Money Deposit Yamashita Treasure Marker

Did you know that the Yamashita treasures hidden by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers do not only consist of gold and jewelry?

You have to know that the Japanese soldiers also confiscated money from the banks and civilians during the time of their occupation not only in the Philippines but in all other countries particularly the Southeast Asian countries. So aside from gold and jewelry, they also buried money which is now considered as old money today.

In this post, we are going to discuss a Yamashita treasure sign that has something to do with the money.

Just like what we see in this illustration, this treasure sign is composed of two symbols. One is a circle symbol while the second symbol is an “X” which is inside the circle.

My interpretation for the meaning of this treasure sign is “Money Deposit”. This means that the treasure deposit that has been hidden or buried by the Japanese soldiers on the site is composed of old money.

Based on my own personal experiences as a treasure hunter, old money that we uncovered was contained inside properly sealed containers. Perhaps this is to make sure that the money inside won’t sustain damage. But through the long period of time that took place, the money in the form of paper bills was the one that got damaged. Thus, only the old coins end up having value.

You might already be familiar with another similar marker that we have here where it is a warning sign about the presence of a booby trap. These two signs are indeed very similar in appearance but there is one slight difference between them.

When it comes to the sign which is a warning sign about the presence of a booby trap, we can notice here that the ends of the X symbol is attached to the circle symbol.

But when it comes to our sign, we can notice that the ends of the X symbol are not connected to the circle symbol. It has a space between them which serves as the difference between these two signs.

Actual Engrave Marker Indicating Money Deposit

We have here a photo of a rock where its bottom portion is under the water.

But what really caught our attention here is its engraved marker. Based on my own analysis on the way it was engraved, I can say that it is no doubt made by the Japanese soldiers. In short, it is an authentic Yamashita treasure marker.

Since the bottom portion of this rock is under the water, we do not have a clear view on the overall figure of the marker.

So based on my own perception, this marker is composed of a circle symbol with an X symbol inside it. A treasure sign that we just discussed above.

Since we already discussed the meaning of this marker, we now have an idea about what item is buried on the site. We are already aware that we are looking for buried old money. Unfortunately, this is the only detail that this marker can provide.

So what we have to do next is to continue our search for the additional markers around the site. These additional markers surely hold the details on how we can locate the exact treasure deposit spot on the site for us to excavate.

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