Amateur treasure hunters might be new to this term which is “live pointer”. What does it exactly mean and relation to the hidden Yamashita treasure?

A live pointer is actually a certain individual who is alive today with the knowledge about the exact location of a hidden treasure deposit. The main reason why they are aware of such locations is that, they themselves saw the treasures with their very own eyes.

There are actually some people in the past specifically during the Second World War; who witnessed how the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) hid their treasures in certain places of the country. They thought that after all what they had seen; they will be put to death. But, miracles do happen so they managed to escape and survived until today.

Throughout my treasure hunting career, I already worked with several live pointers on different projects. Most of them claimed that they were at the age between 20 years old and above when they got taken by the JIA. Thus, on this present day, most of them are no longer alive today.

As I can still remember, the last project we had with a live pointer was way back on 2005. Our live pointer was an old frail man with an estimate age of 90 years old and above. He himself was not even sure about his exact age. Anyway, what I am so impressed about him was his “cognitive thinking ability”. He can actually communicate and understand others pretty well. And interestingly, he still got a good memory about the hidden treasure deposit by the JIA. Base on my personal opinion, this particular memory got retained in his mind because he actually got traumatized with it.

As we started to work on this project, his own son already found the location for us and attempted several excavations of his own. However, he kept on failing to hit the correct spot until he got demotivated and asked us for help.

Our plan was to carry our live pointer into the actual site and pinpoint the actual spot. Since he was already an old frail man, we built a special “litter bed” for him that allowed us to travel him into the site. The site can only be traveled by foot and it takes a three hour period journey.

Through our effort carrying our live pointer into the site, it only took him a few minutes to pin point the exact location of the digging spot. This is the advantage by relying on a live pointer; you can just disregard all the signs or markers and go straight directly into work.

On this year of 2020, finding a live pointer who witnessed the JIA buried their treasure seems that they are no longer available. If it happens that you found someone, it is most likely that or she is already a hundred years of age.

So does it mean that treasure hunters of this generation just lost their chances with the live pointers?

Unfortunately, the answer is “Yes” if we are referring to the live pointers who witnessed the actual events on how the JIA buried their treasures. But in most cases, they often passed down the information to someone whom they can truly trust.

Aside from live pointers from the Japanese Imperial Army era, there are also live pointers today who by accidents uncovered or discovered a certain treasure deposit but, they end up hiding them back again due to some reason. In most cases, it is due to fear.

Moreover, being able to find a live pointer especially for the amateur treasure hunters is the best way to achieve your first Yamashita treasure recovery. You don’t even have to go through all those trouble about trying to decode the meaning of the signs or markers. Perhaps, the only major problem about live pointers is gaining their “trust”. So if they end up not trusting you then there is nothing that you can do about it.

However, not all live pointers are legit because there are also many of them who are just pretending with the aim of scamming you out. One way to recognize them though is that, they commonly ask for money in exchange for the fake information that they have. Once they took the money then they will find a way to escape never to be seen by you ever again.

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