In this post, we are going to discuss a rock marker where it has multiple holes on its surface. And the most interesting part about it is that, these holes are “rectangular in shape” and they are arranged or they form a symbol that is similar to an inverted “T”.

So the question are,

“Is it really a legit man-made treasure sign?”


“What does it mean?”

Below is the actual image of the rock marker that has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community. As we can see, the holes were obviously made by using some kind of tool. Thus, I can say that these holes are no doubt man-made, which is a legit marker left behind by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army).

My interpretation of the holes is that they represent an “entrance” or “opening” of a certain tunnel around the site. Although, this particular entrance is hidden in which we need to find.

There are other interesting markers that have been discovered by our fellow treasure on his site but we are going to cover them in a separate post. So let’s just put our focus on this one.

Now if we happen to discover this kind of treasure sign, it also means that the location of the entrance or tunnel is nearby. Thus, we do not need to go any further and cover wide portions on our search.

Based on my own personal experiences, what we often do with my crew is to search and explore the site starting from the location of this rock marker up to a distance of 30 to 60 feet away.

Considering that we found the entrance or opening of the tunnel, it is always expected that it is blocked either by large rocks or it has collapsed. So if we discover a portion of our site with suspected entrance or opening, we need to clean or get rid of the obstacle before we can make full confirmation.

When it comes to tunnel treasure deposits, it is very common for the Japanese Imperial soldiers to hide their Yamashita treasures at the very end corner of the tunnel. But if they hid their treasures on some portion of the tunnel, they always left behind markers inside as a guide.

Tunnel treasure deposits also do often have vault enclosure. This vault enclosure is thick and hard concrete which protects the item. So in order for us to recover the item, there is no other way around but to break this vault enclosure.

As for the traps, most traps that I encountered in my experiences as a treasure hunter inside tunnels are either poison or booby trap.

If poison is used as a trap, particularly gas, we can get an early warning of its presence through its odor. We can actually smell it before we can get into the most dangerous portion of the tunnel. This way, we can retreat and devise a plan on how to deal with it. We commonly deal with gas traps using the “Blower Method”.

But if chemical poison is used, there will be bottles scattered around containing dangerous chemicals. Thus, what we have to do is to avoid breaking these bottles.

And as for the booby traps, our metal detectors can be used as early warning for their presence. There may also be wires that can be uncovered which are attached to the booby trap that often served as a triggering mechanism. So whenever you encounter wires inside a tunnel, it is important not to pull them carelessly.

Anyway, going back into the rock marker with multiple holes, it does not say anything about the presence of dangerous traps. However, when we discover the tunnel, there might be a marker that we may uncover giving us a warning of a certain trap that is lying ahead.

Some of you may ask if the rock marker that we have here can give us a hint to the size or volume of the treasure deposit inside the tunnel. Unfortunately, this treasure sign does not contain such information. But based again on my own personal experiences, treasure deposits hidden by the Japanese Imperial soldiers inside the tunnel ranges from medium to large volume of treasure deposits.

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