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General Tomoyuki Yamashita and his men commonly used the symbol X in marking most of their hidden treasure deposits in the Philippines. Many “Filipinos” and THs (Treasure hunters) actually claims that they often encounter this type of particular sign more than any other signs around.

When it comes to the meaning of the X symbol, it generally means “this is the spot”. It actually emphasize that there is something worth checking on that portion. However, it does not guarantee that the deposit is hidden on that spot. You may just probably find another sign leading you into another different location.

The meaning of X is best interpreted through the help of other “nearby signs”. Assuming for example that you found an “arrow sign” marked on the surface of a nearby rock pointing directly towards the location of the X. The arrow is actually emphasizing the significance of the X sign stating that “you should definitely check that portion”. Thus, presence of other nearby signs increases your chances of being able to “accurately interpret” the meaning of a certain sign.

If it happens that you searched and explored the nearby surroundings but you did not find any other signs around then the X sign is just a “dud” or “fake” intended to confuse THs. Working on it will only get you disappointed to find nothing. Worst, you will encounter dangerous traps.

At some point, there are instances where other signs got lost due to some natural calamities such as typhoons and earthquakes. Others are caused by man such as logging trees, harvesting rocks and improving the lands. Thus, encountering one single sign does not automatically mean that it is a dud or fake. On cases like this, detectors plays an important role in trying to confirm the presence of the hidden object.

Dowsing tool experts can confirm if an object is buried on a certain particular spot while MD (metal detector) operators can also do the same with their own deep penetrating equipment. If you do not own such kind of tools then the best suggestion is to dig just a shallow depth of around 3 to 5 feet deep. This depth should be good enough for you to make assessment of the ground and some possibility of uncovering buried signs.

The X Sign Based on the Japanese Treasure Codes

As stated above, the X sign is one among the most commonly encountered treasure signs used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army). Although, it can be confusing for THs to interpret due to its several different meanings especially when there is no other signs nearby that can support its existence.

Here are the following different meanings of an X sign according to my Yamashita Treasure Codes:

1. Target

When speaking about “target”, this refers to the hidden “object” or the “item”. It is actually the best meaning of an X that every THs are expecting.

On treasure maps, the X symbol often represent an important spot on the site or the exact location of the hidden deposit itself.

2. Stop

It is important for you to know that some of the JIA soldiers were tricky enough that they also left plenty of fake signs. Many THs especially beginners often fall victims on these signs wasting most of their time and effort digging for nothing. Unfortunately, the X sign is one of the commonly used fake signs left behind by the JIA. Thus, this is the reason why X can also be interpreted as “Stop” which means “do not dig”.

3. Danger

Majority of amateur THs would never expect that X can also be a “danger sign”. In relation to the meaning above which means Stop, you should definitely stop and do not attempt to dig because of the presence of dangerous traps.

4. 10 feet Deep or 10 Steps Away

An X sign has something to do with the value of “10”. First, it means “a depth of 10 feet” to dig before reaching the buried item or to uncover another important sign. And second, it means “10 steps away” from the X sign itself is the correct digging spot of the hidden treasure.

To explain the relationship of 10 to the X sign, it is actually the equivalent “Roman Numerical” value of an X symbol.

5. 24 feet Deep or Distance

X also represents a value of “24” which is used to denote depths and distances in terms of “feet”. But unlike 10 above, the relationship between them is due to the letter X being the 24th letter of the English Alphabet.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Sir Elmo. We found two separate engraved X signs that exactly have the same size. May I know your interpretation about it? Thanks and God Bless.


      I need more details about the location of your site particularly its surrounding objects. I also need to know the distance between the two X signs that you found. Anyway, my interpretation about them is that there are probably two separate deposits.

      • Sir me too, I have seen X sign with counter part two sign. After X is left shoe with number 7 but the third sign I found is not on the left but on the right. I think 10 meters distance is a big stone with a mark of just like a big letter D and dot down side. Is it possible that the treasure is down side?How deep it is?

        • The meaning of an X sign is already explained on this post so there is no need to elaborate. Now, the left shoe that you found refers to a certain distance or location. While the number 7 which is along with the shoe is actually considered as an arrow pointing towards at the North East (when facing the sign). So if that big rock with a D marker is on the North East side then the shoe with the 7 signs must be referring to it. The D marker can be interpreted as an inside the rock deposit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir, what is the meaning of x having dot to both upper tail? Second, what is the meaning of rock surrounded by letter x - more or less 200 letters of x? Thanks.

      • That's a lot of X markers. The X sign with a dot on its top means that the item is hidden at the side or corner. While the other multiple X probably means that the items are all scattered on that particular spot.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Is it possible that the hidden treasure is buried in-between the two trees with marked X on them facing each other? Please reply and thanks.


      Yes, that would also be my interpretation. However, things may change depending on any other succeeding signs that you will encounter as you attempt to excavate.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      My friend own a land where we found a large rough rock that is approximately 8 to 10 feet high and 5 to 6 feet wide. On its body (middle portion), there is an engraved letter like o X. There is an upper o but has a shape of a heart. On the top (head portion), there is an engrave letter like Y with two holes.

      3 meters away from the rock, there is a hole with an opening that is similar to the size of a large drum. When we tried to measure the depth using a rope, the reached approximately 90 feet deep. I challenged my companion to go down so we did.

      As we explored the deep portion of the hole, I saw many signs especially rocks composing of shapes like hearts and turtles. Please give me some advice about these signs. I wanted to know if they are natural or man-made. I have already taken pictures of them.


      Are you sure that the hole is not dug by a previous treasure hunters? Anyway, I need to check those photos that you took so that I can assess them if they are natural or man-made. Please send it into my FaceBook page via PM.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Golden Barrel says:

      Hi Sir, we are building a house right on an old Japanese warehouse. It is where we found some interesting marking which is an engraved X inside a Square. What does it mean?


      The X stands for the deposit while the square is the container. In short, it mean treasure in a box.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Annahsyam says:

      How about metal Sir, we found at 4 feet due to the detector in creek side area. What the meaning of square metal Sir?

    • It is hard to tell if it is a sign or not because it can be just a trash. Anyway, you might want to provide more details about it.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir I found 4 X at the very old water supply or water pump building at the old river. The x is like this... X260, can you help me to dig it?

      The history of this land is that this is the camp of JIA, there is an old base of flag-fall and so many stone bricks inside the concrete.

    • Currently, my crew is on vacation. Anyway, I suggest that you should work on it then I will try to assists you by giving my guidance.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir, we found a rock which engraved a letter X at the bottom of the rock and shape like square on top of the rock? What does it mean Sir?

    • The square sign represent the container while the X means, the item is hidden on that spot.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Jean Aquino says:

      Hi Sir, my friend found a rock there is an x sign and beside the x there is an arrow. At the bottom of x and arrow they found w.

      What does it mean Sir please help us. Thank you

    • I need to know where the arrow is pointing at. Is it pointing into the X sign?

  • Anonymous says:
    • Marlon Sando says:

      Sir, how about the two bayonet which was slightly buried, it was laid in X position, is it treasure sign and what is its meaning?

    • Since those bayonets are arranged in X position, we can interpret it the same as an X sign with its meaning discussed on this post.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Hussam Lubadeh says:

      Hi Mr.Elmo, I'm from Jordan, my country is known of its ancient civilizations starting from Greek civilization end to Otoman empire. I found a head monkey with one open eye, the other is closed. Anyway there is another sign on his head, a small owl.

    • Interesting, I actually noticed that the "eyes" are the most emphasized portion of those strange objects that you have found. So when it comes to eye, they literally mean, "follow the direction where they are directly staring at".

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