based on my analysis, this is no doubt man-made or it was engraved by a person. Thus, I can say that this engraved X symbol is a legit treasure sign.

But on further analysis, I can say that this is not an X but a cross symbol.

If we study it carefully, we can notice that this part is much longer as compared to the others. The reason why this part is much longer than the rest is because it serves as the main “pointer”. We have already covered this in the previous post which is about interpreting cross treasure signs.

Following this will lead us into the location of the treasure deposit or item.

This is another photo of the large rock but from a different angle.

We can notice here the engraved cross sign which is pointing in this particular direction.

But aside from the cross sign, we can also notice several engraved lines.

My interpretation of these lines is that they indicate a body of flowing water nearby which can be an old river or old creek. So in connection to the engraved cross symbol, the direction is actually pointing to a location which is near an old river or old creek nearby where the item is buried.

Again, we have here another photo of the large rock but on another different angle where we can see here the top portion of the rock.

We can notice here that this particular large rock bears the shape of a triangle or an arrowhead.

Based on my own perception, this large rock is an arrowhead marker which is a pointer pointing to a very important direction. It is very possible that it is pointing to a direction or location where another separate treasure deposit is buried.

So what we need to do here is to follow the indicated direction of the arrowhead pointer until we can come across another treasure marker.

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