General Tomoyuki Yamashita and his men commonly used the symbol X in marking most of their hidden treasure deposits in the Philippines. Many “Filipinos” and THs (Treasure hunters) actually claims that they often encounter this type of particular sign more than any other signs around.

When it comes to the meaning of the X symbol, it generally means “this is the spot”. It actually emphasize that there is something worth checking on that portion. However, it does not guarantee that the deposit is hidden on that spot. You may just probably find another sign leading you into another different location.

The meaning of X is best interpreted through the help of other “nearby signs”. Assuming for example that you found an “arrow sign” marked on the surface of a nearby rock pointing directly towards the location of the X. The arrow is actually emphasizing the significance of the X sign stating that “you should definitely check that portion”. Thus, presence of other nearby signs increases your chances of being able to “accurately interpret” the meaning of a certain sign.

If it happens that you searched and explored the nearby surroundings but you did not find any other signs around then the X sign is just a “dud” or “fake” intended to confuse THs. Working on it will only get you disappointed to find nothing. Worst, you will encounter dangerous traps.

At some point, there are instances where other signs got lost due to some natural calamities such as typhoons and earthquakes. Others are caused by man such as logging trees, harvesting rocks and improving the lands. Thus, encountering one single sign does not automatically mean that it is a dud or fake. On cases like this, detectors plays an important role in trying to confirm the presence of the hidden object.

Dowsing tool experts can confirm if an object is buried on a certain particular spot while MD (metal detector) operators can also do the same with their own deep penetrating equipment. If you do not own such kind of tools then the best suggestion is to dig just a shallow depth of around 3 to 5 feet deep. This depth should be good enough for you to make assessment of the ground and some possibility of uncovering buried signs.

Meaning of X Yamashita Code

The X Sign Based on the Japanese Treasure Codes

As stated above, the X sign is one among the most commonly encountered treasure signs used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army). Although, it can be confusing for THs to interpret due to its several different meanings especially when there is no other signs nearby that can support its existence.

Here are the following different meanings of an X sign according to my Yamashita Treasure Codes:

1. Target

When speaking about “target”, this refers to the hidden “object” or the “item”. It is actually the best meaning of an X that every THs are expecting.

On treasure maps, the X symbol often represent an important spot on the site or the exact location of the hidden deposit itself.

2. Stop

It is important for you to know that some of the JIA soldiers were tricky enough that they also left plenty of fake signs. Many THs especially beginners often fall victims on these signs wasting most of their time and effort digging for nothing. Unfortunately, the X sign is one of the commonly used fake signs left behind by the JIA. Thus, this is the reason why X can also be interpreted as “Stop” which means “do not dig”.

3. Danger

Majority of amateur THs would never expect that X can also be a “danger sign”. In relation to the meaning above which means Stop, you should definitely stop and do not attempt to dig because of the presence of dangerous traps.

4. 10 feet Deep or 10 Steps Away

An X sign has something to do with the value of “10”. First, it means “a depth of 10 feet” to dig before reaching the buried item or to uncover another important sign. And second, it means “10 steps away” from the X sign itself is the correct digging spot of the hidden treasure.

To explain the relationship of 10 to the X sign, it is actually the equivalent “Roman Numerical” value of an X symbol.

5. 24 feet Deep or Distance

X also represents a value of “24” which is used to denote depths and distances in terms of “feet”. But unlike 10 above, the relationship between them is due to the letter X being the 24th letter of the English Alphabet.

131 Comments to “Meaning of the X Sign Revealed | Yamashita Treasure Codes”

    • Hello Sir Elmo. We found two separate engraved X signs that exactly have the same size. May I know your interpretation about it? Thanks and God Bless.


      I need more details about the location of your site particularly its surrounding objects. I also need to know the distance between the two X signs that you found. Anyway, my interpretation about them is that there are probably two separate deposits.

      • Sir me too, I have seen X sign with counter part two sign. After X is left shoe with number 7 but the third sign I found is not on the left but on the right. I think 10 meters distance is a big stone with a mark of just like a big letter D and dot down side. Is it possible that the treasure is down side?How deep it is?

        • The meaning of an X sign is already explained on this post so there is no need to elaborate. Now, the left shoe that you found refers to a certain distance or location. While the number 7 which is along with the shoe is actually considered as an arrow pointing towards at the North East (when facing the sign). So if that big rock with a D marker is on the North East side then the shoe with the 7 signs must be referring to it. The D marker can be interpreted as an inside the rock deposit.

    • Sir, what is the meaning of x having dot to both upper tail? Second, what is the meaning of rock surrounded by letter x – more or less 200 letters of x? Thanks.

      • That’s a lot of X markers. The X sign with a dot on its top means that the item is hidden at the side or corner. While the other multiple X probably means that the items are all scattered on that particular spot.

    • Is it possible that the hidden treasure is buried in-between the two trees with marked X on them facing each other? Please reply and thanks.


      Yes, that would also be my interpretation. However, things may change depending on any other succeeding signs that you will encounter as you attempt to excavate.

    • My friend own a land where we found a large rough rock that is approximately 8 to 10 feet high and 5 to 6 feet wide. On its body (middle portion), there is an engraved letter like o X. There is an upper o but has a shape of a heart. On the top (head portion), there is an engrave letter like Y with two holes.

      3 meters away from the rock, there is a hole with an opening that is similar to the size of a large drum. When we tried to measure the depth using a rope, the reached approximately 90 feet deep. I challenged my companion to go down so we did.

      As we explored the deep portion of the hole, I saw many signs especially rocks composing of shapes like hearts and turtles. Please give me some advice about these signs. I wanted to know if they are natural or man-made. I have already taken pictures of them.


      Are you sure that the hole is not dug by a previous treasure hunters? Anyway, I need to check those photos that you took so that I can assess them if they are natural or man-made. Please send it into my FaceBook page via PM.

    • Hi Sir, we are building a house right on an old Japanese warehouse. It is where we found some interesting marking which is an engraved X inside a Square. What does it mean?


      The X stands for the deposit while the square is the container. In short, it mean treasure in a box.

    • How about metal Sir, we found at 4 feet due to the detector in creek side area. What the meaning of square metal Sir?

    • It is hard to tell if it is a sign or not because it can be just a trash. Anyway, you might want to provide more details about it.

    • Sir I found 4 X at the very old water supply or water pump building at the old river. The x is like this… X260, can you help me to dig it?

      The history of this land is that this is the camp of JIA, there is an old base of flag-fall and so many stone bricks inside the concrete.

    • Currently, my crew is on vacation. Anyway, I suggest that you should work on it then I will try to assists you by giving my guidance.

    • Hi Sir, we found a rock which engraved a letter X at the bottom of the rock and shape like square on top of the rock? What does it mean Sir?

    • The square sign represent the container while the X means, the item is hidden on that spot.

    • Hi Sir, my friend found a rock there is an x sign and beside the x there is an arrow. At the bottom of x and arrow they found w.

      What does it mean Sir please help us. Thank you

    • I need to know where the arrow is pointing at. Is it pointing into the X sign?

    • Sir, how about the two bayonet which was slightly buried, it was laid in X position, is it treasure sign and what is its meaning?

    • Since those bayonets are arranged in X position, we can interpret it the same as an X sign with its meaning discussed on this post.

    • Hi Mr.Elmo, I'm from Jordan, my country is known of its ancient civilizations starting from Greek civilization end to Otoman empire. I found a head monkey with one open eye, the other is closed. Anyway there is another sign on his head, a small owl.

    • Interesting, I actually noticed that the "eyes" are the most emphasized portion of those strange objects that you have found. So when it comes to eye, they literally mean, "follow the direction where they are directly staring at".

    • Sir, I am Elijah Bulaso at Mangagoy Bislig Surigao del Sur. We dig 3 meters and we found cement form an x position. It measured 3 meters long thickness of 1 meter and a half. What is the meaning of this?

    • I think it indicate that spot which is interpreted as what has been discussed on this post.

    • Hi Sir, we've found several X's signs in different stones in one area. This stones seems like arranged altogether and the largest stone approximately 3m x 1m x 1m is in the middle with 2 large X marking above and in the side there are large markings like reverse LK and a pi sign written upside down. Beside this large stone are smaller stones with signs X, Triangles and T or J. There are also stones nearby with lines that seems like pointing on those rocks with markings. What is the meaning of this?

    • Sir Elmo, what does it mean to have an X sign on a rock?

    • We try to excavate the area where this bayonet was found but we found no follow up sign and the ground is just natural only that we found many scattered metal particles like 4 in pipe,tent rings, mirror, cans, marbles, medicine bottle,buckles… Isn't possible that there is a tunnel beneath? Could be the x was the vertical of the object? Below the area is a waterfall and we find a man-made. We don't determine it if it is sign or stone map encrypted in stone at the eastern of waterfall. Please gives us more assessment on this.

    • Hi Sir, we have found a rock that looked like deliberately formed into a turtle. 3 of them formed a triangle, 21 meters distance on each other. We break one of the stones because it looks like there is something inside, it is full of sand sea shells and different colored stones. Are these positive signs? The area is far from the ocean. They say that the area used to have a lots of Balite trees. I humbly ask your advise please.

    • Good day Sir.

      My brother found different sizes of clam and shell shape stone after half meter of digging. Before that, the sign there was a small hole at the center of the stone, right side below was the 3 big hole downward after that was the shell shape stone, at the left side was the 5 white small stone form as circle. By the way, they dig the center part of the stone where they found the small hole. Is it possible that there is a positive deposit in there?

      Thanks for reading, I am looking forward to your possible answer.

    • Good PM Sir, I found letter Y creek and at the right side, we found a close tunnel. What is the meaning Sir?

    • Hi sir Elmo,

      Good day!

      Sir I hope you can answer all the questions in mind and I believed that you one of those trusty people to share of.

      1. This all about our excavation in my own lot.
      2. Grave stone marker at 23 feet.

      3. The red stone shape like Buddha face

      4. Black stone; shape like triangle 1&1/2 feet or arrow shape beside stone shape like a duck with N marker at the back

      In #2. At 23 feet we found grave stone marker lying in a 4×4 feet size big stone, lying 45 degrees, the grave stone size 2 feet standing facing east side with RECTANGLE marker at the bottom right side, the color of that grave stone is dirty white and the engraved marker color choco brown with hole in the top and bottom, this rectangle size 1 inch x 2 inch vertical.

      In #3. Below the big and grave stone we found red stone 2 feet size shape like Buddha face at the right side there is marker engraved 7c , this Buddha face, facing sky east side, it is around 24 to 26 feet .

      In#4. Black stone 1&1/2 feet arrow or triangle shape beside of it is duck shape stone with N marker at the back, these two stone facing west side.

      Now my questions are:

      We will continue to dig going down more or we will going west drift? What is the meaning those markers we encountered.

      Hope you can give answers to my questions thanks more power to you.

    • I do not know how how many meters deep but our crew dug very deep maybe 90 to 120 ft. then found a marking with foot sign. We were so happy that we found a box with a sign marking of turtle with head without feet and hands. When our crew opened it, inside is a skeleton then due to the sign, we got the box out and dug then found 3 big boulders of rock.

      The diggers just slide through it then after it, a cement then when opened, a foul smell coming out then a marking of half triangle with engrave like concave C Facing down. Then x… after that a black sand. Now its already a stones with markings of x with underline.

      Please help us. We are already been months digging. Our resources are already used up. Please help.

    • Hi can you help me to solve the meaning of X.83.M3?

    • Hi Sir,

      We found a face-like rock with one open eye and dot on the middle of the eye on the site that we are digging. Most of the rocks that we see have slices on one side and we also got a rock with an arrow shape on one side and an elliptical shape on the other side. Are these signs of a buried treasure?

    • Sir, we have 3 old narra tree in our lot in triangular position. One of the narra tree has a big nail on it, a square nail. The nail is pointing to the our field. This field just erode and I just don't know why. Deep may be 10ft x 10ft diameter, also Straight from the nail on this Tree facing to the sinkhole there is a cave. Can you please help me, what is your interpretation? Thanks.

    • George Ramos,

      There are probably two separate deposits. One on the field and the other in the cave. I suggest that you should work on the spot or location which is a lot easier to work on.

    • Hi, we found different kinds of metals (old tools, round iron maybe a wheel for something, etc…) around 2 meters deep. We found also a grenade, old bottle… Do we need to continue digging?

    • Yes, you should definitely continue digging. Those are interesting objects which is often considered as a very interesting signs.

    • Hi my friend found an x mark and have a hole center to the x. From the head of the turtle, they concluded that the rock under the head pointed 3 m to the back of the turtle. They found a stone have a circle and some said 3 meters facing the hole they found the x mark and triangular shape from the head of the turtle to the back and to the bottom right of the turtle where the x is.

    • The rock with a circle sign, I suggest that on that spot they should continue to dig deeper.

    • Hi, we found a big X sign in the big rock and the big rock is a roof of a cave and the smell is like medicine. Then, 10 steps from the big X sign we dig 10 feet deep and we found a small stone with a sign of X which is man made and it is a crystal stone white. Can you please help me, what is your interpretation?

      Thanks from philippines Mindanao.

    • Interesting project that you have here. Now, that crystal stone which is color white which you identified it as man-made, it only means that you are digging on the right spot. So my suggestion is to dig deeper. With regards to that smell which is like a medicine, it means that there is a poison trap so be careful.

    • We need your help. We found X with 2 dot upper right and lower at left side on the rock 3 meters from the digging ground and its positive using metal detector. Now what we should do next?

    • There are probably two separate deposits because of those two dots. My suggestion is to dig those two sides or corners of the rock with the dots.

    • Sir good day, we found a flag pole and a map in it in our farmland. In the map, we saw a pole with 50 lines engrave and a door cement. We try to interpret it by making fifty steps away from the pole and fortunately we found a cement like door ahead. What is the meaning of this? Sir please help.

    • I think that you just interpreted the signs correct. So far, my suggestion is to break that cement like door and continue digging down further. And as you dig, try to observe for any other possible signs that you might uncover.

    • Hi good PM Sir Elmo. I am one of your avid followers trying to find some clue and answer about this Yamashita treasure which we discovered in our land. We are in desperate need for help. I send you all the info through Viber if you got one Sir. Please help us. Thank you.

    • You can contact me on my FaceBook Page which is accessible via the FB icon found on the right side panel.

    • Good day! Please help me, I'm a newbie. I want to ask if triangular holes engraved on triangular coconut trees are positive JIA symbols. I saw also a lot of signs like "No. 8", then a "Duck", "half-shaped heart with a hole", "human face", and letter "A" (side way position). It is very confusing because there are so many holes and signs carved in all trees (trunk particularly). Other symbols are very subtle so I'm not so sure (maybe my imagination) but it looks like an "eagle", "snake head", "a jar" (2 trees), plenty of square with holes, arrow ways, "small crocodile" (walking position), " a bat with its wings wide spread, "5 pearls" and a couple of danger signs, No. 5 and 6.

      I want to send you photos so you can interpret these things. There are also 2 holes very close to each other on both trees (same appearance) but not the same height position. One in approximately 2 ft. And the other is 40 ft high. Below (40 ft), is triangular holes to each other (12 in to 15 in from the 40 ft hole).

      By the way, the distance of the three coconut trees forming a triangle is 1 1/2m by 3m by 3m respectively. To hear you will be appreciated. (Please bear my English). If you don't mind, can you also speak "Tagalog" or "Cebuano".

      Thanks for your time.

    • Those are a lot of signs. So yes, I suggest sending photos of them to confirm if they are legit signs or just natural. You should send it to my FaceBook page via PM.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, code 4142. Do you have any idea? Please help us. Thank you.

    • Any other signs beside this number code that you found? If none then codes like this involves a treasure map.

    • Hi good PM Sir I am Gemma from Zamboanga. I send you few email months of October till now no reply yet Sir.

    • I am really so sorry for being unable to reply. My email is currently full which I think, it is being heavily spammed. Anyway, if you wish to contact me privately then I suggest doing it via my FaceBook page. The link to my FaceBook page is found on the right navigation panel.

    • Hi Sir Elmo, I am Gemma from Zamboanga. We have a location site that are positive of treasure. I have lots of photos but I don't know how to send it to you in Facebook. Beside, we already dig a hole at 14 ft deep we encountered bad smell something like gun powder. We stop for the project reasons no one knows how to deal this Japanese trap. Sir Elmo, do you know some trusted friend here in Philippines who can help us to continue this project 50/50 share Sir. You can ask your friend to visit our site. I hope to hear you so soon thank you.

    • You can send your photos via PM or private message.

  • Good evening Mr. Elmo. Sir, may I ask what a B12215 mark means which we found beside a cave along seashore? Also a graveyard that look-like about 2×3 ft with 2ft height, very fine crystallize green painted on the side of the watery and rocky small falls.

    • It is a serial number indicating the infantry or battalion responsible in hiding the treasure on that location. As for the graveyard, it sounds very interesting. My opinion about this is that, the green pain on the side is some kind of guide in which you need to follow.

  • Good day Sir Elmo,

    I just found a rock that has an X sign, it also has a circle and in that circle, there’s a little circle that was being engraved also. May I know what is that? It is really heavy and it has a rectangular shape in the middle. They say that this rock may contain a gold inside it. Is that true and will that be possible? Thank you so much.

    • Yes, it is true. You should read my post about the rock enclosed treasure. Those circles with X and rectangle signs are markers indicating that the item is enclosed by something which I think it is that big rock as well.

  • Sir, what is the meaning of 3 consecutive holes in the rock triangle and followed by consecutive dots going down. The size of holes almost 10 cm diameter. Depth is 3 inches.

    • A three consecutive dots especially going downward denotes the number of layers that you will encounter under the ground before reaching the hidden item.

  • Hi Sir Elmo, we were able to find a concrete formed as statue and a concrete flooring where we were digging a hidden treasure inside the cave. Also, we’re able to found a triangle sign with shells. Can you please advise what does it mean? Thanks a lot.

    • If that is a cave then there is a huge chance that the item is hidden at the corners especially that you encountered a triangle sign. When it comes to the deposit, I think it is in the form of golden Buddha due to the statue marker that you found.

      • Thanks for quick response. Appreciate it. The triangles were found approx 9ft. From the ground and we already found a concrete flooring which is too hard to break. We found two triangles facing each other. What does it mean? Should we still dig or drive somewhere else? Thanks a lot.

        • Those two triangles means that you need to focus at the center. Thus, in my own opinion you should continue moving downward where you need to break that hard concrete.

          • Thank Sir Elmo for your feedback. Really appreciate it. We already found a black asphalt and then after we removed it we found another concrete flooring with a half moon marker. What does it mean? Thanks.

          • That marking on the flooring means that the item is enclosed into something. In most cases, it is enclosed inside by big rocks or concrete.

          • Thanks Sir Elmo. Should we dig more? Are we near the hidden treasure? We found another concrete in the wall of our location. What does it mean? We are now confused which area should we need to focus.

          • On cases like this, you need a detector in making the best decision about which area that you need to focus. Otherwise, use your instinct.

          • Thanks Sir Elmo. We have found a stair and concrete wall. What does it mean? Thanks.

          • Your should try to dig and follow the stairs down to its other end. If this is what you just did and you encountered that concrete wall, you need to break that wall because it could be a blockage.

          • Thanks Sir Elmo. We already broke the concrete and found another concrete with a square and circle inside sign. What does it mean?

          • It means that the item is stored inside a certain box or container. This could be a concrete box or inside a rock deposit.

      • Sir Elmo,

        We just found two squares makers but with only 3 sides. What does it mean? Thanks for helping out.

        • You might be staring at the bottom side of a pyramid. Anyway, you should try checking the corners of that particular area.

  • What is the meaning of an X sign in the middle of a creek? The material used is a piece of log (wood).

    • The meaning is exactly the same as to what has been described on the post above.

  • Good day to you Sir,

    I sent a query at your website ( about a picture which are as shown there ( I can’t attach it here). They are cluster of round white cement (2-3-4 inches diameter) covered with glass like (granite?). Some resembles figures like Buddha for most of them. Right now at level 30-33 feet, we came across many green “adobe” ( brittle rock or hardened clay soil). There is little water coming from the top soil (none from below). What does this indicate Sir? Please advise me on what may be done. Is there treasure underneath these markers? (if they are indeed).

    Thank you Sir and good day from Nueva Ecija , Philippines on 27 June 2018 at 0730H.

    • Those markers that you encountered are strange but I think they are signs indicating that you are at a certain layer. This means, you are probably near the chamber.

  • Good day Sir,

    We found an enclosed sign but the dot are not at the center of C then at the other side of the huge rock there’s an X sign.

    Is it possible that the X is the right target to break the rock?

    Thank you Sir.

    • Yes, that’s right.

  • Sir, what is meaning of this sign IXl?

    • It means that the object or hidden item is in the middle or center of something.

  • Sir what is the meaning of this sign under the CIG Rock?


    I took photos if you want to see it, I will send it to you. Thanks.

    • This sign is a calculated direction. It means that starting from that point, you need to travel a certain distance which can be calculated by those given numbers.

      Basing on experience, this kind of signs means are often used by the JIA when they drawn treasure maps of the object that they had hidden. With the help of the treasure map and being able to find this kind of reference point, it will be a lot much easier to find the location of the hidden item. But if you do not possess the map, it’s going to be hard and challenging trying to decode the correct direction.

  • Hi Sir Elmo,

    We had just dug for deep wheel purpose only but we found lots of shells and corals coated with a very hard cement at 20 ft. At 40 ft we found a huge tree, so hard and charcoal like. It cannot be burned even through acetylene (please correct my spelling). The said tree has no leaves sprouted on the outside surface. There is also a cemented wall in 3 corners (tree on the 4th corner). The floor is black because of the said black tree. And the water is a little bit oily. Whats the meaning of that?

    • Interesting finding that you have discovered. The huge tree might have been fossilized that I suggest attempting to break it apart. Something might be stored inside.

      The cemented walls on the three corners might be blockages which means, you might have accidentally hit the chamber right from the top. As for the oily water, I suggest trying to track down its source. It’s because, the source is usually where the item can be found.

  • Good afternoon Sir, what is the meaning of x sign that is engrave in a stone and it is placed in the side of a revers.

    • It is a marker confirming that there is a deposit hidden around that area.

  • Sir good evening,

    How about sign X with dot at the right of the X at the right side more or less 50 steps there are sign Z possible there is treasure.

    • With those size, I think that the X with a dot refers to a certain cave or tunnel entrance which is the representation of the Z sign.

  • Sir, good morning can I get your messenger account to send you the picture of those marker that I have encounter. Thanks.

    • My FaceBook Page messenger is “Treasures and Antiques”.

  • Hello Sir, I am asking for you help. We found a small stone while we are digging 28 ft. around 2×3 inches there is mark double x. Please interpret what it means.

    • Is this double X side-by-side? If yes then it could mean two treasure deposit are hidden on opposite sides.

  • We digging around 28ft and we found small stone 2×3 inches. There is mark double x very close to each other we continue digging and we found cement mix with soil not so hard after cement, sand around 2 ft high and then cement mix with sand again. Now the height of our digging ground is 45ft. Please interpret Sir, thank you.

    • A cement mix with sand is a very good sign. Thus, you have to keep going.

  • Sir Elmo,
    Can you please help us understand our project site. At the beginning of our work we found 2 magazines of ammo and a aluminum cup (turned slightly upside down) rotten at 1 foot. At the distance of 2 meters we found another 1 magazine ammo.

    At 10 feet we dug so many stone that are black inside when we brake it. At around 25 ft we found a coarse sand yellowish of 1 meter wide and 5 ft height. But the sand is getting smaller in wide directing downward clinging to the side.

    Can you please help us. Thank you.

    • You should still try to follow the direction of the sand as to where it is taking you.

  • Our project site I mentioned was already closed by heavy rain last year and we are planning to open it if it is OK on your evaluation because there is no detection by using metal detector-high end one. I am just amazed by its soil dug.

    Thank you for some inputs Sir.

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