Next Treasure Sign and Trail to Wealth Treasure Marker

Aside from the old writings such as the “Kanji” used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) in marking their hidden Yamashita treasures, they also used figures or shapes of different animal creatures.

Based on my own personal experiences as a treasure hunter, I actually have encountered many different forms of markers that are in the form of animals.

Some of these animal markers are engraved on surfaces of rocks while others are rocks that have animal shapes.

In this post, we are going to discuss one of the Yamashita treasure signs, which is an animal where we can say, a bird or duck creature.

Perhaps the animal marker that you discovered on your site is far different from what we have here in this illustration. Anyway, it can actually be different but the most important aspect is that it looks like a bird or duck.

It is also possible that the animal marker that you discovered on your site is incomplete where it only has a head but without a body. You have to know that the body isn’t really that much important as the head. It’s because the head holds the most valuable clue of this particular marker.

My interpretation for the meaning of this Yamashita treasure sign is “Next Treasure Sign” and “Trail to Wealth”.

“Next Treasure Sign” means that we need to find the next marker which holds the most important clue that indicates the exact treasure deposit spot. So the question is, “How can we find this next treasure sign?”

The answer to this question is through the pointy beak of our treasure sign.

The beak can actually be considered as an “arrowhead” which is a pointer. So by considering the beak as an arrowhead, we now have a clue into the direction that we are going to follow and find the next valuable marker.

As for the “Trail to Wealth”, this means that the direction indicated by this treasure sign is a trail or path that will lead us into the location where the item has been buried by the Japanese soldiers.

Overall, if we followed the direction indicated by this treasure sign then we should arrive at the place where we can find the next important marker. In most cases, this next important marker is the last surface marker indicating that the item is buried underneath it.

Actual Photo an Next Treasure Sign and Trail to Wealth Sign

In this photo, we can clearly see a rock with a strange shape.

Take your time and analyze what figure will come into your own mind. You may probably think that it has the shape of an animal, specifically some kind of a bird creature.

Although, it has only one eye.

We can notice on the photo that its pointy beak is broken. In my own opinion, it got probably broken accidentally either by nature or man. If its nature then it probably got broken due to age. But if it was man-made then it was probably done by someone who just passed by sometime ago.

If this is the marker that we encountered on our site, then we already know what we need to do.

What we have to do here is to carefully analyze the pointy beak of our marker. We need to figure out correctly the exact direction that it is trying to pin-point.

To make this process a lot easier, we need to use our own imagination. We have to treat the beak as an arrowhead. This way, we can determine the exact direction in which we need to follow.

Once we are able to identify the correct direction, we are going to follow it until we arrive and discover the next marker.

You have to know that when it comes to animal markers, especially the bird creatures, they are often considered as the second-to-the-last marker we can find on the land surface. Thus, following its direction will lead us into the last surface marker.

In some cases, animal markers like this one that we have here are often accompanied or paired with another marker. These paired markers are often signs that indicate specific distances. This way, once we have managed to identify the direction, we also have a clue about the distance making us aware about where to stop. 

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