Object in the Old Creek Yamashita Treasure Marker

Based on my own personal experiences as a treasure hunter, there are actually many treasure deposits that were hidden by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers in the old creeks.

In case you do not know, the Japanese soldiers had chosen to follow the routes of the creek as they escaped from their pursuers.

During the time of their near defeat, they were totally out of food supplies. So on their escape, their only means of quenching their thirst, hunger, and tiredness was by drinking plenty of water from nature.

The water that came from the creek is actually clean and drinkable unlike the water from the river. Since the water from the creek is clean and drinkable, this was the reason why the Japanese soldiers preferred to follow the creek’s routes. And also the reason why they buried a lot of their treasure loot in such places.

In this post, we are going to discuss a Yamashita treasure sign that has something to do with the old creek.

In this Yamashita treasure sign, it has a symbol that is similar to the letter “C” of the English alphabet. Connected to its top portion is an “Arrow sign”.

My interpretation for the meaning of this treasure sign is “Object is in the creek”. The word “Object” actually refers to the hidden treasure deposit. Thus, it means that the item we are searching for is hidden in an old creek.

This part of this sign that has resemblance to the letter “C” is what signifies the old creek.

As for the Arrow sign connected to the top portion, it confirms that the old creek is where the item is buried.

In most cases, the direction being pointed by this “Arrow sign” is the portion of the site where you can find the old creek.

Actual Marker Indicating Treasure Deposit in the Old Creek

We have here an actual photo of a treasure marker which is exactly the same as the treasure sign that we just discussed above.

On the surface of this rock, we can clearly see the engraved marker.

Based on how this marker has been engraved on the surface of this rock, it has been engraved deeply which is one of the criteria in determining an authentic treasure sign. And based on my overall analysis, I can say that it was a legit marker made by the Japanese soldiers.

If this is the type of marker that we discovered on our site then we already have an idea about the location of the item that we are trying to search for which is an old creek. Thus, upon encountering this particular marker, we have to search for this old creek on our site.

Assuming that we discovered the old creek on our site, what we need to do next is to carefully survey all of its portions. We have to take our time because this procedure is vital where we could not attempt to miss the next important marker.

If the next important marker has been found, it often has the clue about the exact digging spot. In most cases, the digging spot is often the exact location of the marker itself.

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