In this post, we are going to discuss a large old rock with many engraved lines on its surface. This is a rock marker that has been discovered by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community. And he has the following questions related to this object.

“What is the meaning of the strange large old rock with many engraved lines on its surface?”


“Where or how to locate the digging spot?”

Below is the actual photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter on the large rock that he discovered on his site.

As we can see, the site seems like an old dried creek due to the other large rocks and pebbles nearby. Based on my experiences, old creeks in the past, especially those during the time that the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) occupied the country are now dried or they are naturally diverted to a different direction.

Thus, one of the best ways to identify a certain site if there used to be an old creek is to ask old folks. Another way is when you already have a lot of experiences that you can easily tell a certain dried place if it used to be a creek in the past.

What makes this large rock strange are the engravings on its surfaces which are deeply engraved lines.

If you are just starting out as a treasure hunter, you might be noticing a lot of symbols on the surface of this large rock.

This engraved X might have caught your attention.

So as this engraved Y.

But based on my own sight, these are made by nature which must be ignored. As for the deeply engraved lines, my analysis also considers them as nature-made.

However, this strange large rock might still be used by the Japanese Imperial soldiers as a marker to their hidden Yamashita treasures. You have to know that any strange objects in our surroundings do have higher chances that the Japanese Imperial soldiers used them as treasure markers. So the best way to confirm if a certain strange object is a treasure marker or not is to search and explore the site’s surroundings for any possible legit treasure sign.

Now if this site is an old creek, especially when there is a history where a certain group of Japanese Imperial soldiers passed by or settled their camp site, there is a huge chance that they had hidden a Yamashita treasure on this particular place.

With regards to old creek sites, I have a previous post where I covered different formations of old creeks where I specified the portions where we should put our attention in searching for additional markers. So if you haven’t read it yet, then I highly recommend that you should also read it as well.

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