Large Rock with a Right Hand Shape Yamashita Treasure Sign

In this post, we are going to discuss a strange large rock that bears the shape of a human right hand.

We are going to find out if this strange looking right hand rock is a legit marker used by the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers in marking their hidden Yamashita treasures. And if our analysis is legit then we will decode what it actually means.

Below is the photo of the actual strange looking right hand rock. But before we continue to decode its meaning, let us first analyze this rock if it is an old type of rock.

In case you do not know, analyzing the age of the rock is one of the important criteria in figuring out the authenticity of the marker on it. So if the marker that you found is placed on an old rock then there is a high probability that the marker is real or authentic.

The result of my analysis into the age of this rock is unfortunately uncertain since it is a weird looking rock. I can still figure it out but not through this photo where I have to perform an actual test.

Observing the entire surface of this rock to find any possible engraved marker on it, there is none that I could find. So we only end up with its strange right hand shape with complete fingers.

Since this is a strange looking rock, I can say that there is a high possibility that it has been used by the Japanese soldiers as a treasure marker.

So what does it mean?

When it comes to hands as treasure markers, they do have very interesting meaning. The meaning has something to do with the type of item hidden or buried by the Japanese soldiers on the site. This item is actually a golden Buddha which is the main deposit.

The next question is, “Where to start digging?”

In most cases, if a hand marker is used by the Japanese soldiers as the last surface marker then the digging spot is to dig right underneath it.

But when it comes to the right hand marker that we have here, I noticed this part which bears the shape of an arrowhead pointing into one of its side. Thus, this side is going to be our digging spot.

Short Summary:

My overall analysis of the authenticity of this right hand marker is legit. Due to its strange shape and rare type of rock used, I can say that it is used by the Japanese soldiers as an important clue to their hidden Yamashita treasure on the site.

As for my overall interpretation of its meaning, it indicates that the main treasure deposit consists of a golden Buddha. And the portion that we are going to start digging is right at the portion being pointed by the arrowhead shape of the rock.

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