Latest Palladium Scam

Again, I need to insert this topic in the midst of our discussion about Yamashita treasure signs because this one is very important. This is all about a Palladium scam which I think that everyone needs to be aware about especially to all treasure hunting communities.

Recently, there was a group of amateur treasure hunters who came across another group of individuals who asked them for help in selling the palladium in their possession. What you are seeing right now is an actual photo of the palladium. It measures about 18 inches in length, about 12 inches width, and a thickness of 4 to 5 inches.

As you can see, it has a marking on the side that says “Ledoux and Company New Jersey”. On its flat surface, it has its serial number that I covered and its weight which is 217 kilograms.

You have to know that when it comes to palladium, it’s hard to test it where it requires some sophisticated equipment in order to identify its authenticity. Here in the Philippines, there are only few private companies who can perform the test and before they do, they will require a certain huge amount of fee. Thus, this is what makes it hard to sell palladium here in the Philippines.

Going back to the group of amateur treasure hunters, they made a risk by buying just a small amount of the claimed palladium for 200,000 worth of pesos. This was the minimum amount that they can pay for the sample.

Their plan was to get it analyzed if it’s a real palladium or not. If it’s real then they will purchase more of the precious metal. However, they claimed that they had already visited several mineral laboratories and none of them have the tool to test it until they finally came to us for help.

When we tested the sample, it turns out that it has a very high content of nickel, iron, and some mixtures of other common type of metals. Worst, there is no presence of palladium.

The group of amateur treasure hunters just got scammed so they went back to confront the group of scammers in the hope that they can take their money back. Unfortunately, they can no longer find them. They were already long gone when they took their money.

Moreover, you have to be careful about this group since they are constantly moving from one place to another trying to find their perfect victim. Anyway, as a treasure hunter, it is always best to find and recover your own treasure. At least this way, you know that your finding is going to be legit or authentic.

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  • Hi there,
    Can I know how much it will cost to test a palladium?

    • I forgot the exact amount but it is quite expensive.

  • And are you buying PD?

    • Sorry, no.

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