We all know that human body wastes are worth nothing and just too disgusting to talk about, but not for the “Lloyds Bank Coprolite” which is currently the largest fossilized human poop ever found and being displayed in a museum exhibit. As treasure hunters, the first question that often come into our minds is, “How much or worth is it?”

According to Dr. Andrew Jones who was the leading paleo-scatologist who studied the fossilized turd has a jaw-dropping statement of, “It’s as irreplaceable as the Crown jewels. For those who does not, Dr. Jones is referring to the Crown jewels of the United Kingdom or England which composed of several precious objects made out of gold, silver and gemstones. Total estimates of all these items could be at least around 3 Billion pounds. It’s really that hard to imagine that such kind of ancient turd can have equal value from what we commonly consider as precious objects.

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Discovery of the Lloyds Bank Coprolite

The year was 1972, United Kingdom at the city of York. There was a British Banking firm Lloyds who planned on constructing a new bank at this particular place. On their excavations, the workers had accidentally uncovered something strange. It was hard, long and it has a brown color.

Well at first, everybody were confused and puzzled what it was until it was taken and studied by the archaeologists.

I am really glad that the ones who discovered it were ordinary and very curious individuals. If they were treasure hunters then this historical piece of dung just probably got tossed out and never to be seen as what it is now today.

My point here is that, valuable treasures doesn’t have to be in the form of precious metals or gems. What really determines the true value of a certain relic is its historical background. The more that it tells and holds important events in the past specifically a part of the history, we can say that the item is irreplaceable or priceless just like Dr. Andrew Jones statement.

So for my treasure hunting community who are the majority readers of this blog, if you discovered strange objects on your excavations then learn how to collect them. Try to become a collector then try to feature them on various popular social Medias such as FaceBook. Who knows, a certain interested museum might be able see them and decided to buy your antiques for a good amount of price.

What made Lloyd Bank Coprolite so Valuable?

Going back to largest fossilized human feces, the reason why it is considered as a valuable relic today is due to the released result that was conducted by the archaeologists. They found out that this precious poo dates back to the Viking settlement, specifically during the “Jorvik” period. It was freshly pooped out back at around 1200 years ago by someone who was probably a Viking who just ate a lot of meat and bread. But what you may not want to know is that, it was riddled with parasitic worm eggs or intestinal worms.

Now, the reason why it is considered as the largest fossilized human feces ever discovered is that, it measures 20 centimeters or 8 inches long and its 5 centimeters or 2 inches wide. With this kind of size, there is a huge possibility that the person who delivered this turd was a big guy, probably the same size as the WWE’s The Big Show or Braun Strowman.

Aside from the size, scientists are currently baffled because there is very slim chances of a biodegradable human waste from being fossilized. Waste like poop are actually so easy to degrade and decompose but not on this case of mysterious Viking turd.

Largest Fossilized Poop on Display at Jorvik Viking Center

The Lloyds Bank Coprolite is currently on display at the Jorvik Viking Center. Here’s the interesting part when you get to visit the historical dung, the firm actually spent some amount of money for their relics to be quite accurate in all possible aspects. So when it comes to the coprolite, it has undergone some chemical procedure to emit “fecal odorgram” or scent similar to its original odor when it was freshly pooped out back 1000 years ago. Do you think you can handle the smell?

The museum is actually an attraction to tourists and guess what, most of the visitors purposely come to visit the 1,200 years old dung for a close-up view. Unfortunately, there was a terrible incident that happened back in 2003. This famous large excrement accidentally fell off and was broken into three pieces. Gladly, it was not the end of it. Researchers had really dedicated a lot of their time to undergo a painstaking restoration process just to reconstruct it back to its original form.

Moreover, for those places without any rumored hidden treasures, finding fossilized objects is the perfect alternative.

11 Comments to “Lloyds Bank Coprolite – World’s Largest Fossilized Human Poop”

  • Is this coprolite for sale?

    • If you are interested in buying it then you should contact the Jorvik Viking Center. However, I think that it is not for sale because it is considered as a priceless artifact.

  • What if that turd does not really belong to a Viking but a dinosaur coprolite?

    • It is possible, a dinosaur who ate a lot of meat and bread.

  • I find it too funny that some people find beauty and amazement on things like this, worlds biggest poop ever.

    • That is the reason why words like weird, strange do exists.

  • If I find a fossilized poop, where can I sell it and how much would it be?

    • I think the value depends mostly on its age. As for selling it, your best chances is to try it on museums.

  • The photo shows a well polished coprolite.

  • I just want to share to everyone that Jewelry makers are also buying fossilized poops because they can turn it into jewelries which has a growing demand these days.

    • That is interesting. If there is only a way on how to fossilized your own stool at a certain short period of time then I might be wearing a jewelry made out it right now.

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