Number of Boxes of Gold Yamashita Treasure Deposit

In this post, we are going to discuss a Yamashita treasure sign which has something to do with the number of Yamashita treasure deposit that were hidden by the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers.

You have to know that there are some markers left behind by the Japanese soldiers that actually provide details to numbers, containers, and the type of loot they had hidden or buried under the ground.

The image below is the sign which is our main topic on this post.

As we can see, the symbol consists of lines. The best way to describe it is that it has similarity to the letter “Y” of the English alphabet flipped upside-down.

If it happens that you encountered this type of Yamashita treasure sign on your site, then it means “Number of Boxes of Gold”. It means that there are a certain number of boxes filled with gold bars hidden by the Japanese soldiers on the site.

Engraved Marker which means Number of Boxes of Gold Deposit

We have here an actual photo of an engraved marker sent to us by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

I analyzed the surface of the rock through this photo that we have here and I can say that this is definitely an old rock. For those who do not know, if the engraved marker that you discovered has been engraved onto the surface of an old rock, this increases the authenticity of the marker. It is actually one among the important criteria to check when determining the marker if it’s legit or not.

Aside from the age of this rock, I also analyzed the engraved marker on its surface. So in this surface portion of the rock, we can see here our engraved marker pertaining to the number of boxes of gold deposit.

Through this marker, we are now aware that our site is positive or the Japanese soldiers had hidden their precious loot somewhere here on our site.

Aside from this, we are now aware that we are searching for gold deposits stored inside boxes of containers.

But aside from our engraved marker, we can also notice here that there are five holes.

Do these holes have anything to do with our engraved marker?

The connection of these holes has something to do with the number of boxes. Since there are five holes, it means that there are five boxes of gold buried and scattered around the site.

Short Summary:

The overall meaning of this Yamashita treasure marker is it provide details about the item hidden or buried by the Japanese soldiers. The items are in the form of gold and they are stored inside container boxes.

Unfortunately, this is all the details that this marker can provide. We have no clue which direction or location to focus our search. This is the reason why such markers are often accompanied by other markers, particularly those that provide clues to directions and locations.

Thus, we need to continue our search for the additional markers.

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