Heart is actually a very common shape of rocks that we can find around our surroundings. For this reason, they are causing confusion to all amateur treasure hunters thinking that they are legit markers left behind by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers.

So the question is, “How can you exactly distinguish a legit heart shaped rock marker from those that are simply natural rocks with heart shapes?”.

Perhaps we can answer this question by taking a look into these actual photos of heart shaped rock discovered by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

As we can see on the image below, the rock has a heart shape but it seems that its upper right portion has been damaged.

At this angle, the damaged portion of the rock is much more visible.

When it comes to the hidden Yamashita treasures, heart treasure signs which can be engraved on the surfaces of old rocks or rocks bearing the shape of a heart. It actually has several meanings but its appropriate meaning depends on its location and the influence of the other markers around it.

Anyway, the general meaning of a heart treasure marker is it refers to a certain hidden wealth on the site. In short, it confirms that the site is positive.

In some cases, heart markers can also be interpreted in a way where it points to a direction similar to an arrowhead. Thus, its bottom portion is considered as the tip pointing into the direction that you should follow. If you follow this direction, you will probably find the next marker which dictates about what you need to do next.

Now, to answer the question above, the shape of this rock is indeed a very interesting heart which is different from all other heart shaped rocks that I’ve seen. In short, it could possibly be a legit marker.

However, my doubts came in from the size of this rock. It seems to be small where a fully grown adult can carry it and move around. We can estimate the size of this rock inside our imagination by making a comparison to the size of this small green plant.

You have to know that the Japanese soldiers had already considered the possibility that their surface marker could be moved by someone else or by natural causes. This was the reason why they ensured to use large rocks as their primary markers particularly as a surface marker.

But if we consider that this heart shaped rock is a buried marker, then we can say that it is definitely a legit marker. In short, rock markers of this size are considered legit if they are buried types of markers.

We have here an additional photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter which is a surface of a rock with holes on it.

And here is another one.

Unfortunately, I can say that these holes are natural or made by nature. In short, these holes are not legit treasure markers which must be avoided.  

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