Marcos Gold – The Other Side of the Story

The topic about the Marcos gold is very controversial and it could ignite a heated argument. So for this reason, I would try to avoid discussing the political side about this topic. In the other post, we discussed about the Marcos’ wealth as the Yamashita treasures. However, there is another different side of the story that suddenly surfaced.

According to an article, there was an empire known as, “Srivijayan/Madjapahit” way back in the old days particularly during the Spanish Regime. It was claimed that the empire were able to collect an incredible amount of gold throughout their 900 years of glorious reign. Their people had probably worked so hard in the mines for their entire lives collecting such amount of gold.

During the Spaniard Regime – somewhere in the year 1866 to 1898, there was a prince named, “Julian Macleod Tallano” who was the title holder of all nations of the Philippines. The “Tallano Royal family” had a good relationship with the Pope of the Vatican. So in 1934, the Vatican and the Tallano family made an agreement to lend gold to the Pope. The gold lent was 640,000 metric tons.

The borrowed gold was returned after the end of the Second World War which took place in Manila. It was received by “Manuel Acuna Roxas” who was a relative of the Tallano clan. Of course, there were two witnesses to prove that the gold was paid – Bishop Enrique Sobrepena Sr. and Atty. Lorenzo Tanada.

But, the transaction may not had been carried out successfully without the help of two individuals. They were “Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz” and “Atty. Ferdinand E. Marcos”. Because of their help in facilitating the transaction, they were rewarded a large amount of 30 percent commission. This equates to 192,000 tons of gold. At this current period of time, this gold is worth around $4 trillion.

If you are curious to know more about what happened next then I suggest reading the entire article which is completely mind-blowing.

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The Yamashita and Tallano Marcos Gold

In my own personal opinion, both the Yamashita and Tallano gold are what composed of the Marcos wealth. They just have different sides of stories. Marcos acquired his share of Tallano gold when he was at a younger age working as a professional attorney. While, he got most of his Yamashita gold bar when he entered politics.

But, there is one thing in common. Marcos’ gold have attracted a lot envious enemies that caused his tragic fall down.

So what have we learned here?

“With great fortune comes great tragedy”.

Additional Interesting Facts about the Marcos Gold

Philippines is the Richest Country in the World

It would be such a wonderful place to live in the Philippines if it is the richest country in the world. However, it is currently labeled as a third-world country with struggling economy. The main reason why the Philippines is being considered as the richest country in the world is actually due to the 720,000 tons of gold combined with all the plundered Yamashita treasure by the JIA. All these gold are sitting somewhere around the country which is estimated to be more than $38 trillion in value at this current period of our time.

Marcos Gold is to be spent for the Benefit of Humanity

The “World Bank” and its sister company “IMF” (International Monetary Fund) has signed an agreement with the Marcos gold back in 1950. This agreement is a role for the organization to make sure that the gold is to be spent for the benefit of humanity.

The Marcos Gold is sitting at the Central Bank of the Philippines and Union Bank of Switzerland

There are 400,000 metric tons of gold that are being held by the Central Bank of the Philippines while there are 200,000 metric tons of gold deposited in the Union Bank of Switzerland. The rest of the gold are stored in various other banks in the Philippines.

Marcos Gold is placed under a Special Trust Account

The World Bank doesn’t have a note about the Marcos gold because it was setup under a “Special Trust Account” by Ferdinand Marcos with an authorized signatory of a German Banker Lawyer under the name “Wolfgang Strut” who resides in the Philippines.

Ferdinand Marcos Loves Gold

The former Philippine president Ferdinand E. Marcos was so passionate about gold that according to his wife Imelda, he used to work as a lawyer for gold mines and as a gold trader mostly during his younger days. And of course, as a treasure hunter.

Moreover, despite of his obsession with gold, he is the only Philippine president with unequalled accomplishments as compared to any other succeeding leaders of the country. He was able to perform such great accomplishments which is no doubt because of the help of his insane amount of wealth.

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  • Kinaray a says:

    Interesting story but personally, I think the book Gold Warriors by the Seagraves is more authoritative being well-researched and with so many separate collaboration that the readers will end up totally convinced. The Gold of the Sun by Robert Curtis will also contribute.

    Also, we should be aware of the banks practice (and even government's) to deny gold certificates as fake once you redeem your gold. This happened to the Laurels, Santa Romana and even Marcos himself. So beware!

  • Kinaray a says:

    I've read the entire article but remained unconvinced due to lack of support such a claim deserves. 1st - why would the Pope borrow such a big amount of gold? To prop up world's economy? It's not the Pope's duty. 2nd - 640,000 metric tons of gold will require immense logistics and shipping it from Sabah to the Vatican will get too much attention. 3rd - why will they need Santa Romana to get it back? And in the process lose 1/3 of their gold? Whoever that Sultan is, he didn't know what he was doing. And such a big undertaking will surely produce so many eye witnesses - people involved in its transport. The writer never produced corraborative statements and witnesses. He was just narrating unmindful of so many questions popping up in the readers minds. In contrast the Gold Warriors had 3CDs full of supporting documents.

    • That's true, topics like this is filled with conspiracy and secrecy that the truth may not even be revealed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you know that the world's economy is under the control of the Bank of Vatican? Vatican is headed by the Pope with the collaboration with the Knights of Malta. If you are curious enough, just try to search and see for your self.

      • It seems that the conspiracy is going a bit deeper but it is really very interesting to find out. However, it is no longer the subject covered by this discussion.

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